Power of The Holy People II, March 4, 2011.

People didn’t seem to take me too seriously on the first power of the holy people video so I guess I will do a series on the subject. First let me tell you a story about faith and belief.

I worked as a tool maker in California. One day the boss came into the tool room and said he needed a hole drilled through this hardened steel. Every toolmaker said it could not be done and refused to do it. One said the drill would just make a bunch of squealing noises. Another said the drill would just get hot and smoke. Another said the drill would break.

The boss was furious and said he would do it himself. So he went over to the drill press and all the tool makers just stood around and watched him. He puts in the drill and pulls down on the handle of the drill press. The drill starts screeching and the toolmaker said, “see I told you”. Determined, he continues and the drill gets hot and starts smoking, he tries to cool it off with oil. The second toolmaker said, “I told it would get hot.” The boss continues drilling and the drill bit breaks. The third toolmaker says, “just as I said would happen, happened”.

Undetermined the boss gets another drill and continues drilling. The drill starts screeching, then starts smoking. He pours oil on it to cool it down and we start to see some small metal chips at the tip of the drill and we wonder if it is the drill bit that is deteriorating. But then we see the drill is slowly burrowing its way through the hardened steel. All of our jaws drop in disbelief. We didn’t think it could be done.

But now we all seen it done and we were determined to do it ourselves. We all tried to drill a hole through the hardened steel and only one toolmaker was successful. When we asked him how he did it, he did not know. He thought it was luck.

We finally broke down and asked the boss how he was able to drill through the hardened steel. And the boss said, “you can drill through hardened steel, if you use a harder steel”. And we all slapped our four heads, because it made so much sense. Why didn’t we think of that. And as soon as we realized it then we knew it would be even easier to drill through hardened steel if we used something like carbide, because that was much harder than hardened steel.

But this reminds me of the story of Jesus when he told people they could move mountains simply by speaking to them, if they only had faith. Thousands of years have passed by and no one is able to do this miracle that Jesus spoke of. Jesus said it could be done, but he didn’t give clear instructions on how exactly to do it.

But it seems as if even the religious people are not following the little instructions that he did give. They’re saying to a mountain in Jesus name be removed or God said be removed. They thought they had God’s name wrong and tried to say in the name of Jehovah or Allah be removed.

But Jesus said the mountain would obey your voice, your command. But he gives further instructions and says, “if the two of you, shall agree, on any one thing, it will be done”. And Jesus wasn’t talking about two Christians or two Jews. Jesus meant that if God the father and you, both agree on a thing, it will be done.

God wanted to destroy Sodom, but would not do it until he had a man agree with him, that it should be destroyed. So when Abraham agreed that if there was not 10 righteous in the city, then it was destroyed.

It was God’s will for the dry bones to come back to life, but only when Ezekiel spoke to them and Ezekiel agreed with God, did they come back to life. The flood of Noah would not have come, if Noah did not agree with God.

One might wonder what God needs Ezekiel, Noah or Abraham for. God judges no man. For even God knows, that it would be unjust for a all-powerful immortal God to judge a imperfect week mortal man.

The next word to look at here is agree. Agree always means there will be some kind of dialogue. Some kind of discussion. It’s like if you ask your mother for $50 and she agrees you should have $50, you know it’s only going to be after discussion. You know before you even ask, that she is going to want to know what you need to $50 for. And if it is not a very good reason, you’re not going to get the 50 bucks. So when you say to the aircraft carrier, be thou removed, you better be ready for dialogue with God. You’re going to have to talk him into it. He is not just going to obey your every whim. And he might not even give an answer of why he won’t do it. Just like mom.

I say to the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, to sink into the Red Sea. The aircraft carrier will not sink into the Red Sea unless God the father agrees that this evil warship should sink. Of course it will sink. How can it be possible for to be God’s will that this warship to be in existence. Every religious and holy book ever written, says that these war machines are the creation of the devil. The devil taught men how to work steel, copper, gold and all types of metal. Therefore anything created out of steel, copper, gold or tin is from the devil and it’s not God’s will for it to be in existence.

Any reason why it wouldn’t sink, falls into the category of doubt, disbelief or lack of faith. All of these doubts are planted by the devil. But there is another thing that I’ll get into later, repercussions or cause and effect, that might prevent God from calling that aircraft carrier out of existence. Let’s get back to the devil taking away people’s power.

Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert. The devil said, “if all things are possible with God, turn the stones into bread”. The devil seems to think that if God can do supernatural things, then he should do them for the benefit of the devil. If God can turn the stones into bread we can turn all the rock quarries where the slaves and prisoners work into bakeries and make millions. This is how the devil thinks. God is not going to turn the stone into bread for the benefit of the devil.

Another big way the devil destroys people’s faith is by claiming God is going to heal their job injuries so that industry can make billions of dollars and not have to pay for people’s injuries. The devil must think people are really stupid. The devil tried pulling over on me by claiming God should heal my job injury, so that workers compensation doesn’t have to pay me the $450 billion for my job injury. When people are injured on the job and God doesn’t heal their injuries, they tend to believe God can not do any miracles. But if they would only said, “let the judge suffers the $450 billion worth of pain I suffered, they would see a miracle and they would see the judge screaming out $450 billion worth of pain, by a supernatural injury.

I just wish I had this knowledge and faith when I seen the workers compensation judge back in 1993. The devil is so evil he believes that if a man is injured on the job that the injured man’s family should pay for his medical injuries and care and should not cut into his profit. And they learn this at the devil’s church. He gave the Devils church 10% of his income and now he believes the family of the injured workers should support the injured worker. God will not heal your job injury to save workers compensation or industry a penny. And if you’re injured on the job you should not live off your family’s income. You would be better off spending your life in prison for killing that factory owner or workers compensation judge, then putting a burden on your family. I could talk more about this later.

God is not going to destroy one countries warships, so another country can rule the world. God is not going to destroy China’s, Japan’s or rushes aircraft carriers, so the United States can be the dictators of the world. God will sink the aircraft carriers that are going against his will and not for the benefit of some evil empire. So if you tried to sink one of Russia’s aircraft carriers by your voice and it didn’t work and you’re wondering why, when you think you have faith and you know it’s not God’s will for this warship to be in existence, you have to understand that God has to agree, on which warship is destroyed and when.

There’s no doubt my mind that in World War II, tanks, jets and ships were supernaturally sank or called out of existence by men of faith. But it wasn’t as if a holy pope decided this is a unjust war and decided to call some German U-boat out of existence. It happened more like the lady whose child was trapped under the car and in her state of shock and urgency lifted the car off the child without any thought of whether it could be done or not.

People were in war, they seen people killed to their left and people blown up to their right and they had no time to doubt whether God was going hear their voice. They knew at that moment in time, their life depended on that ship being called out of existence. And people witnessed this. Some of the witnesses did not believe in God and that’s why the Philadelphia experiment conspiracy exist. People actually believed the government had a weapon that would call ships out of existence.

But it was just some guy suffered from hypothermia in shock in the water, I who knew his life depended on that ship being called out of existence and God agreed.

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