NYPD Italian Mafia Police State Propaganda, December 1, 2012.

OMG are people really buying this bullshit Italian Mafia police state propaganda? The cops are the criminals and this bullshit story proves it. Did anyone see the police state propaganda of the Italian Mafia New York city cop who bought a homeless man the $80 pair of shoes and the media has spent millions of dollars to promote it? I can’t believe people are so stupid. And then he puts the receipt for $80 in his bulletproof vest As if God will save him for doing a good deed, I'm surprised God doesn't strike him dead with lightning. I guess if the cops can afford to buy homeless men $80 dollars shoes, then taxpayers are paying them too much. I get my shoes at picway for $19.95.

I’m from a poor family and when I went to school my shoes fell apart because I had no boots. So I taped up my shoes and went to school with tape around them. The school knew we were poor with 10 kids and dad being a security guard, they bought me a new pair shoes. Before they began to boast about what great people they were on all the news channels, they found out the cheap shoes they bought me scuffed up the school floors and the same school that bought me the shoes, told me I couldn’t wear the shoes in school, because they’ve marked up their floors. So my parents had to go and buy me another pair of used shoes, from the Salvation Army for a quarter.

I’m going to go on these YouTube channels and all the people who bought this bullshit propaganda story, I’m going to harvest their YouTube channel names and put them on my blocklist. Anyone who believes this story has to be an idiot. The guy buys an $80 pairs shoes for a homeless and they’re spending millions to tell the world about it. The cops are only protecting the rich. This propaganda is just to prevent the 99% of the poor people from starting a revolution against the 1% of the rich, who were made rich by the Mafia in power. People should be angry at these people who are trying to deceive them. How many people can get 15 minutes of fame for $80. This guy’s got more than 15 minutes of fame, he has been on the news for the last week and there are literally hundreds of these propaganda videos of him on YouTube. I don’t know anyone’s buying it. I thank all the people who are thumbing up that video are simply fake made-up YouTube names generated by the police state Mafia’s computer. It’s getting to the point you can’t even watch YouTube anymore.

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