Seeing God Reagan & Gorbachev WWIII, September 8, 2016.

World War III almost started under Reagan and Gorbachev more than twenty years ago. What stopped the war, was both Reagan and Gorbachev believed I saw God. This is not the first time in history there was evidence that God exists, but the first time world leaders believed there was evidence for Godís existence. This is what dissolved Russia. This is what made Reagan and Gorbachev decide to dismantle all the nuclear weapons. This is what made the Berlin wall fall. This is why Reagan out made all those speeches about space aliens and Star Wars. And the part about what if there was a higher power that would make all of our differences seem petty. I made many prophecies to prove to these presidents, that I saw God. Too much to write in this video. Maybe Iíll write a book about it later. Reagan wanted a Star Wars program where rockets would shoot rockets down from space. This would be like trying to stop a bullet by shooting it with another bullet. My Star Wars invention was much more advanced. I believed we could build a antimissile device that would work like a EMP, electrical magnetic pulse. My invention used a microwave, like a microwave oven, that would simply fry the circuits in missiles and jet fighters. It would not have to be very powerful, simply powerful enough to make a magnetic compass spin. If they could not use a compass, the rockets, missiles, planes could not find their directions. They actually tried this device on a fleet of airplanes and the entire fleet went crashing down. It not only spun their compasses out of control, it fried many of their sensitive electrical circuits similar to a EMP. Put your laptop next to a old microwave oven and the Wi-Fi wonít work. Make a gigantic microwave oven in space, and nothing will fly through space that uses electronics. This might be why all the birds have been falling out of the sky.

Anyway both Reagan and Gorbachev looked for other people who had seen God. They only found one other person. A prison inmate in Russia claims to have seen God so Gorbachev out of fear of God, let him out of prison. Several people have seen God after I prepared them, but they were killed or like Reagan they were labeled insane until they died of old age. We are now running out of people who have seen God. All the witnesses are being killed. I canít even name a witness because they will be killed. This is how insane the people are who are in power. Itís mostly the gun owners and military people that are killing the witnesses. They not only kill witnesses who have seen God, but they kill anyone, they believe in their own delusional mind, is a threat to their way of life. This is why I believe Obama & George W is the antichrist. This is the ideology of gun owners. This is why all gun owners are premeditated murderers.

Don McLean wrote a song back in nineteen eighty called bye bye American pie. In the lyrics he writes, ďLennon read the book of MarkísĒ. Some people believe he was referring to the leader of Russia Linin, and others believe he was talking about John Lennon. Because the gun nuts and the military leaders, believed Don McLean was talking about John Lennon, reading the book of Karl Marx, they killed John Lennon. Because they considered anyone who read the book of Karl Marx to be a threat to their way of life. It would be like reading a book written by Isis and then being considered a terrorist, because of the book you read. This is absolutely against the Constitution of the United States. But the military leaders, the gun owners, the CIA and the Pentagon, donít believe in the Constitution. They are not upholding the Constitution of the United States which gives everyone free speech. Itís not free speech, if you canít read a book without being killed. All gun owners against the Constitution, if they werenít, there would be nothing wrong with reading a book by Karl Marx, a book by Isis or the Gospel of Timothy. The government has been keeping the Gospel of Timothy off the bookshelf. They have been labeling me insane, to keep people from joining my religion. If you canít join my religion you are not serving the Constitution of the United States. It should be a requirement for everyone who serves the Constitution to join the Timothean religion. In fact there would be nothing wrong with reading a book written by Isis, Karl Marx, or the book of Satanic verses, if we truly lived in a democracy of freedom. These military leaders are afraid people are going to find some truth in these books and itís going to interfere with their way of life of enslaving people with jobs and stealing other countries resources. And they know they will be charged with crimes against humanity if anyone found the truth. Don McLean is somewhat guilty of getting John Lennon killed, by saying he read the book of Markís, in his song bye-bye American Pie. Iím sure John Lennon could have denied it was him that read the book of Karl Marx, but Iím sure the gun owners are so insane, they donít care if John Lennon read the book of Markís or not. If there was a possibility John Lennon read the book of Karl Marx these gun owners would kill him. If there was a possibility someone saw God, these gun owners would kill him. The military and president Obama isnít any different. They do not serve the Constitution of the United States.

The people who killed John Lennon were not Americans, they were not serving the Constitution of the United States, they were serving the gun lobby. They are no different from these two idiot trolls that are making comments on my, ďjudgment day for gun ownersĒ YouTube video. These gun owners are not law-abiding citizens. There is a law and it should be enforced that nobody can use the Internet or social media without using their true identity. Nobody should be able to use social media unless they use their drivers license number, so law enforcement can tell who they are. I use my real name. A Internet troll is someone who doesnít use their real name or identity. Every social media account should have the personís real picture, and real name visible to the public. Social media that does not require people to use their drivers license number to have an account, should be sued out of business. This will also keep children off the Internet that are becoming victims of child predators. Anyone can make a hundred YouTube accounts with fake identities to some down someoneís video they donít like or make negative comments. But if youíre going to make your comments public, then you should use your real name and identity. The only reason why people using fake names on social media is because they are murderers, perverts and child molesters trying to pick up on children.

When there is no God, when there is no Messiah, then the world religions fight each other for power. When there is no God, when there is no Messiah, then the world leaders fight each other for control of the earth. This is why we are now in danger of World War III and the Cold War is back on again and even ten times stronger than it was under Reagan and Gorbachev. The democracy is a million times worse, because it gives the illusion that the world can exist without God or the Messiah. As if the world can run smoothly, if a bunch of idiots elect some other idiot to rule over them. George W. Bush is an antichrist, even though his father had seen God. Many of these political leaders had seen God after I prepared them. But President George W. Bush and Barack Obama considers me, Reagan and George Bush senior to be insane. Because President Obama is going to kill people to preserve his way of life. Obama does not believe in God, he worships religion. George W. Bush serves religion and has no clue to God is. Neither does the Pope. The Pope serves his religion.

I made a video about Fukushima radiation raising the temperatures. The hot particles are in the atmosphere and the tritium is floating on top of the ocean. This is causing temperatures to rise, condensation, more rain and floods. Tritium particles are far lighter than hydrogen or oxygen so they stay on top of the ocean. This causes more ocean water to evaporate. Because the condensation is rising, itís going to cause masses of outbreaks of diseases. The humidity was ninety percent the other day a perfect platform for mold to grow. This is all because the presidents and the religions want to run and control the world. They donít want to follow Godís laws, they want to make their own rules. They believe that they have the guns, they make the laws. Your guns are not going to save you from the radiation, the rain, the floods, hurricanes and your house being filled with toxic mold from the humidity. There is no one to stop World War III, now that they rejected both God and the Messiah. The atheist donít think they need a God, the Christians, Muslims and Jews think they are serving God and so the rest of the world is screwed. There is no Constitution, free religion or free speech, until they enforce the law that no one can have a social media account, without using their real name, a real picture of themselves and the people who run social media, require license numbers to get a social media account. This is a matter of national security. The presidents and the religious leaders are neither God nor the Messiah is about time for them to accept this truth. I am Messiah this is my recommendation.


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