Foreigners Make Policy in the United States, email to Obama January 2, 2016.

I get scam emails all the time from people trying to get my phone, name and address. Not enough information to open a credit card, but enough to write politicians to change policy. I tweet my pro-life opinion, under #PlannedParenthood and the people who are attacking my opinion, are not even from the United States. The same thing happen when I posted anti-gun opinions on Reddit. Foreigners have control of our social media and their making policy in the United States. Those pro-gun, pro-abortion, anti-carbon tax ideologies, sending you emails, letters and posting on social media are not even Americans. How is it possible foreigners are changing policy in the United States?

When I chat on social media, I want to know that I’m talking to a fellow American, not somebody in India or the UK, trying to change my opinion on who to vote for, in the next presidential election. Americans should elect American presidents not foreigners. My anti-abortion tweets, make such a good argument, that the enemy (Atheist) stated they would get Donald Trump elected, an acted as if they decided who was president. Is there anyway you can check emails, twitter tweets, Facebook and YouTube post, and letters to make sure they’re coming from Americans? And if they’re not from Americans why are politicians reading them to change policy? Many the people attacking me were atheist from the UK or Russia. Under the #PlannedParenthood I tweeted that there is no statue of limitations on murder and abortion was murder.

One guy tweeted back that he had dual citizenship in Russia as if Russian spies made abortion legal in America. If he’s got dual citizenship why is he allowed to tweet pro-choice propaganda on twitter in the United States? I’m all for free speech of Americans who make policy in America, but this seems like a foreign military group that is attacking my pro-life opinions. At least 6 people ganged up on me on twitter when I was talking about Christ. If you want to have a friendly chat that’s fine, but these gangs of atheist attacking people, something has to be done.


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