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Racism Prejudice, March 29th 2012.

There is still a lot of racism and prejudice in this country. The Ku Klux Klan still exist. Members of the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panthers, took positions of power in the FBI and police departments. This is how Zimmerman got away with murder. The white racist Ku Klux Klan police in Florida, are aiding and abetting in a premeditated hate crime murder. When you’re born in an all-white family, you live in an all-white racist neighborhood, go to an all-white racist school, attend all white racist church on Sunday, you’re not a bad person, but you’re going to be a racist. It is the same for black people. If you’re born in an all-black family, raised in the a black racist neighborhood, go to all-black racist school and attend an all-black racist church you’re going to be a racist.

It works the same way with religion. If you’re born into a Jewish family, raised in the Jewish community, sent to a Jewish school , attend a Jewish synagogue, a very good chance you’re going to be Jewish. You’re not going to be a Muslim, unless you hate your family, your neighborhood, your school, your synagogue, all your friends and join a mosque out of spite. I went to a new bar and the first thing the white people said to me when I went there, was that it was a great bar because no blacks came in. I never went back to the bar. But I went to another bar and a group of black people sat at a table, a white man came over to me and said, “it sure is getting dark in here, isn’t it”. I said I wouldn’t know about that, I was not raised by the Ku Klux Klan.

I went to Costco and they asked me for ID when I went into the store, asked me my ID when I payed for my goods, and ask me again before I went out the door. When I went to Oak Ridge market , they asked me for my ID when I payed with my credit card and the person behind me said, “they never asked me for ID when I pay with a credit card”. I said it is because I have long hair and a beard. He said your right, we caught him. Meaning we caught a prejudiced person. The southerners will not only shoot black people, they will shoot those longhairs. They will shoot me twice, because not only do I have long hair, I have a long beard. So I know how the blacks feel. Segregation or busing by force never worked. It only agitated people who were bused.

What the federal government should have done was segregate and bus the teachers. They should have mandated that any state that got federal aid or protection, needed to higher 50% black teachers. And they should have paid them a high enough wage so that they could live in the white neighborhoods. The black schools should of highered white teachers to get federal support. The white racist cops in Florida need to be taught a lesson and every police station should be forced to higher 50% black policeman or no federal aid. I worked at places where they were forced to hire black people, but when they did hire them, they were janitors. The law should state, that if they higher a white president, they must hire a black vice president. If they want to higher a white vice president, then they must hire a black president. None of this hiring black janitors and claiming, were not racists, we hire black people.

White racist people are saying, that the only mistake Zimmerman made, was that he didn’t have a throw down weapon with him, to make it look like the black teenager was armed. Of course they did not use the word teenager. The majority of shootings in America, that the gun lobby claims saved a life, because they killed a armed man, is really a premeditated murder, that they planned out and threw down a weapon, to make it look like self-defense. So what is a murder with a gun, is made to look like a gun, saved a life.

This is why the security guard carried two guns with him. Not so that if a gunmen stole one, he can shoot him with the other, but so that if he killed someone out of anger or by accident, he could throw down the other weapon and claim the man was armed and a gun saved a life and his picture would be on the cover of the NRA magazines. A hero to all gun owners.

Yesterday a 75-year-old man killed a 18-year-old teenager in Detroit and they are claiming this was self defense. Because the man that was killed, had a gun. What they’re not telling you is, the dead man with a gun, had his gun in his pocket and was not aiming it at the homeowner. They are claiming the police found the weapon in the dead boy’s back pocket. The homeowner could not possibly even known that the teenager was armed. You can’t kill someone and then after the fact, find he was armed and then claim self-defense. I don’t even believe he was armed. I believe the police are so corrupt and in with the NRA, that they planted the weapon, so that homeowners can get away with murder, when someone breaks in. Because policemen do not believe in the Constitution or human rights, they believe burglars should be killed, in a vigilante justice.

I know this because I’ve met more than a dozen people who told me that the police told them how to murder home invaders. The police told my brother, that if he shot a burglar outside, that he should drag the dead body of the home invader, back into his house so that he would not be charged with murder. This was when the law said if you shoot a man outside its murder, but if he is in your house, it’s not murder. The police are not lawyers, judges or juries.

So the police teach people how to murder home invaders, because they believe home invaders should be shot dead and not be brought to trial, in a court, where they might have to use the policeman’s tax dollars. This is policeman’s vigilante justice. The police do not believe in the court systems or the Constitution of the United States. Any policeman who tells someone how to get away with a crime, especially murder, should be charged with a crime. These people have no belief in God. They don’t understand what Jesus said. Jesus said, “if you’ve done it to the least of these my brother, you did it to me.” This man shot Jesus dead.

The homeowner did not even know he had a gun until after he killed him. This is not self defense. If the prosecutor does not charge Willie White with murder, then the prosecutor is aiding and abetting a murder case and she should be tried with murder also. Because there’s no statue of limitations, 25 years from now, the Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy can still be charged with murder, when we finally get people in politics, who know the law and know what murder is. There is absolutely no reason to use a lethal weapon, when there are rubber bullets. Anyone who’s think so, is not only chronically mentally ill, but they need to be hospitalized, because they are a danger to society. This story really seems like strange propaganda. The black man who killed the intruder, name is Willie White. And the story aired after the Zimmerman shooting.

This is how the drug dealers, gang members and the Mafia are ruling the world. When a drug deal goes bad or there is drug dealing competition and they want to murder someone, all they have to do is kill them, plant a weapon on them, and then claim it was a burglary. No investigation will be done, because all the NRA gun nut lunatics, don’t require investigation, if the murderer claims it was self defense and that he is a member of the NRA and they find a weapon. For all NRA members know how to plant weapons and make murder look like self-defense. All gun owners know how to kill someone and plant to weapon so that they can’t be charged with murder, if they kill someone by accident or out of anger. If I had a gun, I would also carry a knife, so that if I shot a gun nut, I could throw down the knife and say it was self defense. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this out.

You would wonder why a black police Sgt. Would not press charges against the police officers in Florida. The Black Panthers want to start a revolution against the whites. That’s why he’s letting this guy go. They want blacks to be armed, they want whites to be armed. The blacks think that there will be a war between good and evil in which black Jesus, comes down from heaven and helps them fight the war between the white racist Ku Klux Klan and the white racist Ku Klux Klan thinks, the white Jesus will come down from heaven, to help them exterminate the blacks.

The fact is Jesus said, “if you done it to the least of these my brother, you did it to me.” If you shoot a burglar or home invader , you put a bullet through Jesus’s face.

It’s like a spiritual lesson in Moby Dick. You’re not supposed to judge others because you might become them. You might someday become disabled, lose your job, become hooked on drugs and end up breaking into homes to survive. Criminals are no different than you. In Moby Dick, the fishermen did not want to sail through islands that had cannibals. They judged the cannibals as being evil. So they charted a different course through the ocean. But there was no wind on that course and they quickly ran out of food. They ended up eating those who died. When they were down to four survivors and no dead were left to eat, they knew someone would have to sacrifice their life, so the other three could live. These people who judge the cannibals as evil became cannibals. The people who judge alcoholics, become alcoholics. The people who judge drug addicts, become drug addicts. The people who judge criminals or home invaders, become criminals and home invaders. For Jesus said, “do not judge”. For whatever judgment you measure, you shall be measured to you. The surviving cannibals feared what society would do to them for becoming cannibals, because they knew how they judged cannibals for being evil.

These gun owners should not only have their guns taken away from them, but they should be fired from their jobs, made disabled and forced into a life of crime for survival. Then they should be shot dead without a trial, without a jury and without a judge like they have judged and done to others.

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