Planned Parenthood, Illuminati, Bikers, December 1, 2015.

Bikers are running the world, not the illuminati. When I go to a bar and talk about conspiracies, it’s bikers, that tell me to shut up, not someone claiming they are from the illuminati. When I’m on Twitter tweeting against abortion, it’s bikers who are attacking me, hacking my website, flagging down my videos and intimidating my followers, not the illuminati. When World War II ended, the veterans came home bought motorcycles and became philanthropists, by starting their own businesses and corporations. They organized themselves into gangs like the Hells Angels. Anybody who would not buy a Harley Davidson was beat up or killed. I was run off the road on my Honda, because bikers don’t like Hondas, it cuts into their profits in Harley Davidson.

It’s bikers who support abortion and Planned Parenthood, because they want to have sex with many women without using condoms. They want the women to murder their babies, so they don’t have to pay them child support. They want to have sex, they don’t want to use condoms and they don’t want to pay child support. Bikers are the biggest supporters of not only abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood, but they invented their own religion called Wiccan. Bikers belong to the Wiccan religion. Bikers are behind most of these staged false flag events. The Waco Texas biker shooting, was not a false flag to get guns banned, it was a false flag to pass a law making it legal for bikers to conceal and carry guns legally. It was a biker Ruse.

Gun owners don’t want to believe me, when I say the gun lobby is running the world and behind most of these false flag events, to get idiots to buy more guns. Every gun owner knows he who has the guns makes the rules, and the United States is screwed up, because there’s 140 million gun owners making the rules. After every guns shooting, you will see gun nuts like Alex Jones and even the Christian Lisa Haven, claim this shooting was a staged false flag event to ban guns and guess what, guns are not banned are they? This proves both of these people are outright liars. The only thing that happens, after a mass shooting, is more people get to own guns, after a staged false flag event.

The bikers have not only created their own religion, they infiltrated every religion, law enforcement, every level of government. This is why the government seems evil, it is run by bikers. There was a video on YouTube of 50 police officers kicking a man while he was on the ground. This is the behavior of bikers, not law abiding police officers. This is because bikers have infiltrated the police departments in every city, so the minds of most police officers are in fact that of biker gang members. One police officer on a YouTube video attack this woman on a cell phone and he said it was because she wasn’t shown him no respect. That’s the attitude of a biker gang member, not a serve and protect police officer.

I have been attacked for my #PlannedParenthood tweets, by many people. None of them are illuminati. All of them have connections to biker gangs. They are atheist, pagan, Wiccan and some of them actually belong to the Church of Satan. You can click on their profiles and see the people who support Planned Parenthood, in just about every one of them, has a connection to some kind of biker gang. They don’t want guns banned, because guns are protecting the illegal drug trade. If guns were made illegal, drug dealers would go out of business. Drug addicts are robbing people, stealing from stores and breaking into houses to buy drugs. Because they can’t rob the drug dealers, their armed and they will kill without question. When guns are banned the drug addicts will only rob the drug dealers and that means bikers, who want to own guns. The Hells Angels motorcycle club don’t even ride motorcycles anymore, they wear suits and become the illuminati. Bikers are claiming they are the one percenters controlling the world.

Abortion has always been premeditated first-degree baby murder. Abortion has always been against the Constitution of the United States, just like slavery. All men were created equal, all men are free and all men have a right to life. The way they got away with enslaving blacks, is they claimed the blacks were not human. That was their loophole to go against the Constitution of the United States. The way they get away with premeditated first-degree murder of babies, is they claim the babies are not human. If they can find a loophole that a fetus is not alive, they claim they can legally commit first-degree premeditated baby murder. A fetus has always been a living human being. It’s not an animal like a pig or goat. A fetus is not goo like Sarah Silverman claims. So that she can support abortion and not be charged with premeditated first-degree baby murder. The courts have already proven a fetus is a living human being, when a pregnant woman was murdered in the murder was charged with double homicide. The murderer was not charged with one count of murder and one account of giving an abortion without a license. It was two counts of premeditated first-degree murder.

These atheists argue that a fetus is not a living human being because it can’t live on its own but the fact is a one-year-old child cannot live on its own. The atheist will argue that a one-year-old child can be adopted and live on its own and the fetus can’t. The fact is a fetus can be adopted and their adopted all the time, they’re called surrogate moms.

The time will come when people will wake up to the fact that a fetus is a living human being in the Constitution of the United states protects all living human beings. People will wake up to the fact that bikers, atheist, pagans, porn stars, have illegally made abortion legal by twisting the Constitution.

People laughed when I said they illegally made abortion legal. But that’s exactly what they did with slavery. They illegally made slavery legal, by claiming blacks were not human. They illegally made abortion legal by claiming a fetus was not a baby. So pregnant women were not having a baby, they were having a fetus. Women weren’t with child, they were with fetus. Or as Sarah Silverman says, “she’s pregnant with goo”. Can you imagine going up to a pregnant woman and saying, “I see you’re expecting some goo” Mark Dice should do some YouTube videos and go up to pregnant women and asked them if they’re having goo like Sarah Silverman says. Excuse me miss are you having goo? Sarah Silverman says your pregnant with goo. Abortion always was and always will be premeditated first-degree murder. It doesn’t matter if mentally ill people manipulate the Constitution of the United States, by claiming a fetus is not human like they did to the blacks.

I wonder if President Obama thinks he’s human? Does he realize abortion was illegally made legal by people who claim a fetus wasn’t a human, the same way they enslave blacks by claiming they weren’t human?

As far as the news media claiming people were advocating violence against Planned Parenthood because they were helping women commit premeditated first-degree baby murder by illegally making abortion legal. By dehumanizing the fetus, they were well justified by demonizing Planned Parenthood. I guess they should prosecute all the leaders who advocated violence against Iraq by claiming they were killing babies in incubators. The thing of it was, it was a hoax, that Saddam Hussein was killing babies in incubators and it’s not a hoax that Planned Parenthood is helping women commit premeditated first-degree baby murder. This world is run by a bunch of Satanic gun toting bikers and they better wake up quick. Christians and Muslims better stop fighting each other and realize Atheist, Wiccans, Pagans, Porn stars and bikers are controlling the world. Many of the people attacking my tweets against abortion are porn stars. If you click on their profile they are porn stars that support abortion.

First of all any woman who gets pregnant is too mentally challenged to give consent to have an abortion. If you didn’t know you can get pregnant from having sex you are mentally challenged. If you did know you can get pregnant if you didn’t use a condom, you are mentally challenged. The only women who are getting pregnant are those who are to mentally challenged to know how to use a condom or to know that they could get pregnant from having sex. Most of the 1 million abortions a year are performed on girls under the 18 that are not old enough to consent, even to have sex, let alone to be able to give consent to have an abortion.

Over 1 million abortions a year and they always use that argument about rape. The women were raped and they deserve to have an abortion is no you’re not going to stop rape, until you force the rapist to pay child support for 18 years. The woman who was raped does not have to keep the baby. She can give the baby up for adoption and DNA test on the baby can make the rapist pay child support to whoever adopted the baby. Taxpayers do not have to support the babies the rapist can support them. Taxpayers always use the excuse that they don’t want to pay child support and that’s why they support premeditated first-degree baby murder. Many rapist get away with rape because women cannot prove they were raped. But if the woman gets pregnant DNA test can prove who the father is and they can make him pay child support for 18 years whether the woman keeps the baby or not. This is why bikers and so many people are pro-choice, they want to be rapist and they don’t want to pay child support. People who are pro-choice do not want to pay child support. It has nothing to do with freedom and it has nothing to do with choice. They want to rape women and they don’t want to pay for their crimes and that’s why they support abortion.

I believe the Planned Parenthood shooter might have shot up the clinic because they advised his 14-year-old daughter to murder her child without getting his permission first. Or perhaps his girlfriend got pregnant and they were planning on getting married but then a small argument made his girlfriend decide to get an abortion and murder his child. That might have set him off. But most likely this is just a false flag hoax to arm abortion doctors so they can legally commit first-degree premeditated murder of underage women’s children like they did to Aleen Wuornos.

I want you all to go to these gunowners and call them out. They all lied and said guns would be banned after Columbine. But guns weren’t banned. They said guns would be banned after Virginia Tech shooting. But guns weren’t banned. Every mass shooting they said guns would be banned but they proved themselves to be liars because guns weren’t banned. Now Alex Jones is saying guns are going to be banned after the Planned Parenthood shooting? If guns are not banned and anyone watches Alex Jones, or Lisa Haven, they are a fucken idiot, because they just proved themselves to be a liars.

The only reason why Hillary Clinton supports Planned Parenthood is because if abortion was made illegal, her husband would be paying child support to all those White House interns.


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