Power of The Holy People III, March 6, 2011.

We all know that the devil tries to take away the power of the holy people by labeling them crazy or insane. They will even try to use drugs to take away their power. Another way the devil takes away your power is by preventing you from hearing the miracles or supernatural abilities of God. If we didnít see or hear about our bosses ability to drill through hardened steel with a ordinary drill bit, no one would be able to do it even until today, in that shop.

We heard about some of Jesusís miracles in the Bible. His abilities to feed 5000 people with one loaf of bread. To turn water into wine. To raise Lazarus from the dead. Amazingly after these miracles Jesus asked Luke, ďwho do you say that I amĒ. Luke said, ďsome say you are a prophet, some say you are Elijah.Ē But Jesus said, ďbut, whom do you say, that I am?Ē And Luke said, ďyou are like the son of GodĒ. Jesus was amazed at his disbelief. Jesus had just raised the dead, fed 5000 with one loaf of bread and Luke still does not believe Jesus is God. But Luke is one of Jesusís top apostles. So Jesus has to go with what Luke believes as the standard for that generation. So many of Jesusís miracles did not even make it into the Bible, because of disbelief.

From the lost books of the Bible and forgotten books of Eden Jesus made a bird out of clay, clapped his hands and the bird came to life and flew away. Nobody believed Jesus could do this, so it never went into the Bible. A apostle accidentally dropped some keys into the sea. Jesus told the apostle to take a piece of wood that floated and throw it into the sea. The wood sank and the keys floated. The apostle was able to retrieve his keys. But even this miracle was like science. For every action thereís an equal and opposite reaction. Why didnít Jesus just make the keys float without using a piece of wood? I call it deferance, because it is the will of God.

I witnessed many miracles, that I never seen written in any books. Someone wanted me to write about the Jehovah witnesses, but Iíve only studied with them for one day. Back in 1989 some Jehovah witnesses came to my door. I had some questions about the Bible, Iíve only been reading it for a short time. So they, a guy and his girlfriend, invited me over to their apartment to study. When I got to their apartment I noticed several empty bottles of whiskey and vodka by their recycle bin. I havenít read much of the Bible, but the Bible very clear not to drink any strong drink. Nothing wrong with drinking a little wine but we are to refrain from strong drink and there is no argument about that in the Bible. But anyway I had some questions about the book of Daniel.

The book of Daniel doesnít make too much sense to me, because itís all talking about the king of the north and the king of the south and itís not given any names. So itís not making much sense. But in her Bible, she has the names of all these end time political leaders and dictators. Their names are written in pencil and pen as side notes. The Jehovah witnesses sit at a sermon, they take notes that their pastors tell them who these kings are and they write them down in pencil or pen in their Bibles.

I want to know who these political leaders are and I ask her. She starts telling me and I canít hear a word she is saying. So I say what? She tells me again and I still canít hear a word sheís saying. God is supernaturally blocking my ears. Her Bible is sideways to me. So I can see the names written in her Bible but I canít read them, because itís sideways. So I ask her if I could look at her Bible. As I turned her Bible towards me, the words she had written in pen and pencil disappeared from the page. I seen the names but I wasnít able to read them and when I looked closer they disappeared. She was looking at the Bible whole time, but she did not see this miracle. I then returned her Bible back to her and I see the words in pen and pencil reappear.

God had just performed the most amazing miracle I have ever read or heard about, right under their noses and they didnít even notice it. I went with them to one Church service and I donít remember a thing the preacher taught. The only thing I remember was them wanting me to put some money in the collection box and it was my first visit and I didnít want to do it. In fact I didnít do it and they were not really interested in me coming to their church anymore. So I didnít go anymore. Not only was God not going to deceive me, he was not going to let these Jehovah witnesses deceive me either.

That wasnít the last time I witnessed print being supernaturally removed from the pages of the book. I wrote some stuff online in 1996 and God said, ďwhere is it written?Ē And I got the pseudopigrapha and opened it to the page where I got the quote and God removed that quote from the book. Then he removed it from my memory. So that now I donít even know what was written that he edited out. But he did not remove from my memory, the fact that he edited the book. In fact I remember that very clearly as he wanted to send a message, that even if the Devil changes the Bible to deceive us, he could change it back in a instant. So the devil could not change the Bible and so the devil decided to change the definition of the words in the Bible, to deceive people. So now to read the Bible, we need to learn the original definition of the words. Iíll talk more about that at another date.

You need to know about these miracles to fight against the devil. If the devil forces you to sign a confession to a crime that you did not commit, you have to know how to petition God for a solution. You have to know what to ask God. If you know God can remove writing from a document, you can ask God to remove your signature from the confession. The judge and prosecutor might believe youíre insane if you believe God can remove your signature, but they will have to admit that either God removed it or you did not sign it and therefore youíre not guilty.

People would wonder if they were insane so they would come to me and they would ask me to explain unexplainable events. I was at a bar in California and this guy told me he got in flight with another man at the bar. He remembers and several witnesses saw him punch a man in the eye. What he did not understand, is why he punched a man in the eye and the next morning he had a black eye. The man who got punched did not get the black eye, but the man who punched him, got the black-eye. The guy who got punched remembers getting punched but even he doesnít understand why he does not have the black eye. So I asked him what he was thinking when he got punched in the eye. He said, I didnít think it was fair. Why should I suffer for what someone else did. Why should this guy who punched me not suffer at all? This thought was dialogue with God. God had agreed that the guy who got punched did not deserve a black eye, the guy who punched him deserves a black eye. Although this is contrary to nature, when he petitioned God and God agreed, he was able to create what I call, ďdeferenceĒ. Like the saying, ďIím rubber and youíre glue what you say to me bounces off and sticks to youĒ. But in this case even physical abuse can bounce off the victim and stick to the victimizer.

Some miracles we hear about in songs. Ozzy says about the last days that, ďrivers turn to wood, eyes melt into bloodĒ. When the power of the holy people spread, we will witness even more bizarre miracles than these.

Donald Trump will build a skyscraper knowing migrant slave workers will fall to their deaths building it. One day the migrant slave will fall off that skyscraper. And as he falls 100 floors, he will pray to God, ďwhy should I fall to my death, while Donald Trump shoves millions in profits up his anus?Ē And God will agree, this is not fair. God will supernaturally intervene and the slave will land safely on his feet. As the wood had to sink before the keys would float, the manís life can only be spared by deference. At the same time the man lands safely on his feet, Donald Trumpís daughter will be found splattered on the kitchen floor of her home, as if she fell 100 floors to her death.

A man will work in a factory and get his arm severed in a piece of machinery. They will pull the man out and his arm will seem uninjured. But they will see a severed arm in the machinery and that arm will belong to the factory owner. As Godís will, will be done. Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, limb for limb. No more free rides for industry or workers compensation. That factory owner, knew that if someone was injured in a piece of machinery, that the owner must suffer the injury. I donít care how much money that industry makes, they do not have enough money to pay a man for his injury. If you donít want to be injured, donít start a business.

Thereís going to be an explosion at oil refinery and a man covered with fuel will be burning. He will have dialogue with God, ďwhy should I burn, when this oil sheik is making billions?Ē God will agree. And he will come out of that fire without so much as the smell of smoke. And 10,000 miles away the rich oil sheik will be found sitting in this chair, burnt to a crisp. Without so much as any other furniture in his home suffering from fire.

And all the rich people will know this is their future. No longer will they say why donít God show us a miracle to prove his existence. No longer will they pay the preacher to lie to them.

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