Who is policing the FBI? February 18, 2016.

Email to President Obama, February 18, 2016.

On the Doctor Phil show #familydenial, the FBI arrested Amanda’s stepdad, for child sexual abuse. Amanda said she was sexually abused since 10 years old and a gynecologist examined her to prove it. Doctor Phil and an FBI expert, did a polygraph proving Amanda was telling the truth. The stepfather went to prison because of Amanda’s story. However, the gynecologist was not charged with a crime for “failure to report” knowing a 10- 13-year-old girl was sexually abused. Everyone pointed the finger at the mother for being in denial, no one even questioned the gynecologist. Doctor Phil, the FBI and the gynecologist are more guilty of child sexual abuse for not arresting the gynecologist, then the mother in denial, that her husband sexually abused her child. Because they are not charging the gynecologist with a crime and the gynecologist is not going to prison. Mom’s being in denial is sometimes excusable, gynecologist have no excuse for being in denial, he needs to be in prison. Either the gynecologist, Doctor Phil and the FBI needs to go to prison or the stepfather needs to be set free. Critical thinker.

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