Proof Cops Are the Most Evil People on Earth, Darlie Routier, July 28, 2017.

These cops are actually showing to the world how evil they are, on escape TV and the Justice channel. So the justice channel has a show titled the most evil person on earth. Or something like that. Then they show a guy that they have no evidence on, that they put in prison. They put the guy in with a prison inmate, who has been locked up in a 6 foot cell for 10 years and been tortured and gang raped by other prison inmates. They tell the tortured inmate, that if he makes up lies about a confession, about the guy who they had no evidence on, that he will get a get out of jail free card. So the prison inmate makes a bunch of lies about the guy, confessing to raping killing and torturing 20 children and he gets out of jail free. While cops put this innocent guy in prison and painted him up like the most evil man on earth and they look like heroes to the masses of sheepel and get promotions for putting away so-called criminals. This is just one of their tactics that proves cops are the most evil people on earth.

What cops like doing is accusing two people. Cops show how evil they are by saying on escape TV, how they lie to both people, by telling one person the other person confessed and said you did it, so you better confess and say they did it. Thatís how they get two completely innocent people to make up lies that the other person did it. And the only way they can prove they are telling the truth, is to say that they were with the other person when they murdered. Oh yes I know the other person did it, because I was there, he was the mastermind that threatened to kill me if I didnít help him. Then they get the other person to say the exact same thing about that guy. ďYour friend just admitted to the crime and said you were there and that you were the mastermind, you better start ratting on your friend or making lies about your friend, or youíre going to prison to get the death penaltyĒ. Oh yes I know the other person was the murderer, because I was there, he was the mastermind and he threatened to kill me if I didnít help him. Then they feed both of them information about the murder, so it makes them look like they actually did it. Then they put both innocent people in prison for life and get bonuses and pats on the back. What lowlife scumbags.

What is really sad, the cops even do this to family members. So family members actually point their fingers at other family members, so they donít get accused of murder. This mustíve been what happened in the Darlie Routier case. Itís probably more likely that the husband did it. But Darlie loved her husband so much, cops couldnít get her to turn on her husband and point the finger at him, to get out of being charged herself. The cops threaten the husband, by saying if you donít give us some incriminating evidence proving your wife did it, then were going to charge you with the murder. So the husband says, ďwell hereís a birthday party with silly string Darlie was at, as proof she did itĒ. The husband canít even defend his wife out of fear that the cops will blame him for the murder. The husband has no choice but to try to frame his wife. Because the cops are not going to go look for the true murderer, the intruder. The cops are not interested in putting the guilty people in prison, they are more interested in getting a promotion by putting somebody in prison.

Iíve seen 48 hour episodes where the fathers are blaming their sons for murder, to take the heat off of themselves. Because they know the cops are going to put innocent people in prison so itís better if they put their innocent son in prison, then put the Father in prison, because their innocent. Or even a son will testify against his father, pointed his finger at his father for the murder, out of fear that the cops will blame him for the murder. This makes cops the most sinister evil pieces of shit on the planet. Be careful if there is a murder in your neighborhood. Because cops will lie and say your neighbor confessed to the murder, he was there and said you were the mastermind who forced him to do the murder. And you better confess to it and say your neighbor did the murder or youíll take all the heat yourself. Then youíll start making up lies how you were there watching your neighbor do the murder, but he was the mastermind.

It gets worse. Iím just getting started. A young girl was kidnapped, chained in the basement dungeon, forced to write her letter to her parents saying she was an alcoholic, raped over several months and was let loose. When she went to the cops for help, Cops didnít believe her story. Cops claim that she was crazy. Cops claim sheís a paranoid schizophrenic, donít listen to her. Letting the sick piece of shit rapist, getaway with raping other girls. This mustíve really made cops get their rocks off. This didnít happen just once.

The exact same thing happened in the David Russell Williams case. David Russell Williams kidnapped a woman, tied her up, tortured her, raped her and when she escaped and went to the cops, the cops claimed she was crazy. This woman is actually suing Canadian police, because cops were putting out over the radio that this woman was crazy, she wasnít kidnapped, raped, tortured. They didnít believe her story. They thought she was making the whole story up. And she couldnít prove her story was true, until they actually caught David Russell Williams. This is why David Russell Williams got away with killing so many women. Because cops are the most evil pieces of shit on the planet. This happened again recently in Detroit and it was even worse. A young girl claimed she was kidnapped and raped and the cops arrested her for making up the story. Even after they found her $600 cell phone smashed along the roadway, where the kidnapper threw it out the window. They claim she staged the event and through her own $600 phone out the window, so that they couldnít sit in the coffee shop eating donuts all day. Then the cops wonder why the real criminals, think theyíre stupid.

When I was robbed at gunpoint, Iím glad I didnít go to the cops. Because they wouldíve arrested me for making up the story. I had no way to prove that I was robbed at gunpoint. I didnít take a picture of the robbers with the gun. I didnít get the robbers name address and phone number.

This sounds so crazy itís almost impossible to believe. Cops are actually being paid to plant evidence. In another episode, cops are looking for evidence in a murder case. They get 50 cadets to search this large field for evidence. They tell the cadets, if they find some evidence theyíre going to get overtime pay. This is like telling Mark Furman, if you can find some bloody glove evidence in the OJ case, youíll get $1 million bonus. Or Youíll probably get promoted to chief, if you can just find some bloody glove somewhere. They donít even have to be the right size gloves as OJ wears, evidently. Cops are framing people get overtime, promotions and bonuses. And nobody sees anything wrong with it.

Itís been proven a long time ago, that if cops have a quota, theyíre going to write out more speeding tickets, to people who donít deserve them. If they get punished for not writing out tickets, they are going to write out tickets to people who donít deserve them. If they get some kind of bonus for writing out speeding tickets, theyíre going to set up speed traps and give tickets to people who donít deserve them. They are evil pieces of shit. Some of them actually believe that prison inmates should be gang raped in the ass by other prison inmates to teach them a lesson. So they donít even investigate prison rape in fact for years they actually encouraged it. The actually created millions of homosexuals. People are NOT born gay, they are made gay in prison institutions. People are NOT born rapist, rapist are created in prisons. They go to prison for a petty crime and they come out a rapist. They go to prison a rapist and they come out serial killers. And cops think that this is just a wonderful system that they have created.

It seems like we would all have a better world, if we just defunded the police, defunded the FBI, defunded the CIA and let karma take over. David Russell Williams would not live more than a few months, if there was no police, FBI or CIA. Cops seem to be protecting the criminals, arresting the victims and theyíre pretty proud of it. Scumbags.


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