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Psychological Test for Mental Illness August 14, 2012.

On a psychological exam they ask you several questions. One of the first questions is, “would you yell Fire in a crowded movie theater, if it was on fire?” This question goes back to the early 1900s where there was a fire in a crowded movie theater and many people died and were trampled to death in the fire. The surviving relatives tried to sue the movie theater for not having enough exits, sprinkler and alarm systems. But the movie theater lawyers paid off doctors and psychiatrists and other experts, to say the people died in the fire, not because of lack of sprinkler systems, exits or fire alarms, but because someone yelled Fire, when there was a Fire. Therefore the blame of the movie theater deaths, were put on someone they labeled as ‘mentally ill” because they yelled fire in a crowded movie theater, when they seen a fire.

From then on, anyone who yells fire, or would yell fire, in a crowded movie theater, is considered “mentally ill” because they could cause a panic and stampede. What normal people are supposed to do in a crowded movie theater when they see a fire, is pull the fire alarm. People panic when they hear someone yell fire, but I guess when they hear this loud fire alarm they assume that it’s a false alarm or a drill and they calmly walk out of the burning theater. We all know this is bullshit and it all came out of that lawsuit of the movie theater not wanting to take on the financial responsibility for the people who died in the fire.

What needs to come out of the James Holmes theater shooting, is a change of questions for a psychological exam. The psychiatrist should ask, “if you have a license to carry a gun in a crowded movie theater and a madman starts shooting people, will you pull out your gun and shoot the madman?” If the person says “yes”, they are mentally ill. The only thing worse than yelling fire in a crowded movie theater, is pulling out a gun and trying to be a hero and shooting at a suspect that is standing in a crowd of 500 people.

Normal people know, that they could miss and kill innocent people and mentally disturbed people believe they will kill the shooter and not hit any innocent people. These people live in a delusional world, where they believe if they had a handgun they can shoot the gunmen in a crowded movie theater, a crowded temple or a school with 5000 students and kill the gunman at 50 yards with a handgun with out hitting any of the students, temple worshipers or moviegoers. These people are mentally ill and should not be allowed to walk around in society. They are far worse than a person who yells fire in a crowded movie theater.

When there is a bank robber who takes hostages, they call in a professional sniper to try to take down the gunmen. They don’t call the NRA and asked for a bunch of dudes with handguns to try to shoot the bank robber at 50 yards away, who is standing in a crowd of hostages.

I find it too hard to believe that the cop was ambushed in the Sikh temple shooting. When he went to the temple he knew there was a gunman shooting people. He saw the shot people laying on the ground. He was not ambushed. First they said the cop shot the shooter, then they said the shooter killed himself. They said the shooter bought the gun two weeks ago and practice one time. The cop who was professionally trained, did not shoot the shooter but the shooter was able to get eight bullets into the cop. How is that possible? It ain’t. The cop must’ve been shot by other cops who were trying to shoot the shooter, by emptying their guns in his direction.

Then the blue code of silence kicked in, as cops did not want to admit they shot their fellow officer. Higher-ups in the Police Department don’t want other cops to find out they could be shot by their fellow officers either or they might demand more money. I just want to know how a guy who bought a gun two weeks ago and practice one time was able to get eight bullets into a professionally trained cop and the cop was not able to get one bullet in him. The cop was not ambushed the shooter was. The cop had the drop on the shooter, because he knew he was going to a shooting. He should’ve been able to sneak up on the shooter, because he knew ahead of time, there was a shooter at the temple. Where as the shooter should not have known cops were sneaking up on the temple.

Whenever they get a call that there is an armed gunman at a temple, school or movie theater they need to send a sniper to take down the shooter. Not a bunch of gun happy cops who’ll pull handguns out at 50 yards away and start shooting into a crowd of people. All cops need a new psychological exam with the question, “do you shoot a gunman with a handgun, at a crowded movie theater, temple or school?” If the cops say yes they are mentally ill and should be removed from the police force.

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