The Pope Is a Dope, February 19, 2016.

Zika virus is a curse from God for belonging to the wrong religion. It’s one of God’s judgments for the way people are living. He condemned Trump for a wall and forgot he lived in a walled city. He didn’t condemn the Supreme Court justices for the 60 million babies they murdered. The Pope is not a Christian. He’s not a follower of Jesus. He doesn’t do anything Jesus said or believe in anything Jesus believed in. The Pope should have condemned Trump for his greed, but the church is greedier than Trump. Now the Pope has his own private jet, it seems the Pope believes in the greedy teachings of Donald Trump. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the wrong religions. You have to read and study at least 100 books to become a Doctor. You cannot know God by reading one book. You can’t even know God by reading three books. If an atheist reads and studies the Bible, the New Testament, the Old Testament and the holy Quran, that doesn’t mean he knows God. It only means he knows religion. Furthermore, most atheist that read the Bible and the Quran, believe religious people are insane. God revealed to me over 350 books and 300 of them I have not even written yet. But you can’t even begin to know God, until after you read these 350 books. These 300 books I have yet to write are not for Christians, Jews or Muslims. They’ve already made the decision that everything they need to know about God is already written in “their book”.

I have books that will take us 200 years into the future. Books on medical reform. Books on prison reform. Books on the infrastructure of God’s kingdom. Books on the transportation system for the next 200 years. Books on electrical grid and how electricity will be delivered in the next 200 years. Books on space travel. Books on psychology. Books on addiction. Books on love and relationships. Books on mental illness. Books on the insanity of gun owners and the reason why there is crime in the world. I have books on the solution to Fukushima and Chernobyl. I can prove none of the Christians, Muslims or Jews know God, because if they did, they would know the solution to Fukushima and Chernobyl. They don’t even have the solution to drug abuse, murder, rape or crime. They have no clue how they are going to live in the next 10 years, let alone the next 200 years.

Information that I put out is dangerous, when it falls into the hands of these gun nuts and religious leaders, who have no clue of God’s will. Over 20 years ago I wrote books about welfare reform. How the welfare system was a joke like Cheech and Chong’s movie. When people kick their kids out of the house for tough love because they were smoking marijuana, the kids went down to the welfare office to get a check to pay for their drugs. I stopped that with drug testing at the welfare office. But when I convince people medical marijuana should be given to dying cancer patients, they made it legal for everybody so now the welfare office is given away medical marijuana to anyone who has restless leg syndrome.

The police are doing nothing but protecting the rich, they protect the child molesters and the murderers and the only people they throw in prison, is the poor and the victims of the rich. One guy told me about Russia. He said in Russia the karma is 15 minutes away. He said In the United States you have to wait for your next lifetime to get any justice. There wouldn’t of been any O.J. Simpson circus trial in Russia. O.J. Simpson would’ve been killed 15 minutes after he murdered Nicole. Jodi Arias would have been a hero in Russia, for killing the anal rapist.

The gunman Didarul Sarder of Warren, who broke the law by bringing a gun to work at the GM tech center, would have been thrown in prison, for breaking the law, rather then rewarded by Mafia thug Mayor James Fouts, for supporting the multibillion-dollar gun lobby. Didarul Sarder of Warren, did not save any woman’s life. He stood by with his gun and let this woman stab her mother several times when he could’ve simply grabbed her arm. This guy was a pussy, who could not grab a knife out of a little girls hand, as she stabbed her mother. So the guy stands there 20 feet away, with his gun, watching the little girl stab her mother, saying, “stop stabbing her, I have a gun” instead of simply grabbing the knife, which would have not only stopped the little girl from stabbing her mother, but would have saved her from getting all those stab wounds. If I was this woman, I would sue Didarul Sarder of Warren, for not grabbing the knife and just standing there with his gun saying, “stop, stop, stop”, while the woman was getting stabbed. What a fucken pussy with a gun. Link to that story below. Http:// .


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