Rastafarian Lion Killed by Racist Dentist, August 2, 2015.

Recently the Confederate flag has been banned because it was a symbol of the white racist Ku Klux Klan. After the symbol was destroyed, a racist dentist Walter Palmer, killed Cecil a African Lion that was the symbol of the Rastafarian religion. This Lion was loved by the Rastafari movement. The symbols of the Rastafarian religion are the Lion from the tribe of Judah, the Ethiopian flag, and the colors green, red and yellow. I’ll give a link below to some of the facts about the religion.

Bob Marley had made this religion known worldwide.


It’s interesting that this religion had their own Messiah who was not Jesus. But they do have a black Jesus. From the things I taught 20 years ago most of the people I run into are Rastafarians who have read some of my writings on the legalization of medical marijuana. A lot of people I meet in bars seem to be giving me credit for the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana smoking is part of the religion.

Rastas believe Babylon is the white race of corporate business. The sacred text of the Rastafarians is the Holy Piby which is called the “Black Man’s Bible” I’ll leave a link to that below also. http://sacred-texts.com/afr/piby/

I just wanted to make a quick video to show there’s more to this story of a Lion being killed by a dentist that the people who love that lion was the Africans and that this dentist was a racist and knew it. He didn’t kill that Lion for no reason at all. Anyway the religion is similar to mine when I call myself a Timothean and the creator of this religion calls himself a Athlyan. One conspiracy theory says Bob Marley was killed by the CIA because of his religious beliefs and his songs that promoted this religion. None of the news media is covering the story that Cecil the Lion was the symbol of the black man’s religion and dentist Walter Palmer is the symbol of Babylon the white racist elite who rule the world, do whatever they please, and kill anything or anyone they want with money.


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Bob Marley promoted Rastafarianism and when “Snoop Dog” converted to Rastafarian on his new album now he’s named “Snoop Lion”

There is no federal law guaranteeing you a right to an abortion stop lying. If there was a federal law then no one would have to pay for abortions. Also you’d seem to be forgetting marijuana is against federal law but nobody cares about that especially when they legalized marijuana in Colorado. Let’s not forget prostitution is against federal law but it’s legal in Nevada or California if you’re making a porn movie.

No it slavery when they force you to get a job to have a baby.

Nobody has heard the gospel in 2000 years. This is the gospel Jesus was talking about. Repent of the works of your hands for the kingdom of God is at hand. Jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Food grows on trees. The war between good and evil is when the people with jobs start killing the business owners enslaving them. God is the provider and anyone who thinks you need a job to eat is like the false prophet Paul of the Bible.

the devil teaches in the Temple and has been for more than 5000 years. Those are the words of Jesus like it or not.

Isaiah 47:10 says Babylon the great is the false church that claims no man can see God. I saw God in California in 1985 and wrote the gospel of Timothy. The Timothean religion is the only true religion. Christians serve a false dead Jesus on a cross. When Jesus appears, Christians will say, “didn’t we heal in your name” he will say to them, “I knew you not, depart from me workers of iniquity”. Jesus said Christians will come in his name claiming to be Christ. That’s what the name Christian means, Christ I am = Christian

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