Post on White House National Security YouTube page video, February 10, 2016.

There should be a minimum age of 18 to be on the Internet. Maybe even 21. Why are 14-year-old kids allowed on the Internet to be subject to pedophiles and Isis recruiters? I downloaded some adult social media apps and there’s all these 14-15-year-old kids on it next to a bunch of perverts. A 12-year-old girl was bullied on the Internet and committed suicide. There’s bullies in the world, there’s not much you can do about it, but keep 12-year-old girls off the Internet by arresting their parents for child neglect. The social media apps need to have a minimum age of 18 and companies CEOs like Facebook and YouTube need to be arrested for allowing underage kids to be on them. Get someone with common sense to work in homeland security. It seems the only reason why underage kids are allowed on the Internet, is so big business can sell them product and brainwash them, without any concern they might be subject to pedophiles, Isis recruiters or bullies. I’m 58 years old and I’m getting bullied on the Internet. I can’t imagine anyone subjecting their children to the same crap people are doing to me. Some of the biggest bullies are those who work in law enforcement. There needs to be a shift to love and understanding in law enforcement, away from prison punishment and torture. The real criminals are the business owners and the people that you’re throwing in prison are victims of big business. They are the victims of the alcohol companies. They are the victims of the legal medical marijuana industry. They are victims of car accidents who have become disabled and cannot work or even the victims of war, suffering posttraumatic stress. Rename prisons, they are outdated. Instead of telling people you’re going to throw them in prison to torture them, law enforcement needs to tell the so-called “criminals” which are really victims of big business, that you’re going to put them in a place to help them learn how to cope with society. The prisons should be changed into “Doctor Phil type” treatment centers. Because even telling people you’re going to help them by sending them to a mental hospital, sounds like torture and not love.

I hate to sound negative but your talk about cyber security, seems to be coming from the hate of free speech. Perhaps you need to teach people how to speak. How to express their feelings. Pete Santelli was arrested for terrorist threats, because he does not know how to speak. I had a psychiatrist tell me, that I can express my emotions, I can express my feelings on how, “I feel like, I want to smash somebody’s face with a brick”, and there is a difference between saying that and a threat of “I’m going to smash someone’s face with a brick”. Expressing one’s emotions or opinions, is covered by free speech and threats are not. However, people need to be taught how to do that. These gun nuts like Pete Santelli cannot tell the difference in that kind of speech, because they were not taught how to speak. Throwing Pete Santelli and his followers in a mental hospital or should I say ” treatment center” is going to show society that there is something wrong with these people and throwing them in prison, is only going to get people to join their cause. Someone has to be the man and come from a side of love, and you’re not going to get these gun nuts to do that, because you can’t fire them if they don’t. You can fire policeman and homeland security agents, who refuse to be a man and come from a side of love.

Mister Obama, I still think you should send the FBI to the governor of Texas, for those death threats he made against you, that are not covered by free speech. For he is a avid gun owner who said, “you just try to come over and take my lethal weapons and see what happens” that is not expressing his emotions, that is not expressing his opinion, that is in fact a death threat made against the president of the United States. It is a credible death threat because he owns guns.

If I was you, as a publicity stunt, I would announce I’m going to Texas to take the governor’s guns and I’m going to see just what he’s going to do about it. Otherwise it just makes you look like a pussy.

Send the FBI first, to find out exactly what he meant by what he said and if he says “I’m going to kill that N????” Have the FBI arrest him. However, if he says, “I will be given him my guns” have the FBI say, “that’s what we thought you were going to do, the president will be here Friday to get your guns”. If he gives you any threats of lawsuits or constitutional babble, about taking his guns, tell him you will press charges for the death threats he made against you. If he wants to take a mental insanity plea, he will not be able to legally or constitutionally, keep his guns. © Copyright ©1996-2016 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.