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Good Cop Versus Psycho Cop, April 17, 2012.

I seen on YouTube some videos of what I believe is good police work. Then I seen videos on YouTube that show us some psycho cops. I like the way one California Police Department handled a truck driver run amok. But the way other police departments handle situations seems as if the police are psychos.

The job of the police is to serve and protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States. I found it very easy to find the difference between a psycho cop and a good cop. The good cops know what their job is. The psycho cops seem to be implants by the Mafia, a special interest group or simply a psycho trying to achieve their own agendas. It seems very few of them are actually there to serve and protect and uphold the Constitution. Many of them don’t even know what the Constitution says. All people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The Constitution never gave anyone a right to kill anyone. In fact the Constitution protects people’s right to life. Not only does the accused have a right to a fair trial, but the citizens have a right to see the accused be brought to trial. Not only the citizens, but the victims families have a right to see a person tried in court, who claimed self-defense. They have a right to ask the questions of why that person used a lethal bullet, when they could’ve used a nonlethal one.

The Zimmerman case is an example of premeditated first-degree murder. As soon as Zimmerman chose to use lethal bullets in his gun, that shows he had intent to kill someone, and not just stop a crime. Everyone knows this.

The good cops are the ones who would use rubber bullets to save people’s lives. They understand their job is to serve and protect. They understand the Constitution.

The psycho cops are the ones who just want to kill, they would never use a less than lethal bullet. Their job is not to serve and protect, but to kill. They will use criminally insane rationalization to justify, killing someone. If you did not have to kill someone, but you killed them anyway, that is murder. You do not have to use lethal bullets.

Therefore it is very important that we keep a database of the psycho cops. We will need to find out which officers, are against using less than lethal bullets. These people should be considered prime suspects in murder cases. There is no statute of limitation on murder. If the police officer chooses to use lethal bullets, rather than rubber ones, he is a premeditated murder. We need to keep a database of their names. Because Jesus said, “you cannot get good fruit off a bad tree” which means the children of these cops, will also be murderers. If the parents see nothing wrong with murder, the children will be murderers. And it’s easy to find out who the murderers are by simply asking them if they use lethal bullets or rubber ones.

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