Rap Country Rock Classical Pulse Music, August 22, 2016.

In the nineties they did a study on music and they found that classical music simulated the brain and made people smarter. Babies who listen to Mozart and Beethoven had more brain activity. Then it was as if they wanted to dumb people down, by coming out with this pulse music. I think the first pulse song was that song titled, “jump around” by house of pain. Where the lyrics to the whole song was mostly, “jump, jump, jump, jump, jump” with some zombie kill phrases. The song was not about anything but repeating the same word over and over again as if it was meant to dumb people down to create the zombie apocalypse. The modern nightclubs play all this type of music now days. It is probably what caused the shooter to guard a shooting rampage at the pulse nightclub in Florida. Now the songs don’t even have lyrics, the beat is this pulse music. Boom to de boom to de bone to de boom. And every song is like that in those nightclubs. It makes no sense to anyone who has a brain left to think clearly.

The other night on Colombo, Peter Falk solved a crime because the victim listened to country music and his car was found with the radio tuned in to a classical music channel. Then he remarked on how classical music and country music just do not mix. Either you like country or you like classical but not both. It is strange how our brains have been wired by listening to this music. Whatever music you listen to as a teenager tends to be the music you listen to your whole life. Your brain has been wired.

I like rock ‘n roll and all their playing in bars now days is rap, country, or pulse music. And it seems like they are purposely pumping out this music to the masses. Rock ‘n roll music was antiestablishment music. And that’s why they’re not playing it anymore. People are made to believe that they are choosing to listen to rap, pulse or country, but they have been brainwashed into listening to it. When you go to the store, the music their playing, is music to get you to purchase merchandise. This is why they are playing that smooth classical stuff and Christmas music around Christmas. But the bars are playing country music because they want people to drink more alcohol. Just about every country song is about drinking. So they are pumping out country music to get people to drink more alcohol. They are hindering rock ‘n roll and heavy metal because of the antiestablishment lyrics and the truth being spoke. The Christians call this music devil music because there is so much truth in it, that goes against their religious brainwashing. The music we are listening to is not our choice. We were conditioned to listening to it by the environment we grew up in. If you lived in the country, that’s all they played on the radio. If you live in the city, that’s all they played at the cafés and bars was rock ‘n roll. That was on other radio channels that broadcasted in the city. If you listen to classical it’s probably because that’s all your parents ever allowed to be played in the house and your brain had been wired to it. Perhaps classical music is the only music rich people play in their cities. I don’t know I never lived in a rich ZIP Code. We may believe it’s our choice and we might even change our music if we change our environment and friends. But this is another way that the rich get richer and smarter and the poor get poorer and stupider. Rap music is played to the lower classes of people in society. The Djs at nightclubs and bars are literally forced to play this music in the poorer neighborhoods.

When I was in my twenties they had choices. You could go to a country bar or a rock ‘n roll bar. You could go to a disco bar a top forties bar. Now it seems the music industry or the government decides what you’re going to listen to. There are some people who are not even listening to the radio anymore, they are finding Internet sites that are willing to play their type of music.

But now the Internet seems to be controlled. There’s no more choices on YouTube. It’s all push technology, where they are pushing YouTube videos to you. This should be unconstitutional. They claim they are pushing videos that you like based on your past choices but it’s not given any one any freedom. Once you click on a couple of conspiracy theory videos, that’s all they push to you, is conspiracy theory videos. There must be millions of people on YouTube, but it is as if there’s only fifty people on YouTube, because they push to me the same Alex Jones channel, the Young Turks channel, and the RT channel that I clicked on five years ago, every day.

I have a computer upstairs that doesn’t log onto YouTube or Google. So it doesn’t know my past history. On that computer I see different videos. But they are still the videos they are pushing to me. Most of the videos I see on YouTube on that computer are about industry. How to make gold rings, how to make your own aluminum forge oven, many how-to videos to make people into slaves. I’m surprised I didn’t see a how to dig coal video and a how to clean up Fukushima radiation video. I guess I didn’t stay on it that long. But I read enough of the comments to know these videos were being pushed to people against their will. Most the comments on the videos were, “how did I get to this video?” “Why am I watching this video on how to make a gold ring?” I was asking myself the same questions. I couldn’t find anything I was searching for I was just getting everything they were pushing to me. I did a Google search for DragonDictate because I wanted to get the cheapest price. I found DragonDictate for seventy-nine dollars and bought it. But after I already purchased DragonDictate they were pushing me to purchase DragonDictate. Everywhere I looked was a advertisement for DragonDictate because they knew I searched for it and they figured I was going to buy it. But Google wasn’t smart enough to know I already purchased it for one third the price they were trying to push on me in their advertisements.

We are preaching on YouTube to the same audience of fifty people. Even though there’s millions of people on the Internet, most will never see our videos even if people are searching for them. The web is nothing but a big scam where just a few people are becoming extremely rich. Even my website, I pay ten dollars year for the domain name. But once I build up that domain name, they’re going to raise the price I pay them to host my website. So I will never get ahead because the more my website makes, the more I will have to pay the con artist running the domain name servers. It’s not even worth creating a website and wasting your effort. Once you pay for a domain name, it should be yours forever. They shouldn’t be able to make more money just because you did a lot of work to promote your website. Now I hear Obama is selling the domain main servers to another country. If they want to they could charge everybody a billion dollars a year for a domain name and collapse the United States Internet business. Some people are paying thousands of dollars for their domain name just because they built up their website. Somebody on Yahoo chat said they were opening a online bookstore and they were looking for a name. I recommended the name, “bookshere” .com. The guy pooh-poohed my name I gave him and then he purchased it and now is trying to sell it for thousands of dollars to the highest bidder. I still have the chat log and I should sue him if he ever cells that domain because I came up with the name. When you come up with the name, it’s as if you copyrighted it, because it is your idea. Once you write it down in a chat log, you have proof, it was your idea. Internet was a good idea when the government made it free. But now the Internet is nothing but a way for the rich people to harvest information and ideas from the poor. Clinton said that the world is a terrible place but there was hope for the future because one man on the Internet can enlighten the world. But now that one man on the Internet is squashed by a million evildoers, liars, con artist, propagandist, perverts, sex addicts and pedophiles. I hate to be a cynic but something has to change.


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