Raising My Lawsuit to $450 Trillion, March 16, 2016.

Erin Andrews won $55 million in a lawsuit, because someone saw her naked through a peephole at a hotel. Hulk Hogan thinks he can get 100 million for 45 seconds of humiliation. Because of this Iím raising my job injury lawsuit to $450 trillion, for my 30 years of chronic pain and suffering from my shoulder injury, that I still havenít been able to get help for. I have overuse syndrome and calcified tendinitis to my left shoulder and there are two job injuries to the right shoulder which still havenít got a proper diagnosis. It has been diagnosed as tore muscles and bursitis. However I believe it is overuse syndrome from doing repetitive production. This does not include the torture they put me through with the stellate ganglion block to the neck they gave me, because they didnít want to pay me the 450 billion for my job injury. Iím asking $1 trillion for the stellate ganglion block torture treatment they gave me. I havenít even figured out the price Iím asking because the government shunt toxic poison gas into my home at 7524 Jackson St. In Warren Michigan to try to shut me up. You could read about that in my book Killing The Messenger on my website where I teach that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. God is the provider. Food grows on trees. The devil holds mankind in bondage with jobs.

What ended slavery was not that the people decided it was wrong to enslave blacks. What ended slavery, was blacks started to kill their masters. This wasnít racism. This was capitalism. It wasnít white people enslaving the blacks. It was capitalist selling slaves to people by making them believe they could become rich, by owning a slave. People were sold slaves by vacuum cleaner type of salesman. People were told that these blacks from Africa wanted jobs as slaves because there was no food in Africa and they were starving. People actually thought they were helping the blacks by purchasing them. The same thing is going on today with jobs. Business owners believe they are helping people by giving them a job.

On the genealogy channel, they are looking up the history of ancestors who were slaves. If your ancestor was sold as a slave for $250, that was actually good news. That meant your ancestor didnít want to be a slave. The slaves who wanted to work and wanted to be a slave sold for $800. However, even at $250 that was a lot of money back then. You couldíve bought a farm for $250 back then. You couldíve bought 12 ounces of gold for $250 back then. At $20 an ounce, a gold piece was only worth $20. That same $20 gold piece today, would be worth $1800. So if your ancestors sold for $200, that is $18,000 in todayís price. The only slaves that sold for $200 were the ones who refused to be a slave and had to be beat to get them to do anything. Being beat as a slave back then, was nothing compared to what they are doing to people today to get them to work on the job. Your ancestors might have been beat with a whip, but I was tortured with stellate ganglion blocks to the neck. Now they use the medical system to torture people, who refuse to be a slave and get a job. Now they force women to murder their own children via abortion, when they refused to be a slave and work as a prostitute, at a strip club or be a model selling product. Things are far worse today than they were back in the slavery days. However, itís not white people enslaving blacks. Itís rich people enslaving the poor, weather your black or white doesnít matter. Rich black people will enslave poor people, just like the white rich people, no matter what their skin color.

We are seeing a repeat of what happened in the slavery days. Slaves went crazy and killed their masters. Today we have the Kalamazoo shooter, whose slave job working for uber, drove him crazy, so that he started killing people. People donít understand that jobs are slavery that drive people to murder and crime. Women are murdering their own children via abortion because of jobs. People who are injured on the job and cannot work are being tortured by the medical system, far worse than the blacks being beat with whips. I would rather have been beaten with a whip, than being given that stellar ganglion block to the neck that damaged my heart and some say drove me crazy. But in fact if my job injury in the stellate ganglia block to the neck made me crazy then I want $450 Quad trillion dollars for my job injury. So the workers compensation system better claim that Iím not crazy or theyíre going to pay 100 fold for my suffering. Thereís no statue of limitations on Godís laws for paying somebody for their suffering. When Jesus returns the capitalist will pay every penny for my job injury and the torture they put me through with the stellate ganglion blocks to the neck. The money I get from my job injury will be divided up among followers of the Timothean religion. So if I was you, I would join the Timothean religion today, because that offer is only going to be valid for a short time.

The Muslims, the Jews and the Christians are going to kill each other off as all of them believe in guns. The Timothean religion is going to be the new world order religion.

I was wondering what you guys think. What he think the government should pay me for shunting toxic poison gas into my house? We all seen them shunt poison gas into the Branch Davidian compound. We seen it on TV. There are some that doesnít believe the government shunt toxic poison gas into my house but you can go to my house at 7524 Jackson St. In Warren to check it out for yourself and read about it in my book ďKilling the MessengerĒ I will put a link below.


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