Planned Parenthood Shooting Hoax, November 29, 2015.

If it’s on the news, it’s probably a hoax. The news channels have been deceiving and controlling us since the invention of the TV. The same cartels that run news media have bought up all of the social media on the Internet. This is why Facebook sold for $750 billion. Not because they could sell over $750 billion worth of merchandise in advertising, but so they can manipulate and control people. The same thing goes for Google. Google is only worth money because whoever owns Google can manipulate and control the world. This is why we seen so many changes in YouTube limiting our viewers and taking power from us in a country where were all supposed to be equal and have free speech. I tried to delete Google play store from my iPad and when I did nothing worked. To use my magicJack app, you have to have Google play store. When you install Google play, it also installs Google keyboard so they know every word you type. Google voice activation also records everything you say. It seems now the only way to have freedom is to completely disconnect from the Internet.

Is the Planned Parenthood shooting another hoax so they can pass laws to protect abortion clinics, from women who wake up and figure out they were forced to have an abortion by a doctor, who claim they needed an abortion for their health, when in fact it was really genocide? The Ku Klux Klan run medical system, likes to tell black girls they need an abortion for their health. I don’t think white women would go to a black doctor, but I’m willing to bet the black doctor would say they needed abortion for their health. 13-year-old girls are being forced to have an abortion and the doctors are claiming it’s for their health. 13-year-old girls are not even old enough to consent to having sex so they’re definitely not old enough to consent to have an abortion. Anyone who has had an abortion when they were under, 18 has a legitimate billion-dollar lawsuit against Planned Parenthood as they were not old enough to give consent. Any parent who signs papers so their underage child can have an abortion, can be sued by the child when the child turns 18. Girls who are forced to have abortions when under 18 have psychological problems for the rest of their lives. Sometimes they even turn into serial killers like Aileen Wuornos. Abortion seems to be legalized genocide either against Christians or non-Christians. Some people are talked into getting abortions for their health based on their religion. If you’re a Moslem, then you need an abortion for your health, if you go to a Christian doctor. If you’re a Christian and you go to an atheist doctor, then you need an abortion for your health. But if you went to a doctor who was the same religion as you were, then it’s perfectly safe to have the baby.

If the gun lobby pays the legal fees for this Planned Parenthood shooter, it can prove to be a justifiable homicide, as he was protecting defenseless unborn babies. The government is trying to act like this is an act of terrorism rather than a gun saved a life by killing the doctor who was going to murder defenseless babies. The court system seems to be on the side of the murdering doctors rather than on the side of justice. We will see how the tables turn in this case. This might be what the gun lobby needs to prevent guns from being banned. They got to find a good reason for selling lethal weapons, as they are only used in crimes and to protect drug dealers. This is the first time a gun was used to defend a helpless unborn infant.

But the fact seems to stand that the world is becoming more and more evil to the point where God is going to have to destroy it, to fix it. Legalizing baby murder by way of abortion and then charging anyone who is against baby murder with an act of terrorism, has got to of hit an all-time low in Satan’s kingdom. You can’t get any more evil than that.

When Jesus returns Hillary Clinton will be charged with millions accounts of premeditated first-degree baby murder, because she supports Planned Parenthood openly. Some may laugh that she will do 30 years for every baby that was murdered. With over 1 million babies murdered every year, that would be 300 million accounts of premeditated first-degree baby murder over the last 10 years alone. But because Jesus is going to make people immortal, she’s going to be alive to serve out those 300 million years in prison. And that’s going to be hell.

The devil knows he has a short time left. He’s going to be charged with murder for all the abortions, he’s going to be charged with crimes against humanity for enslaving us all with jobs, he’s going to be charged with war crimes, for all these false flag events leading us to war, he’s going to come to his end.


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If you look at all my comments on twitter under the #PlannedParenthood, you could see I’m being attacked by people from the Wiccan religion. The Wiccan religion supports abortion. It is a Satanic religion that legalizes abortion as genocide against Christians, Muslims, Jews and believers in God. This religion was created by bikers and gang members. It is the main reason why guns are legalized by the biker group in Waco Texas after the Waco Texas restaurant shooting. It seems that it’s not the illuminati that’s running the world, it’s the Hells Angels and over 250 other biker gangs who have divided up the United States and are controlling us all. © Copyright ©1996-2015 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.