The Practice of Medicine Is a Scam, ObamaCare, January 7, 2017.

Okay I am sorry, I thought this was going to be a short video and it turned into a long rant. But youíre going to learn a lot if you listen to the whole thing. I change subjects several times from the Bible, to Obama care, to toxic mold, to health insurance not being free, it comes out of your paycheck, to the subject of rich people actually getting worse medical treatment than the poor, to a dream I had about nuclear war and a dream where God came to me and what he said or didnít say. Yes it should open your eyes, grasshopper. Stay tuned and open your eyes and ears. Itís not just Obama care. The practice of medicine itself, is a scam and it always has been. In my book I taught that all people die in the hands of doctors. Itís very possible that the practice of medicine is the cause of death. The practice of medicine is the cause of mortality. The practice of medicine is not just Satanism or created by the devil, it was created by God to prevent people who were not worthy from becoming immortal. Itís like bizarro world on the Seinfeld show. Doctors are not there to heal people, they are there to guarantee people grow old and die. In the book of Genesis, God had put two trees. We have all heard of the tree of knowledge, but they seldom teach you about the tree of life that God had planted in the Garden of Eden. The tree of knowledge leads to death and the tree of life gives immortality. But what if the people who are evil scum, take from the tree of life and become immortal? This canít happen. We donít want these evil scumbag rich people, atheist, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, people claiming to know God, when they havenít even seen him, to become immortal. So God had put cherubim and seraphim in the Garden of Eden, to protect the tree of life. Make sure none of these idiots, none of these morons, none of these gun owners, none of these business owners, none of the people who pollute the water, pollute the air, none of people who claim to own land, gold, silver, oil or Godís diamonds, from becoming immortal. Everything belongs to God. Anyone who claims they can own something that belongs to God, by getting a job, is not worthy of becoming immortal. So they have to be blocked from taking from the tree of life. Thatís why the practice of medicine was invented. All people die in the hands of doctors. Now the only way to save your life, is try to make sure that youíre not covered by medical insurance. When you get to the book of Job, which is spelled the same way as job, God tells Job that mortals are stupid. They die for morning to evening without anyone even regarding it. No one even questions mortality. Death has become an acceptable way of life. Death is acceptable. Death has become natural. Death has become normal. Death is just a normal way of life. We live, we die and the people think this is normal. God thinks that people who think like that are stupid idiots. You are a fool if you accepted death as a normal way of life. God does not appear to fools.

I had a dream a few weeks back that I didnít make a video of because I was ashamed of myself. I had a dream where God came to me. Was sort of a awkward moment. I stood before God and I felt comfortable with myself. I felt so good as if God was going to give me some kind of reward. As if God had some kind of message for me to give to the world. So I stood silent before God waiting for him to give me a message. God is standing there and Iím standing there waiting for God to tell me something. After about fifteen seconds, God disappears. God was waiting for me to tell him something. God was waiting for me to ask him something. And I felt ashamed because I thought he had something to tell me. I blew my chance. I could have asked him what we had to do to achieve immortality, but I blew it. I couldíve asked him anything, but I was waiting for him to tell me something, as if he had something to say to me. As if he needed me for something. Did I do good, did I do bad, I donít know. But all I can say is donít make the same mistake I made. Have your list of questions ready for when God appears. But first thing you should do, is read all you can and find all the answers you can first, so that you donít have a long list of questions.

When we get to the New Testament, we see some sayings of Jesus that doesnít match Christianity at all. Jesus said, ďverily, verily I say to you, if you do not believe I am he, you will die in your sinsĒ. What did Jesus mean when he said, ďI am heĒ. That he was the Messiah? No, that he was God. The Jews stoned Jesus because Jesus claimed to be God. When doubting Thomas, did not believe who Jesus was, Jesus said, ď thrust your hand into my sideĒ. When doubting Thomas, thrust his hand into Jesus side, Thomas said, ďmy Lord and my GodĒ. Thomas was no longer doubting, he knew Jesus was God and he even said it to Jesusís face. Jesus did not reprove him and say, ďno Iím not God Iím just a mortal man MessiahĒ. The Christians will still claim doubting Thomas was the least of the twelve apostles, but Thomas was the greatest of the twelve apostles. Heís the only one in the Bible that believed Jesus was God. Now we also find the gospel of Thomas in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The gospel of Thomas, is the only book that talks about immortality. He who hears the words of Thomas will never taste death. The gospel of Thomas was all about teaching people how to become immortal. The new testament also has a verse that Jesus says, that you never hear in church. Jesus said, ďthose who believe in me, will never dieĒ. And the reason why you never hear this in church, is because all Christians die in their sins. The reason why they die in their sins, is because the Bible says the penalty for sin is death and all Christians are sinners. They demoted Jesus down to a Messiah. They donít believe Jesus is God. They try to make God into a mortal man. They even tried a make God into this seed of Joseph.

The explanation of why we have not become immortal is very clear in the New Testament. The lawyers have taken the keys to the kingdom of God and they hidden them. So that not only do the lawyers not enter into the kingdom of God, they hinder other people from entering into the kingdom of God. Itís not only religion that hides the keys to the kingdom, hides the keys to immortality, hides the path to the tree of life, itís the lawyers and the doctors.

The practice of medicine was invented by snake oil salesman. Health insurance is another scam worse then Mafia racketeering. The practice of medicine is a worse racket than collecting taxes off of Godís land. Everybody complains that the government takes taxes out of their paycheck. People are so brainwashed and manipulated by the practice of medicine, that they donít care that this health insurance racket, takes twice as much money out of their paycheck. They donít even see the money coming out of their paycheck, because they are brainwashed and manipulated into believing health care is free. I talked to a vigilante biker in a bar and he tells me how Obama care doesnít bother him, because his health care is free. He claims his company is paying for the healthcare. The company that you work for is not paying for your healthcare, anymore than, ďthe manĒ is paying for the things the criminal steals at Walmart. When the criminal steals at Walmart, it comes out of your pocket, not the owner of Walmart. When your company pays for your healthcare, itís coming out of your paycheck, not theirs. Youíre only brainwashed and manipulated into believing the government is forcing them to pay. But believe me, the reason why youíre not making fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage, the reason why youíre not getting that raise, is because your company is paying for your health insurance. The company you work for, includes what they pay for your healthcare insurance, as part of your wages. When the automobile unions wanted to get raises for their members, the automobile companies said, ďwe are already paying your members $45 an hour. The automobile employees said, ďwe are not making anywhere near $45 dollars an hour. The automobile companies said ďoh yes, with healthcare insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and benefits we are paying you $45 dollars an hourĒ. Believe me there is not a business in the world that doesnít include your healthcare and dental insurance as part of your wages. Thatís why youíre not getting that raise. Thatís why youíre making less than fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage.

When we talk about medical reform. We want truth in medicine. We donít want businesses to be forced to pay for medical insurance and brainwashed their employees into believing the medical insurance is free. We want employees to know that they are paying for their medical insurance. Just like employees know that they are having taxes deducted from their paycheck, employees need to know that medical insurance is coming out of their paychecks, not the business that they work for. We want businesses to give the money they pay in health and dental insurance to the employees and have it deducted from their paycheck, so that the employees are not brainwashed into believing healthcare is free. This is why healthcare cost has skyrocketed so much. People believe healthcare is free. Theyíre not educated to the fact that they are paying for the healthcare. Just like you pay more for products when the thief steals at Walmart, you pay more for health care, when that guy gets that unneeded MRI.

When my doctor gave me a lung function test, and I didnít want to take because it cost fifteen hundred dollars and would probably damage my health breathing into a machine all the other sick people were breathing into. People wondered why I didnít want to take it, because it was free. It wasnít free, you paid it with your insurance premiums. Donít be brainwashed into believing healthcare is free. Donít be brainwashed into believing that MRI, that lung function test, all those other test the doctor gives you, are free. Theyíre not free. You are paying for them, other people are paying for them. Youíre paying for them in your healthcare insurance premiums and those premiums are deducted from your paycheck. Even though the practice of medicine is such a scam, you donít see that money coming out of your paycheck, like you do your taxes. This is what needs to change. Every business owner needs to put it on their employees paycheck, what they paid in medical insurance, that came right out of the employees pockets.

Believe me, you would not get that MRI if you had to pay the four thousand dollars for it. My doctor sent me to get a four thousand dollar MRI. I was brainwashed into getting the MRI. I believe this was the greatest test in the world, because of the money the people who own these machines have spent to brainwash people. I thought this was a non-evasive test, that printed out your disease on paper. Nothing shows up on that MRI. Not only that, itís not nonevasive. They put toxic radioactive dyes into your body to take the MRI. Those radioactive dyes are probably ten times worse to your health than the disease that you have. My doctor sent me to get the MRI because I lived in a toxic mold house and he wanted to see if it did any internal damage. When they put me inside that MRI machine, I seen more visible toxic mold inside the machine, then I seen in my house. I didnít see any mold in my house. The mold in my house was discovered from taking air test. The mold was hidden in the ceilings and walls. The mold was underneath the roof shingles and the floorboards. I had people look into my house and they wanted to buy it because even after I told him that he had toxic mold they couldnít find any. The only way to find that mold was to do air sampling test. Thatís because you clean your house once a week and you clean the mold before it becomes visible. But the mold was in the air. The mold showed up in the air sampling test. The mold was in my ears, in my eyes and in my lungs. I was sick. My insurance only covered ninety percent of that four thousand dollar MRI and I had to pay four hundred dollars out of my pocket. That MRI was not only not worth the four thousand dollars, it wasnít worth the four hundred dollars. In fact the damage they did to me with a radioactive dyes and the toxic mold inside the machine, not to mention what other kind of diseases people had that were inside that tunnel, breathing, coughing, sneezing leave and their germs disease and bacteria inside the machine. Which they never clean that machine even after someone with a contagious disease used. They donít care if other people get sick by using their machine. That just means more money for them. They claim they need to charge four thousand for the MRI because the machine cost two million dollars. The people who owned that machine need to pay me twenty million dollars for the psychological damage itself, that the machine did to me because I was getting the MRI because of a toxic mold house and there was more visible black mold inside the MRI machine itself, then there was in my home. Thereís no air circulation inside the MRI machine. I could not breathe in that machine, because there was no air. I suggested they put a fan in it. The guy said you canít put a fan because that would disturb the MRI image. So thereís no circulation and people are breathing steam out of their mouths, warm moisture that is causing germs and bacteria to multiply inside the machine. That machine is less than six inches in front of your mouth. Your breathing on it and so is every other sick person that was in that machine. There was at least a hundred people in that machine within forty-eight hours of my being in it. They had this MRI machine plugged in outside the hospital and they ran it twenty-four seven. It was just a money making machine for the people who own it. And all those millions of dollars made on that MRI machine are used to buy lobbyist and propaganda to brainwashed people into believing this is the greatest machine in the world. Everybody who had an MRI deserves to get paid twenty million dollars for being brainwashed by the inventor of that machine. Youíre probably sick because you had an MRI. You had the toxic radio active dyes injected into your system. If you had MRI and now that radiation is inside your bones forever. You will never be cured from the MRI you had. I will never get over the psychological damage of being trapped inside the machine for four hours breathing in the toxic mold that was six inches in front of my face. The only reason why was getting the MRI, because I lived in a toxic mold house and there was more mold inside the machine. The practice of medicine is such a scam that you can Not even get one doctor to testify against another doctor. You canít get one hospital to testify against another hospital. You canít find any doctors, psychiatrist or hospitals that will testify on your behalf the damage done to you by other doctors and hospitals. You have to trust in God for nuclear war.

That was the dream that I had couple nights ago. I dreamed of a nuclear war. In the dream we seen black smoke in the sky. The smoke seem to be circling. There was something in the sky and we were trying to figure out what it was. Everybody was looking up. The smoke was circling like birds. Then out of the smoke, we seen a rocket shoot towards the ground. When we seen the mushroom cloud we knew they were nuclear weapons. Then we turned around to run the other way. But when we turned around, there was mushroom clouds behind us and fire to the right and to the left. There was nowhere to run to. Fire, smoke and mushroom clouds were all around us. And I knew why we were going to have a nuclear war. Because even the rich are subject to the scam of the medical system. The medical system racket makes the most money off the rich people. The medical system is got the rich people by the balls. The richer you are, like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, the more likely are going to be scammed by the medical system. More likely youíre going to be killed by the medical system. You canít escape the medical system. Even if you quit your job Obama care, is going to trap you into the medical system and they are going to kill you if you donít kill them first. Some people are claiming that only the rich people get good medical care. But itís the rich people that are scamed the most by the medical system. Itís the rich people that are most likely going to be brainwashed into believing they need a new liver transplant, like Steve Jobs or goober on Andy Griffith. Oh heís got money, we can sell him a liver transplant. Some idiot on twitter said doctors saved her daughterís life because she had cancer. Do you have any proof yoiur daughter had cancer? Daughter probably never had cancer the medical system simply sold her cancer treatments. The entire AIDS epidemic was a complete scam all the way around from healthcare insurance, to life insurance. They were telling these people they were going to die if they didnít get AIDS treatment and these people were spending millions looking for a cure to a disease that were never going to die of. They were scammed by the medical system and even investors were scammed into buying life insurance for these people who were never going to die anyway. Cancer itself is a scam. I hear so many conspiracy theories about cancer that they will never find a cure, because theyíre making too much money looking for a cure. That Darwinís evolution would have cured cancer, if they just stop looking for a cure. Evolution will obsolete cancer in a hundred years, if we just stop going to doctors and thatís according to a atheist. Most religions donít even believe in the practice of medicine. Jehovahís Witnesses would rather die than go to a doctor. But itís far worse than that because youíre more likely to die by going to a doctor then to die from any disease. And that is a fact that hospitals are admitting to. Over a hundred thousand people a year die by medical mistakes and those are just the mistakes. They donít consider it a mistake if youíre getting surgery and you die during the surgery. They only consider it a medical mistake, if they were supposed to remove your gallbladder and they accidentally removed your liver instead. They only considered a medical mistake if they were supposed to give you antibiotics and they injected you with a deadly virus. And if you fools think Obama care is going to prevent doctors and hospitals from canceling your medical insurance when you are permanently sick and have medical bills in the millions, your only fooling yourself. Because when you cost hospitals and doctors money, they are going to kill you by a medical mistake, wink, wink. Youíre not going to run up millions of dollars worth of medical bills when youíre sick. They would have canceled your insurance when you were sick, but now with Obama care, theyíre going to kill you when you get sick. If you donít believe that, you are a fool. The practice of medicine kills sixty million infants a year by abortion and uses criminally insane rationalization, that they werenít human and so itís not murder. Itís the Same criminal rationalization the Ku Klux Klan clan uses to kill black people. Itís the same criminal rationalization on Adolf Hitler used to legally kill the Jews. If theyíre not human, then itís not murder to kill them. Thatís exactly how they rationalize killing over sixty million helpless infants by the way of abortion. And you are going to these baby killing psychopaths, thinking theyíre going to save your life? The practice of medicine is going to kill you and it doesnít matter how much money you have. In fact the richer you are, the more likely hospitals are going to kill you for your money, that theyíre going to make off of the operations, expensive unnecessary test and treatments. Just take one look at Steve Jobs and you know he was murdered by the practice of medicine, because he had so much money to give them. And donít worry, no matter how much money you have, youíre never going to find a doctor that will testify against the doctors and hospitals that killed Steve Jobs, so they could make money off of medical treatments, expensive test and operations. I was brainwashed into believing that the more money you had the better health care you would get. So I talked to my sister who knew some rich people out in Novi Michigan. Thatís where all the rich people live. She gave me the name of a doctor or other rich people go to. This guyís been on TV heís the experts that all the news channels use. He is supposed to be supposed to be the mold expert of the world, well or at least Michigan. I even talked to one of his patients who told me this doctor gave her a million-dollar workup. She had a million dollars worth of tests given to her. MRIs, lung function test, CAT scans, no matter what symptom you had, this guy sent you to an expert on that symptom. Some of my mold symptoms, a skin rash. He sent me to a dermatologist. He gave me a prescription to see ten different doctors for different symptoms that the mold had caused. Many of these doctors I didnít even bother going to. That dermatologist wanted three hundred fifty dollars a visit and my insurance wouldnít cover it. Ironically, this doctor sent me to every specialist except an allergist, which was the doctor you need to see if youíre suffering from mold exposure. This was considered to be the greatest Doctor in the world by rich people and I thought he was a complete idiot.

In fact I discovered on my own that I needed to see an allergist because of my exposer to mold. The government claims mold isnít even toxic, itís only toxic if youíre allergic to it. Well all mold is toxic. What happens is the more youíre exposed to it, you become allergic to it. So although technically mold isnít toxic, itís only non-toxic in small amounts. Everything is toxic in large amounts even water. A woman died on a radio show because she drank too much water in a contest. If you drink too much water it washes out all the salts minerals and vitamins and you die. People who work at pizzaís parlors become allergic to the flour. People who are alcoholics sometimes become allergic to alcohol from over exposure.

This is what happens when you live in a moldy house. You might be fine the first couple of years, but the longer the exposure, the more toxic that house becomes. To the point where you canít even go near the house. Your immune system just canít handle any more mold. So if youíre rich and you got money, the more likely doctors are going to tell you that you have cancer. The more money you have, the more likely doctors are going to tell you that you have AIDS and youíre going to die if you donít purchase the cure. The more likely doctors are going to tell you need a liver transplant, because you got the money to buy one. Only the rich will get heart transplants. But the irony is, the rich are less likely to need a heart or liver transplant.

The practice of medicine loves to sell these expensive treatments to religious nuts. Because these religious nuts can raise the money for a heart or liver transplant. Only the religious nuts can get enough people together to raise money for one of those expensive bone marrow transplants that nobody needs. There arenít any good doctors. Well I did meet one good Doctor, but he was no longer a doctor. He used to be a doctor until he discovered that he couldnít save a life. Thatís when he decided to give up the practice of medicine and become a preacher. He gave up the practice of medicine when he realized it was a scam that did more harm than it did good.

There is absolutely no ethics in the practice of medicine. When you go to the doctor and he tells you need an x-ray, you need a MRI, you need a EKG, you need a lung function test, you need a colonoscopy, you need a mammogram, what he is really saying, is that he owns these machines and he makes more money when you get these test. Nobody seems to see the conflict of interest. Nobody seems to see how evil this is.

And my message to rich people is this. People like Donald Trump, people like Mister wonderful on the shark tank. If youíre going to make your money conning and scamming people, you got to be completely delusional, if you donít think youíre not going to be conned and scammed by the medical system. Jobs are not only slavery and a crime against humanity, thereís no one in the world that understands this better, than a doctor. Doctors went to school for years, spent thousands being educated, worked long hours, are on call twenty-four seven, for just a few hundred thousand dollars a year. And you walk into that doctorís office, with your billions of dollars, which you spent no money being educated, because you got your wealth from your parents and you donít think that doctor is going to scam you, by telling you that you have cancer, telling you that you got AIDS, telling you that you need a liver transplant, telling you to need these expensive treatments or test, then you are insane. Furthermore, if youíre getting that expensive MRI, thinking that itís not evasive and such a miracle machine, you are more diluted than the alcoholic losing his money in your gambling casinos. Youíre getting that MRI because the doctor either owns the MRI machine or his budy owns it and heís getting a percentage. Itís the same with pharmaceutical drugs. Either the doctor owns the patent on the medicine, his buddy owns the patent on the medicine or heís getting a cut of the money. Heís getting bribes, pay off, perks and vacations from the pharmaceutical companies. Thatís why youíre getting the prescription.

My message to politicians and lawmakers. The people on twitter supporting Obama care are not the poor people who are benefitting from it. The people who are poor enough to get free Obama care, cannot afford computers or Internet access. The people on twitter supporting Obama care are the people who own stock in the insurance companies. The people on twitter supporting Obama care are the people who own stock in hospitals. The people supporting Obama care are the people who are profiting the most from Obama care. The people supporting Obama care are the religious organizations and motorcycle gangs who are profiting off of Obama care. Thatís right, motorcycle gangs tell their members to go on twitter and support Obama care because they are profiting from it. They are either selling medical supplies, medical insurance, or are somehow profiting by Obama care. Perhaps just by the prescription medication that the poor people get and the bikers can resell on the black market. The religious people are supporting Obama care, because religions profit off of these insurance companies. Many times these religious groups by stock in these insurance companies and hospitals. The preachers not only teach about God, they teach their congregation what stocks and hospitals to invest in and then they tell their congregation to go on twitter and support the investment, they are teaching their congregation to invest in. This is why thousands of people from religious groups and biker gangs are on twitter supporting Obama care.

If you are a politician and want to know what people think about Obama care, call up the ten million people who did not pay the fine for not having Obama care the first year. Call up the ten million people who owe the two hundred dollar fine for not signing up for Obama care the second year. Call up the ten million people who are going to over the fine for not signing up for Obama care the third year. You wonít read their tweets on Twitter because they not only canít afford Obama care, they canít afford the fine, they canít afford a computer and they canít afford Internet access. So they are not on twitter telling you what they think about Obama care. Many of them canít even afford a telephone and thatís why theyíre not calling you up to tell you what they think about Obama care. Iím on twitter and I see all these people saying call your Congressman call this number and none of the people who canít afford Obama care are going to call those numbers, because they do not have telephones, Internet access or computers. So wake up and stop listening to the people who are profiting off of Obama care, of what they think about Obama care. Because everyone who own stock in an insurance company, everyone who own stock in a hospital, everyone who own stock in pharmaceutical drugs, everyone whoís going to profit off the medical system, is going to support Obama care. But none of the people who are against Obama care are going to tell you about it, because they canít afford the telephones, computers and Internet access. They canít even afford a postage stamp, to send to you a letter telling you what a scam Obama care is. And I can make another video telling my stories about the treatment I got on Obama care, but I know you donít want to hear them. I already made those videos. All about how the people on Obama care are simply guinea pigs for new doctors to practice on before they operate on the rich. Every doctor I went to on Obama care came fresh out of school with no experience whatsoever. I had to educate my doctors. Obama care is not even worth free. I donít care if someone else pays for it, I donít want Obama care. Iím not going to be a guinea pig for the rich, who are ironically being scammed by the same medical system. In fact if you want the poor people to be guinea pigs on Obama care than the rich should be paying every person who has Obama care a million dollars a month. And were going to sue to make sure everyone who is on Obama care gets the million dollars a month for every month they were on it for being a guinea pig. Every person knows that people on Obama care is guinea pigs for the rich.


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