Way to Prevent Future Paris Shootings, November 17, 2015.

We know ZOG is responsible for the Paris shootings. ZOG, Zionist occupied government. These are the people who speak for God in the Temple. This is the antichrist according to Jesus. Jesus said the antichrist teaches in the church and has been teaching there for 5000 years. We know Zionist Christians did the shooting because of the MO. These were not Muslims. Muslims don’t have anything against rock music. Muslims aren’t superstitious to Friday the 13th. Only complete insane Christians would target pot smoking high school dropouts in a heavy metal concert. People like Pat Robertson, who are superstitious and believe in the devil. All Pat Robertson said about Halloween is that it was of the devil. No explanation of why it was evil. I was the one who taught that you don’t send your children out on Halloween to demand candy from complete strangers with threats of vandalism and violence because blowback of poison candy could result. Halloween is evil because multibillion-dollar candy companies created it to give children cavities to make money for dentist. You don’t give children candy that you know is bad for their health and will cause their teeth to rot. Christian Zionists like Pat Robinson think that the world is corrupt because people drop out of high school, smoke weed and go to rock concerts and that’s why they targeted a rock concert. Anarchist or terrorist would not have targeted pot smoking high school dropouts. This is a religious state sponsored terrorist act. They didn’t target government buildings. They didn’t target Christian churches. This was not Muslims and this was not anarchist or terrorist. This was people who are so mentally ill, they believe they are serving Jesus and fighting against the devil by killing pot smoking high school dropouts. Nobody else in the world would target pot smoking high school dropout but Christians.

This is why I started the Timothean religion. This is why Christ told me that if the world doesn’t change all 7 billion people on earth would be destroyed. Because the Zionists Christians are controlling the world with their mentally ill delusions, that guns don’t kill people, Halloween is of the devil in the world would be so much better off if they killed those pot smoking high school dropouts.

I can safely say that ISIS is responsible for Charlie Sheen getting AIDS. The reason why can safely say that is because Isis cannot defend themselves. They cannot sue me in a lawsuit because they would be arrested as soon as they said they were Isis. This is how the crazy Christians are running the world and why God will destroy it. These are the idiots with guns like Alex Jones and Pete Santilli, who claims they will start a revolutionary war, killing millions of women and children to prevent President Obama, the Messiah or God from taking their guns. This is how the Zionist occupied government kills people and blames it on others. Because they know the people they blame it on cannot get a fair day in court. This is unconstitutional. Why is there no lawyer for Isis, claiming they are innocent? Even Jeffrey Dahmer and every serial killer no matter how guilty they are get a lawyer that flights to claim they are innocent. It’s unconstitutional for the Zionist occupied government to accuse Isis of the killing that they did, when they are not giving Isis a lawyer. There’s two sides to every story. Any jury with a brain can tell the Zionist occupied government was behind the mass shooting in Paris to get guns made legal again and to prevent immigration. The Zionist are against God. They are the antichrist. Because God has no borders. Anybody who is for borders is antichrist. Anybody who is for borders is against God. God made the earth not the Zionist. The Zionist don’t make the rules, God makes the rules. The Zionists think they make the rules because they think that they are God. But everyone knows, even the atheist, even the American Indians, that God made the earth and there is no borders. Anyone with any common sense at all would know that if there was a God there would be no borders. The Bible says there is no borders, so anyone who claims there is borders, is against the Bible. Borders are not only unethical they are discriminatory. You can’t put up borders to keep out enemies, because there is no enemies there’s only humans. If people are angry at us it’s because we did them in injustice and instead of putting up borders, we should allow them to sue us in court. If we give them a day in court to get justice, they’re not going to go on shooting sprees. That’s why we created the justice system. We are supposed to be the most just country on earth but instead of giving people their day in court we want to put up borders and men with guns to make sure nobody gets into this country, to get their day in court.

This is a true story about a court case when I was a child. A family started a small business on their family farm of selling horse rides. They bought all the safety equipment and were safety conscious. One day someone fell off a horse. It was the only accident at the riding stable they had in 10 years. The person who fell off the horse, sued the riding stable for every penny they owned. The person who fell off the horse ended up owning the riding stable. They learned every trick in the book, of how to keep from getting sued, from trying to sue the riding stable in the first place. Because the lawyers said you could not have sued them, if riders signed a paper claiming all responsibility, the guy who fell off the horse, felt like they can make millions. If he owned the riding stable. So the person who fell off the horse, got the riding stable, made everyone sign papers claiming all responsibility, before they rode the horse and he became rich. The problem was, because they made people sign papers accepting responsibility, they didn’t need any safety equipment or follow any safety rules. Because people signed papers. So 10 times more people were falling off horses and being injured. Because of the guy who fell off the horse and sued the previous owner of the riding stable. This is how the world becomes corrupt. One guy becomes injured by a business, sues to own the business and learns how to not to be sued causing hundreds of others to be injured.

There is no doubt that the gun lobby was behind the Paris shooting to try to get guns made legal again in Paris. The gun lobby clearly said they would start of revolution and kill thousands of women and children to stop people from taking their guns. It’s their MO. There’s no doubt in my mind that they would kill hundreds of women and children to try to get guns made legal again in Paris France. I don’t think they’re going to stop with this shooting. I think they’re going to keep on organizing militia shooting sprees until guns are made legal again in France. The Christian church is making too much money off of gun manufacturing. If guns are made illegal Christianity would go out of business.

There’s only one way to stop the shootings and that’s an absolute ban on guns on the entire Earth. You can’t just make guns illegal in one country, because they will smuggle them from another. Because the gun owner is a premeditated first-degree murderer who already made the decision to kill without trial or jury or judge we must change the laws to make it the death penalty for owning a gun. We shouldn’t have to wait till the gun owner actually kills someone. They purchased the lethal weapon for the purpose of killing someone without a trial jury or judge when they knew all people were innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Gun owners have said they would kill to prevent people from taking their guns and the Paris Shooting shows us they will kill to try to get their guns back. Gun owners also said they will manufacturer guns in their basements on 3-D printing machines or lathes and Mills if they are banned. It’s not just about banning guns. New laws must be passed making it the death penalty for owning or being in possession of a gun.

Christianity and Judaism is into gun and weapon manufacturing. They been in the business for 5000 years and fueling every war for profit. We still need military and law enforcement to be armed, but they don’t need to be armed with weapons manufactured by religious institutions or capitalist. Only the government should manufacturer guns. There should be no profit in gun or weapon manufacturing. The government should take over all of the weapons manufacturing industry. The military industrial complex, has been causing all the wars because it is a for-profit business. This should be illegal. This makes all wars biased because of profit. People are voting for war, not because it’s right or just, but because of how much profit they are going to make by the war. I used to work at a factory that made weapons and we all voted for war, because it meant over time and more money. We didn’t vote for the war because we thought it was a just war. There are over 3 ½ million people who work for the military-industrial complex, who will vote for war, just because it means overtime and bigger paychecks for themselves. It doesn’t even matter how unjust the War they vote for is.

This is the Timothean agenda.

1. There should be a worldwide ban on guns except for military and law enforcement.

2. Only the government should manufacturer guns. There should be no for-profit weapons making industry.

3. All government made bullets must be numbered to prevent corrupt cops and military personnel. In 2009 I invented a bullet numbering system, you can find my video on CNN ireport. Gun owners are premeditated first-degree murderers and although I don’t believe in the death penalty, as long as we have death penalty, it should be the death penalty for being in possession of a lethal weapon. You can’t change a premeditated first-degree murderer into a non-premeditated first-degree murderer. There is no statute of limitations on murder, because there is no cure for a murderer.

4. Tear down all borders and give all of our enemies a chance to get their day in court. Stop throwing out lawsuits claiming they are frivolous. A Mentally ill woman was blinded by the makers of Drano. Drano should have been sued out of business. They sold their product to a mentally ill person and you can’t blame the mentally ill. They knew there was mentally ill people in the world and they created a product that could blind them. Capitalism, is where you allow a company that knows how to keep their product out of the mentally ill hands, succeeds and the ones who don’t, get sued out of business.

5. Stop businesses from blaming the victims of their product. Tobacco companies blame the smokers for their own deaths. Johnson the maker of Drano blames the mentally ill if their product makes people blind. The automobile companies are still blaming drunk drivers when alcohol was here thousands years before they ever invented the automobile. We all know the cause of traffic fatalities is the speed of the automobile. If cars only went 10 mph even drunk drivers would not be killed by them. Furthermore anyone who refuses to lower the speed limit to 10 mph, is a premeditated first-degree murderer. They know it’s the speed of the automobile that kills people, not the drivers.

6. Take down all borders. You can’t stop terrorist by putting up walls. They will only build Trojan horses, that are 10 times worse than giving them a day in court. Furthermore it’s unconstitutional, to treat others differently, than you would treat your own children. God’s Spirit lives inside all human beings. Even though some people seem to be evil, believe me the Zionist are 1000 times more evil, than the people who they are blaming for the terrorist attacks. For not only did they do that attack, their blaming someone else for it, without giving them a day in court to be proven guilty in a court of law. You can’t get you many more evil than that. Is this America or not? Is the Constitution still valid or not? If the Constitution is still valid, than IsIs is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and I would not take IsIs to court yet. Because the Zionist did the Paris attack and you can’t charge two people for the same crime. If you charge IsIs, you can’t charge Zionist and they know it, they created the laws. This is how George Zimmerman got away with premeditated first-degree murder. George Zimmerman did not actually pull the trigger. The Zionist Ku Klux Klan cop, his buddy, first officer to arrive on the scene pulled the trigger. Or maybe it was one of the other neighborhood watchmen. But this is how the corrupt cops work, according to a movie I watched. There is an initiation into the blue code of silence, that is just like the initiation into a motorcycle gang or the hazing at a college fraternity. To get into the blue code of silence, you must kill someone in self-defense. The trick is you don’t have to actually pull the trigger, you just have to admit you pulled the trigger. It is your partner that pulls the trigger and kills the person, you simply claim responsibility, but say it was self-defense. Because you did not actually pull the trigger, you can pass any lie detector tests and any kind of scrutiny of an interrogation. This is why you can never break George Zimmerman down to confess that he killed Traveon Martin. He didn’t actually shoot Travon Martin, his cop buddy did. He’s only claiming that he shot Travon Martin in self-defense, to help his buddy get away with premeditated first-degree white on black Ku Klux Klan hate crime.

This is how it worked in the movie. This is the initiation into the blue code of silence. They now have something on you in case you try to tell the truth. It does not mean George Zimmerman is innocent of premeditated first-degree murder, because he did not do the shooting. George Zimmerman is guilty of premeditated first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, because he is in on it. He helped his buddy get away with murder, by claiming he was the guy who shot the gun. This is why he was so calm and didn’t look like a murderer. This is how he passed all the lie detector test. This is how he passed all police interrogations and news interviews. He didn’t actually do the shooting, his buddy did. The blue code of silence initiation of corrupt cops, they will do anything for each other even go to prison for the other guy. If your partner shoots someone, you will confess you did the shooting for him. Once you are charged, your partner can never be charged. They cannot charge two people for the same crime. This is the law that Zionist made and it must be changed because it has been helping them get away with premeditated murder for 5000 years. This is a loophole that lets murderers get away with murder by having one of their blue code of silence buddies confess to the crime.

7. Change the law so that two people can be charged with the same crime, when one person admits to the crime, to help his buddy get away with murder. There was a serial killer who got away with murder because a homeless man confessed to the crime to get out of the cold. That’s not justice.


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