Race War Begins Woman Shot by Black Cop, Because She Was White, July 20, 2017.

If you watch the news lately, a woman was shot after dialing 911, by a cop, because she was white. As the black people get guns, they are going to start treating the white people, the way they have been treated. Thatís just the way the Bible demands they treat people. So this woman who was engaged to be married, was being attacked, maybe by black people I donít know, but when she called 911, the black cop shot her. Usually the story is always in reverse, where some black people are being attacked by whites and they dial 911, for the white cops to come out and start shooting the black people that were calling for help. Now the black people are starting to learn the tricks of the NRA KKK gun lobby and the race war is beginning. Just like Charles Manson predicted.

But Charles Manson was not a prophet of God. He was a Bible reader. The Bible says when you mix the races like America has done, there is going to be a great race war. God made the fish for the sea, the birds for the air, the kangaroos for Australia, the Penguins for the North Pole and the Africans for Africa. God did not make the Africans for Afro-America. God did not make Afro Americans. Afro-Americans are the creation of the slave masters. They donít exist in Godís kingdom.

I am German and I belong in Germany. Iím just trying to figure out a way to get back to my country, where all my smart intelligent German family belongs. Where they donít believe in giving people fluoridated water to make them stupid, so that they can be controlled. Where they donít believe in selling people toxic cancer causing tobacco and the people were smart enough to know asbestos was deadly 50 years before fluoridated water stupid Americans figured it out. I could it gave all my inventions to Germany. But donít worry I still have thousands of more inventions that will put Tesla, who stole my idea about a aluminum electric car out of business, as they never contacted me to implement all of my ideas. My electric car is 200 years ahead of the idea Tesla stole from me.

My family is from Germany, they came here in the 1850s. That means I donít really need a passport to go to Germany do I? I am basically German. I donít want to be in the United States when the race war begins. I certainly donít want to be here when Japan releases the 1 trillion tons of highly radioactive water into the ocean. Most of that radioactive water will end up on the West Coast and slowly leech across America, until it gets to New York. Thatís when I will release my invention to neutralize radiation.

The radiation has a philosophical purpose. The purpose of the toxic radiation is to kill off all the people who donít believe the swimming pool manufacturers are responsible for every child who drowns in a swimming pool. The reason why God let the radiation be released into the ocean, it so that it can kill off all the people, who do not believe the automobile companies are responsible for every person who died in a car accident, because they made them go faster than 10 mph. Every person who doesnít believe the gun manufacturers are responsible for every person killed by a gun, will die from the radiation being released from Fukushima. God does nothing, Until he declares it to his prophets. Good riddance to the pieces of shit like Larry Mattera, who still wants to blame God, for the children who drown in swimming pools. Well Larry, you can blame God for killing the people, who didnít think the swimming pool manufacturers were responsible for the children who drowned in them. You can blame God for killing the people, who didnít believe gun manufacturers were responsible for every person who died by a gun. You can blame God for killing all the people, who didnít believe the automobile companies were responsible for every person injured and killed in an automobile that was made to go faster than 10 mph. You can blame God for killing all the people, who didnít believe jobs were slavery in a crime against humanity. After the nuclear holocaust, the only people that are going to live, are the people who believe jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Everyone else will die in the war between good and evil.


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