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Re RESPONE TO GoTimothy RICK ECTOR VIDEO, May 16, 2012.

Eddie, sorry it took me so long to respond to your video. I’m being attacked by 140 million brainwashed gun owners. I can’t respond to them all nor will I try. But I’m responding to yours because so many people agree with you. Sometimes you have to throw insanity into the face of gun owners, so that they can see their own insanity. It’s called critiquing. Everyone agrees with what you said. I hope you listen to yourself and take your own advice. You said, and I will quote you, “I’ve read the Constitution and nowhere in the Constitution do you have a right to run over anyone with a car” that’s your own words. I’ll even play your video so you can see yourself and listen carefully.

All the gun owners agree with you. Insanity is when you don’t agree with yourself or your own words. So why do you have a gun? You have said yourself the Constitution does not give you the right to kill anyone and you have read the entire thing. The only thing I changed was the word gun, into car and run over with kill. Which basically means the same thing. Right? You have the right to have a gun and I have a right to have a car. But the Constitution gives no one the right to kill anyone and you’ve read the whole thing.

Why is it you think you can kill with hollow tip bullets, and someone cannot defend himself with a knife, baseball bat or car? I will tell you the answer. You have been brainwashed by the NRA and the gun lobby. But don’t worry, you can sue them for brainwashing you. If you want to know how let me know.

The question I keep asking gun owners and never get the answer. Is when do you pull out your gun to defend yourself? After a criminal has already put a loaded gun to your head and says I will kill you? Or when the guy with the gun is walking towards you? Many have said if the gun is holstered he’s not a threat. But what about the gun owners who take their gun out to load it or show their friends? Can you shoot them then?

Rick Ector can take 50 gun owners to a restaurant that the owner of the restaurant knows before hand, is coming in with guns. You think Rick Ector or someone like me, can walk into a liquor store late at night with a gun and not be shot by the liquor store owner? You think that liquor store owner is going to wait until you draw your gun? You are insane. That store owner will shoot you dead the second you walk in there with a gun and yes he will lie to police, so that he doesn’t go to prison and tell them, you drew your weapon and said “I’m going to kill you”.

You think I’m the only anti-gun person? There are millions of gun owners who would run you over with their car if you walk down the street alone at night, with your gun and you were not a cop or a hunter in the woods. Undercover police officers, who have guns, get shot by uniformed police officers. And there’s only a few of them. Can you imagine 140 million gun owners walking around with guns? You are insane.

The Constitution says regulated. You don’t go by a dictionary written by a tyrannical mafia dictator, that says it means something else other than “gun control”. With all those gun owners no one changed the constitution by changing the meaning of the word regulated. Regulated means gun-control and it always meant that. If someone would have tried to change it there would’ve been a revolution with all those gun owners. You have been brainwashed and deceived. Only a well regulated militia has a right to bear arms and only for the purpose of defending a free state.

Not all people are in the militia. If you think that, you are crazy and delusional. Because women were not even able to smoke or vote until the 1920s. People who believe the Constitution that was written in the 1860s, meant that women were in the militia, are just insane. Not all people are in the militia. Rick Ector is not in the militia and neither are you. Because people in the militia know that the word “regulated” means gun-control. People in the militia know that the only reason they have a gun, is to protect a free state. So if you’re not using your gun to protect a free state, you’re not in the militia. If you are against gun control, then you’re not in the militia. If you have your gun for any other reason than to protect a free state, you are not in the militia.

I know you believe that because the terrorist NRA Mafia organization, have put people in positions of power in the Supreme Court to rule in favor of gun owners, does not mean you have a right to have a gun. It just means that the government has been hijacked by terrorists tyrants like the leader of the NRA and Rick Ector.

Rick Ector is threatening the lives of American citizens. He says that he is going to kill them, without a trial, without a judge and without a jury, if he believes in his own delusional mind, that they are a threat to his family. And yes he has a delusional mind. He doesn’t know what the word militia means. He doesn’t know what the word regulated means. He doesn’t know why the words “free state” are in the second amendment to the Constitution.

I think he knows regulated means gun-control and that he is not a member of the militia. He knows he is a member of the NRA terrorist organization. The reason why the Constitution gives the militia a right to bear arms, is to protect the state from terrorist organizations like the NRA. I think all NRA members know they are going against the Constitution, but they believe the NRA Mafia is so powerful no one can overthrow them. But we are in a one world government now. The NRA Mafia doesn’t make the rules anymore.

The people who hold nuclear weapons make the rules. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. Nuclear weapons can be used against the nation who believes they have a right to kill people. Hitler believed he had a right to kill people. Hitler made murderer legal just like the NRA Mafia terrorist organization. Human rights go far beyond the rights of dictators like Hitler and the tyrant leaders of the NRA. I’m afraid you gun owners are gonna cause a nuclear war. You have made a threat to the people of the United States and the well regulated militia that has the right to bear arms, that the only way to get your guns away from you, is to take them out of your dead hands. Can you say FEMA camps?

Nuclear weapons can and will take your guns away from you. Your Mafia NRA and insane version of the Christian religion were God doesn’t protect you, only guns do, is not going to save you. God will not bring the nuclear war until he declares it first to his prophets. You claim you serve God. People who serve God don’t use guns. The faithless unbelievers will have their way in the lake of fire burns with brimstone. The eyes shall consume away in their sockets and their flesh from their bones. This is describing nuclear war. Not only will guns not protect your family but they will cause your family to die before your eyes of radiation. Now go ahead and call me a false prophet. It doesn’t matter. Those who believe me will be saved and those who don’t shall perish. I’m not online to argue with anyone. Either you believe I saw God or you don’t. If you serve God, no man made weapon will prevail against you. If you serve the NRA terrorist organization, the false version of the Christian religion, the police state blue code of silence, you shall perish by man-made weapons whether it be a car, gun, knife or nuclear bombs.

And you won’t have to worry about me running you over with my car I don’t have a car anymore. People who purchase cars and gasoline are supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have killed over 1.5 million people. The Bible says will happen to those people who purchase cars and gasoline, which neither see hear nor walk.

I know you don’t belong to the Christian religion who believes Jesus is coming, because men with guns would be quick to label Jesus as being more insane than they claim I am. If you don’t believe I am the Messiah, you’ll never believe Jesus is God. Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah. The Jews killed him, because looking as a man, he claimed to be God.

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