Possible Kidnaping Fraser Michigan, July 2, 2017.

So I go to my usual karaoke spot last night at about 9:30 PM. And I see this 20 inch Schwinn bicycle laying on the sidewalk in front of a cell phone store on the corner of 13 mile and Groesbeck. Itís not a residential area and it looks very suspicious that this bicycle, is just laying on the sidewalk. Itís almost brand-new Schwinn and thereís no damage to it, except the seat looks like itís been turned, as if some kid was just yanked off his bicycle and kidnapped. So I donít have a phone to report it to the police, but there is a Walgreens just behind the cell phone store and a drive up window. So I rode my bicycle up to the drive up window and let the guy in Walgreens know about this suspicious bicycle. The guy said he was too busy working to do anything about it and wanted me to go inside the store to find someone who wasnít busy. So I said Iím not going to go in the store, can you find somebody whoís not busy and he said he would let his manager know.

So I continue on my way to karaoke and I stay till 1 AM. Go to another karaoke spot a few blocks further down the road and stayed till 2 AM. On my way home the bicycle is still in the middle the sidewalk. So obviously the guy a Walgreens never called the police to report this suspicious bicycle. Obviously itís not a residential area, no kid just left his bicycle on the sidewalk. Either some kid was kidnapped off his bicycle or somebody stole the bicycle and decided it was too small to ride, so they just dropped it in the middle the sidewalk. It may have fallen off the back of the truck but I think there would be some damage to it if that happened. Anyways Iím surprised the bicycle is still there at 2 AM, because itís a nice Schwinn and thereís nobody around.

So this time I go inside Walgreens, because I still donít have a cell phone and Iím kind of mad that the guy never called the cops. So this time I tried to find the manager and itís 2 AM and Walgreens is dead, with just one customer so I asked an employee for the manager. He says in the back. I go to the back and thereís another employee and I ask are you the manager and they said no go over by the pharmacy. So I went over to the pharmacy and there was another employee, I asked them, ďare you the manager?Ē And theyíre not the manager either, but they say can I help you and I tell them that I came by earlier to report the suspicious bicycle nobody done anything and I think somebody should report it, and I donít have a phone. So she says oh yeah we will take care of it blah blah blah finger up the nose and I donít really think they did anything about it either. So by time I got home I thought should I call 911, itís not really emergency at this point, because if there was some kid kidnapped, heís already dead by now. Furthermore, I had a few beers at the bar probably not a good idea to call the cops at 2 AM.

Anyways I watched a bunch of these cop shows on escape TV and they say if you see a suspicious bicycle, just laying on the sidewalk or street, that you should report it to the police, because some kid couldíve just been kidnaped. Now if it was in a residential area, the kid mightíve just left his bicycle out in front of his house. But this was not a residential area and itís very suspicious for brand-new Schwinn bicycle, to just be laying in the sidewalk with its seat turned a little bit. This is not an adult bicycle. Itís a kids bicycle between the ages of eight and 14. Kind of a nice bike, Iím surprised in this area, that nobody stolen it yet. Heck I donít even have a Schwinn.

Maybe I shouldíve just looked around and wait for the guy with the camera to come out on that show, ďwhat would you do, if you found a kids bicycle just laying on the sidewalk in the middle of nowhere?Ē Donít shop at Walgreens, these people are ass holes. Probably even bigger ass holes, than the guy who will thumb down this video, of someone trying to solve a possible kidnaping.

My idea is to put security cameras everywhere. I donít think I should use security cameras to catch people who are jaywalking but they would be pretty handy in cases like this to find out how this brand-new Schwinn bicycle just ended up in the middle the sidewalk in the middle of a retail area. Couple weeks ago I was in a bar and the news media was showing video footage of criminals vandalizing a used car lot. The criminals were all massed and had gloves on but still I was excited at the idea that these guys were caught on video. The guy at the bar said security cameras are no good these guys got mask on and they got away with it. It was almost as if the guy was a criminal and the guy who was vandalizing the used-car lots. It doesnít matter if the criminals are wearing mask. If everybody gets security cameras, when the guys go down the street to take off their mask somebody else will get them on their security cameras taken off their mask and getting into the getaway car. I didnít want to say this to the guy at the bar because I knew he was a criminal and I canít wait for him to get caught. This is why I want all my neighbors to get security cameras to so that if somebody does break into my house with a mask on at 10:30 PM, we can check the neighbors camera down the street at 10:35 PM to see who came by without a mask on, because that is probably the guy was wearing a mask, when he was robbing my place. I wrote emails to Detroit saying security cameras everywhere is going to make Detroit safer and they just passed a new law, that all businesses must have security cameras. I think they are calling it operation green light or something like that. I donít know if the law went into effect yet, but if it did, then Walgreens and the cell phone store will have caught the Schwinn bicycle incident all on video. Across from the cell phone store, on the other side of Groesbeck is a Buscemi's and on other side of 13 mile is a gas station and across from that is a another business. All these businesses should have security cameras. And any one of them could have caught the bicycle incident on surveillance video. I seen the bicycle on the sidewalk just in front of the cell phone store on 13 mile and Grossbeck at 9:30 PM Saturday night July 1, 2017. If anyone of those businesses have security cameras check the video footage for that time. It could be nothing, but could be a possible kidnaping.


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