Rachael Mullenix Killed Mom That Forced Her to Murder Her Baby, July 5, 2017.

These TV shows put out on escape TV are shown is how crazy the cops and the FBI are. Rachael Mullenix, got pregnant by the man she loved at 15 and her own mother forced her to kill her own baby by abortion. If there was anything such as justifiable homicide, it would be for this girl to kill her mother. Can you imagine your first love, the man of your dreams getís you pregnant and your mother forces you to murder your own baby, by abortion and uses psychotic schizophrenic delusion of grandeur rationalization, by claiming it wasnít baby murder, itís abortion. What kind of sick piece of shit, is this mother? Instead of the cops arresting Rachael Mullenix, they should have been the people, using their constitutional right to bear arms, to justifiably kill Rachaelís alcoholic mother. They shouldnít of had to let the daughter and the boyfriend do the dirty work.

Rachael Mullenix and her boyfriend are not murderers. If there is any such thing as justifiable homicide, this wouldíve been one. Itís normal, for people who are in love, to kill the person, who forces them to murder their own child by abortion. This is why gun owners own guns. So if someone tries to force them to murder their own child, they kill that person and itís considered justifiable homicide. This is happening all the time, because itís normal. The Supreme Court justices, knew this when they legalized abortion. That women who were forced to murder their own children, would kill their parents or the people who force them to have an abortion.

Abortion is not a choice. Rachael Mullenix got pregnant at age 15 and she had no other choice but an abortion. Her mother forced her to have an abortion. At 15 youíre not old enough to make legal decisions. But thank God common sense says that once somebody forces you to murder your baby, that you kill them and youíre better off spending life in prison, then you are living in a fucked up world, that allows mothers to force their own children, to kill their own child by abortion. In a way itís kind of ironic, that Rachaelís mother, will never have grandchildren now.

I have no doubt that it was probably God himself, who told Rachael Mullenix and her boyfriend to kill the mom, who forced her to have an abortion. She probably heard voices from God telling her to do it. The same narcissistic psychopath doctors, who think itís perfectly okay to murder babies, throw them in a blender to make stem cells for old men, will claim that someone hearing voices from God, is schizophrenic. Because I have no doubt that every girl that is forced to have an abortion, is hearing voices from God, to murder their mother that forced them to have an abortion. Furthermore on judgment day, those people who donít believe God is telling them to murder their mother, who forced them to kill their own child, will spend eternity in the lake of fire.

These cops are either mentally ill or premeditated baby murders and I canít figure it out. They should be given Rachael Mullenix a metal, for murdering her mother. We got American sniper, killing Muslims, because they have a towel on their head and were calling him a hero. Because we donít like people who have towels on their head. But moms who force their children to kill their babies, we seem to like them. Be sure to get an abortion, after you take out the trash, Iím your mom.

If youíre wondering where all the decent people in the world are, their probably all in prison. Iíve been out in the world and Iíve met a lot of people and everybodyís a total piece of shit. The only place for a righteous man, in an unjust world, is prison. Iím surprised thereís not hundreds of millions of people in prison.

Even after all these girls are murdering their parents, who force them to have abortions, there are still people, who see nothing wrong with abortion. Good thing that these people who see nothing wrong with abortion are being murdered by their children, who know there is something wrong with abortion. The only reason why abortion is legal, is because the world is run by a bunch of old men, that think they can extend their age by putting baby fetuses in a blender to make stem cells. And they think by injecting these baby stem cells into their bodies, that it will make them younger. Itís a form of vampirism. They think that if the inject themselves with the blood of babies, that they will stay younger. It comes from the idea that you are what you eat. So they think that if they eat young babies, they will become young again. But itís all a placebo effect. It doesnít work. They donít become younger. They simply believe they do. Thatís why they will spent $30,000 on a bottle of tequila. They think the $30,000 bottle of tequila, is better than the $30 bottle of tequila.

I donít think Jesus is going to return until people start calling Rachael Mullenix a hero and American sniper, a narcissistic psychopath serial killer. I give a lot of credit to her boyfriend, who had more balls than American sniper, police or military personnel, to commit a justifiable homicide. Heís the real hero. Wake up before itís too late.

The good news is, even if you were forced to have an abortion 50 years ago, itís not too late to commit a justifiable homicide. This is what happened to Rachael. She was forced to murder her own child and then she stewed over it for a few years and realized sheís not going to get any sleep or rest, until she kills her mother, who forced her to murder her own child, that she got pregnant by the man she loved.

If I was God and I was going to destroy the earth, to kill the 7 billion evil people on it and create a new earth, Rachael and her boyfriend, would be the only normal people to start that new civilization. Because the rest of the people are Fucking crazy.


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