Power of The Holy People, February 26, 2011

Jesus said, “if you have faith as small as a grain of mustard seed, you would say to this mountain, “be removed and cast into the sea” and the mountain would obey your voice.” Most people did not understand this passage or see its usefulness. Or they had no concept what faith was. A car fell upon a child and a woman lifted the car off the child with supernatural strength. The way people are able to do things like this, is the knowledge that it has to be done. The woman knew the car had to be lifted up off the child. She had no time to think about it and no time to doubt her strength.

If you know a thing has to be done and you have no doubt of God’s ability to do it, then you can say to an aircraft carrier, “be thou removed” and the aircraft carrier will be called out of existence, along with the 10,000 warmongers on it. The aircraft carrier will simply obey your voice. Because the same God who called the world into existence by his power, lives inside of you. The same energy that created the universe is inside you. The same energy that can call the universe into existence, can call the world out of existence.

These people in Libya who are afraid of the jets dropping bombs need to learn the power of God. If you know that jet has to be called out of existence, for your survival and you do not doubt that God has the love and power to do it, then it will be done.

There is a movie called, “the man with the power” that was on the outer limits. It’s a pretty good movie because there is a lot of truth in it. The message the movie puts out, is that man could have this power given to him by God, if he was able to control it.

Jesus said the end of the age will come about, when he shall have accomplished spreading the power of the holy people. By a supernatural act of God, the New World will be called into existence and the things that do harm like guns, tanks, jets, bombs, warships and armies will be called out of existence. This will be the New World order. The deserts will return to the Garden of Eden. As new Forest and vegetation will be called into existence.

What is amazing is the ignorance and evilness of the leaders in the United States. Several years ago I thought about calling the Pentagon out of existence. The leaders of this country know there’s a God and knows he has power to call the Pentagon out of existence, so they devised a propaganda plan. They were actually planning on shutting off the city of Washington DC and moving the Pentagon into a secret location. That way, when God called the Pentagon out of existence, they can continue deceiving the people by making them believe there is no God and it is the government that moved the Pentagon to a secret location. They were actually on TV telling people they were going to move the Pentagon. Of course they would have to kill all the people who saw the Pentagon disappear and brainwashed all those who wondered how the Pentagon was there one day and not there the next.

However, when the power of the holy people is scattered, thousands of ocean oil platforms can be called out of existence a day. So many that it will be impossible for the oil companies make a profit. So many war machines can be called out of existence, that the government will not have time to come up with propaganda plans, to explain them all disappearing. Furthermore the cost that they spent on these machines, will be for nothing. They will pay for the materials, pay for the labor, spend the time building them and they will Simply will be called out of existence. Without a penny of profit to the military industrial system. The marble and stone mansions that the rich will build will be called out of existence along with their children that lived in them and they paid the millions for them, for nothing. And if they plan on collecting insurance claims insurance institutions can be called out of existence just the same. The Supreme Court called out of existence along with the nine Supreme Court justices.

Everything belongs to God and he can do with it whatever he pleases and if he desires to call all warships out of existence, then that is the problem of those who spend time and money building them.

If the enemy is about to cross the bridge, called the bridge out of existence. If the enemy is sending tanks, ships, jets or soldiers into your territory, called them out of existence. If the enemy is building institutions, courts, jails, schools or churches, call them out of existence. If the enemy is building factories, industries, power plants, cities of delusions out of men’s blood, call them out of existence. The enemy is building streets, parking lots, subways or transportation systems, called them out of existence. They have no place in the Garden of Eden.

Man’s survival depends on them being called out of existence. Therefore, I want to see some people take their camera out, pointed at a institution or military machine and say, “be thou removed”. Say it with faith and the knowledge that the same God who called the universe into existence, lives inside of you. Then upload the video to YouTube so we all can see the power of God or so I can see you what you’re doing wrong. Because either you do not believe God lives inside you, you fear the power of God or you lack faith. There is no love in fear. There is no faith in fear. Therefore, do not fear.

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