Police State Coming to an End, September 3, 2015.

Looks like the people running the police state are running scared knowing their time is short. This is why they are pulling off all that these false flag events to try to gain control. But it's only backfiring. When a policeman gets shot they pay thousands of police officers to go to that policeman’s funeral. They pay them over time, time and a half, pay their plane tickets and even hotel stay. Over 4000 policemen went to a funeral of a state trooper who was killed in a motorcycle accident. The two cops who were shot in New York someone paid for thousands of police officers to fly to New York so that they can goes to the funeral of a policeman that nobody even knew just to show the strength of the tyranny in power. The day after they paid 4000 policeman over time to go to one of their fellow policeman’s funeral, Detroit claimed it didn’t have enough money or manpower to test over 1000 rape kits to send serial rapist to prison. They don’t have the manpower because all the policemen are too busy going to funerals to show how evil they are. They are practically begging people for money to test these rape kits and send the rapist to prison.

Today Mafia mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan, who doesn’t have money or manpower to process rape kits and send rapist to prison but has plenty of money and manpower to send policemen to funerals to show the world he is the antichrist by claiming he’s spend every last tax dollars to put a artist in prison for 10 years for painting on old buildings signs from the movie “They Live” by John Carpenter. The signs were from the movie and they said things like “obey” and “stay asleep” and he would paint the reptilian’s faces on the walls from that movie.

It not only shows policeman and mayors are Mafia controlled but it even shows the rich are evil. Can you imagine Bill Gates having $1 trillion and over 1000 rapist are on the loose and he doesn’t want to donate money to solve these rapes? He donates to all kinds of other charities like birth control, Planned Parenthood, vaccinating children to make them stupid etc. but nobody wants to donate money to solve over 1000 serial rapist. Their wives will be raped their children will be raped but they got more important things to spend their money on like mansions, yachts private planes. This retard Donald Trump flies into Detroit on his private plane and fly’s his private helicopter but does he have money to donate to solve 1000 serial rapes in Detroit? No he’s too busy spending million on TV advertisements so he could be president. Over $17 million has been spent on presidential candidates advertising to be president but none of them want to donate a dollar to put serial rapist in prison. If those cops want to go to a funeral of a fellow officer that’s more important than solving crimes. Are you kidding me? Do these people know there’s a God looking down from above? I get the feeling that it is the cops and politicians who are the rapist and that’s why they don’t want to solve these crimes.

This false flag Bryce Williams news reporter shooting was not done by the government to take your guns. It was a false flag event by the Mafia run gun lobby to sell idiots guns and to brainwash them into believing the government is trying to take their guns. After every shooting the gun lobby and Alex Jones says, “they are trying to take your guns” but even after hundreds of shootings has anyone taken your gun? That’s what they said after the Waco false flag biker shooting, “they’re trying to take your guns” but did they banned guns in Waco? Not only did they ban him but we found out it’s a false flag event to pass the concealing carry law. Now it’s legal for those bikers to be carrying guns instead of knives.

Things are getting worse. On the news today the policeman in the police state of Michigan, is going to try to make themselves look like good guys, by pulling people over for no reason at all and giving them rewards for good driving. They are just looking for a reason to pull black people over and search their cars for marijuana, drinking, proof of insurance, suspended licenses etc. Completely illegal search. What they are claiming to do is pull people over because they are good drivers and they want to give them a free coupon for a McDonald’s hamburger. Can you believe this? Where is the ACLU? If you think Detroit is bankrupt now wait into the lawsuits start stacking up after these illegal pullovers. Claiming they are pulling over people because they are good drivers. This is what they claim they’re going to do to teenagers to reward them for their good driving. This backfired when they tried to pull people over for blood test. But I believe this is going to start riots in the streets. Sorry we don’t have the manpower to find all those rapist were going to pull some black people over search their cars etc. because they are good drivers and we have nothing better to do with our time. What a fucken joke. Well if Alex Jones and is mentally retarded followers really believe all the shootings were to take away people’s guns when in fact they still have their guns and every shooting benefits the NRA and the gun lobby I guess they’re stupid enough to believe they are being pulled over because they are a good driver and the police want to reward them with coupons.


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If #cops pull u over 2 claim ur a good driver & u would like 2 Sue the city contact me. #IllegalSearch #teenagers #teendriver

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