Raising Jeffrey Dahmer, Harvesting Body Parts, ABORTION August 9, 2015 I watched a movie titled “Raising Jeffrey Dahmer”.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father was a doctor who used to experiment on human body parts. In the movie Jeffrey Dahmer said he’s nothing but a chip off the old block of his father. I believe Jeffrey Dahmer was actually killing people for their body parts and selling them on the black market to support his drug habits. Then they killed Jeffrey Dahmer to shut him up before we found out the real truth. They had to label Jeffrey Dahmer is being a crazy person who ate the people he killed so that no one would dig further for the truth.

I believe if we did DNA testing on people who received kidneys, liver and hearts that the DNA would trace back to people Jeffrey Dahmer had killed or other people who were murdered for their body parts. When you have people like Steve Jobs with a rare blood type that needs a new liver, somebody is going to be murdered so Steve Jobs gets his liver.

If any of your relatives received a transplant, when they die you should test the DNA of their body part to make sure the medical profession did not get it illegally.

Steve Jobs family or the FBI should exhume his body from the grave and do a DNA test on his liver to find out exactly where it came from. We might be surprised.

The FBI has been busting a lot of funeral homes and morgues because they are illegally harvesting body parts and selling them on the black market. This is what they are doing to baby parts from abortions also.

If you have a rare blood type your life is in danger because one of these billionaires might need one of your body parts.

When my mother had cancer the whole family donated blood so that she could have transfusions. My blood type wasn’t that rare but my sister had a rare blood type and the doctors were like vultures to get more of her blood out of her and they were even willing to pay a big price for her blood. It’s absolutely scary.

The practice of medicine has to be abolished or evil will never come to an end.

There are probably thousands of people just like Jeffrey Dahmer who never were caught killing people for their body parts. Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t do anything any different than his father did he simply did it without a license to practice medicine. People turned up missing because their body parts were harvested and the rest of the body was cremated in the morgue. These hospitals now have morgues and crematoriums right inside the hospitals. It’s almost as bad as Hitler’s Germany. People say Hitler would use body parts to make soap and lampshades.

If they are labeling unborn babies as zygotes to legally murder them for their body parts, they are murdering adult human beings also. The pro-choice movement is no different than the Ku Klux Klan or Adolf Hitler that labeled the Jews and black people zygotes so that they can dehumanize them and kill them without making it look like murder.

I imagine Ana and Cenk from the Young Turks would see nothing wrong with labeling black people as zygotes to enslave them or to label Jews as zygotes to send 6 million of them to the gas chamber. Hitler might’ve killed 6 million Jews but pro-abortionists like Ana Kasparian and Cenk are responsible for over 65 million murdered babies by dehumanizing them with the label zygotes, so that they can kill them without making it look like premeditated first-degree baby murder. There is no statute of limitations on murder and to use psychotic criminally insane rationalization to justify babies are not human beings using schizophrenic delusions of grandeur rationalization that a baby is a zygotes to de-humanize it is 1000 times more evil than Hitler or the Ku Klux Klan ever dreamed of.

You don’t have to be a prophet of God to predict Ana and Cenk from the Young Turks and their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will be killed for their genocide against babies by labeling them zygotes, when the war between good and evil breaks, out whether breaks out in 10, 50, 100 or 1000 years from now there is no statute of limitation on crimes against humanity or baby murder. People had no mercy on Hitler when he labeled the Jews as less than human so he could kill them. People have no mercy for the Confederates who labeled the blacks as less than human so they could enslave them. People will have no mercy on Ana and Cenk who labeled babies as less than human by calling them zygotes, so that they could murder 65 million of them. They wanted to play God to murder 65 million babies and kill other people’s children by labeling them less than human zygotes, there’s no way in hell their children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren are going to get to live, 50, 100 or thousand years from now. You want to label that a threat, I will label it as an absolute guarantee, of the absolute law of God.

In the past God had mercy on the ignorant and stupid. But these pro-choice people know they are labeling babies as less than human zygotes, so that they can commit crimes against humanity genocide and they will pay for their sins. There is no man on earth more evil than someone who supports pro-choice. Hitler was not even that evil. Pro-choice people killed more than 10 times more innocent people than Hitler. There should be a law that you cannot own a gun unless you’re going to use it to kill the wicked.


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