Pizza Gate JonBenet Russell Williams & Globe, June 23, 2017.

Globe magazine picked up and twisted my story of JonBenet Ramsey, being murdered by colonial David Russell Williams. I did a video about colonial David Russell Williams being part of a pornography ring and the guy who murdered JonBenet Ramsey back in 1996. Other people picked up on my story and dubbed it pizza gate. David Russell Williams was the pilot who use to fly queen Elizabeth around the world. Radio hosts shock jock Howard Stern reported on someone finding Queen Elizabethís granny panties on an airplane. I believe the granny panties were stolen by David Russell Williams, because he had a large collection of stolen underwear in a private room dedicated to perversion and he was a pilot for her. David Russell Williams was arrested in 2010, after he murdered a woman using the same MO that was used in the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

Williams broke into a home, smashed a woman in the head with a flashlight, while she was sleeping, tied her up, tortured her with a electric stun gun, masturbated on her and then choked her to death with a garrotte. Williams also stole their underwear and fed his victims fruit. This is exactly how JonBenet Ramsey was murdered. He also entered the house through the basement. Iíll show some clips later. Not only was she fed fruit, but the Ramseys claimed that someone put different underwear on her and stole the ones she was wearing. All the underwear in David Russell Williams collection, should be tested for DNA. Iím willing to bet that one of those pairs of underwear, will have JonBenetís Ramseys DNA on them. As one of those pair of underwear belong to JonBenet Ramsey. The Ramseys claim that someone stole their childís underwear and put a different pair on her. Police refuse to believe that, because they thought it sounded so crazy. But thousands of pairs of underwear were found in Russell Williams collection. He was a underwear thief. Small clip from the fifth estate. For educational purposes, you can use small clips and I donít get a copyright strike.

Police also found out later he murdered several other women and even molested children. The part about Williams molesting children was covered up because of his connection to Queen Elizabeth. Because he was the pilot of Queen Elizabeth, gag orders were set to hush him up about what he knew about child porn and the elites. Iím sure he flew children around for the elites to molest. And the elites use these child beauty contest to choose their victims. Because he wasnít arrested until 2010, Iím sure Queen Elizabeth doesnít want anyone knowing that he killed JonBenet Ramsey in 1996. That would mean many elites would have flown on the plane with colonial David Russell Williams, after he murdered JonBenet Ramsey in 1996. It would be a international incident. In fact it was an international incident, but they really downplayed David Russell Williams involvement in child porn and his connection with JonBenet Ramsey. Clip from the fifth estate. They should actually pay me for advertising their show.

In 1996 after JonBenet Ramsey was murdered David Russell Williams moved to Ottawa Canada. According to WikiLeaks, Canadian police were looking at David Russell Williams as a possible suspect, in all unsolved murders of young women. After my video the FBI was inspired to go to Canada to look at David Russell Williams, as a possible suspect, to all unsolved murders of young women, in the United States. Because David Russell Williams was a pilot that flew around the world. No doubt he has been in the United States to rape, torture and murder young women. When David Russell Williams was finally arrested, they found hundreds if not thousands of womenís underwear in a private room he had devoted for perversion. I believe that all of those underwear, should have the DNA tested to see if the DNA matches up with missing women or bodies that have been found, to connect the murders with David Russell Williams. Every one of those underwear that he had in his collection, was from a victim, whether or not they were murdered raped or just robbed. Therefore DNA should be tested on all of those underwear that were in his possession. That should be standard police work.

David Russell Williams, also seem like the kind of person that would use words like, ďlisten carefullyĒ and ďfatcatsĒ in the ransom letter, that was found in the Ramseys home. The garrotte was tried perfectly, as if the person who tied it was in the military and was made to tie that knot 100 times by some strict Sergeant, until they got it perfect. He actually tried to set his neighbor up for murder by dumping a body, where his neighbor went hunting. His neighbor knew that if Russell Williams wasnít caught that he would be in prison for murdering that girl. This is how these people get away with murder they make it look like somebody else did it. Clip from the fifth estate.

Back to the globe. The magazine completely twisted my story about David Russell Williams being the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey. The globe tries to say cops fumbled up the case and that the true murderer is somewhere in a American prison and a gag order prevents them from doing a DNA test on him. While the globe story is absolutely false. Because anybody can do a DNA test on him, by getting one of his cigarette butts, or a coffee cup that he drank out of. There is no gag order, that you canít do a DNA test on someone. If you can get the DNA off a coffee cup or cigarette butt, you donít need their permission. Itís been done thousands of times where people have refused to give cops a DNA sample, but the cops got the sample off their cigarette butt or even a fork or spoon that they used. If the person was in prison, it would be easy to get a spoon or fork from them for DNA testing. So the globe is perfectly lying about this. But they really should get the fork or spoon from David Russell Williams in the Canadian prison, to do a DNA test on it. I donít think they ever tested David Russell Williams DNA, because there was so much evidence that he murdered women, they didnít need to. But the thing of it is, David Russell Williams was arrested in 2010 and he only got a 40 year prison sentence. That means with good behavior, he could be out in 20 years. Which means he could get out before he dies.

Russell Williams had top NSA security clearance. Clip. The elites actually get informed by the police that they can get a lawyer at any time. Clip. Poor people are red their Miranda rights but are not explained that they can stop talking at anytime. He says he snuck in her house, hit her on the head with a flashlight and strangled her, just like he did to JonBenet Ramsey. He claims he didnít know the flashlight would crush her skull. Clip. This is kind of how the government works. It almost as if they performed this false flag to get Russell Williams to go out and murder someone, just for this NSA guyís example statement. Clip. Cops in the JonBenet Ramsey case claimed the burglar doesnít hang around the house for four hours, but Russell Williams did. He even did laundry in the house to destroy evidence like the person who killed Jodi Ariasís boyfriend. I made a conspiracy video on her case also because it sounds like her boyfriend was murdered by the people from the NSA. She claimed two men did it. Clips from the 2 Ĺ hour interrogation. If you got time to watch it, a link below. He taped the victimís mouth, like JonBenet. Clip. I wasted five bucks on by an Globe magazine and I donít think you should buy it to read about the story. But the headlines on the globe says, ďJonBenet killer found, itís not who you think, and bungling cops have deliberately covered it up for 20 yearsĒ. That part of this story is true. The globe also claims the man who killed JonBenet was part of a global pornography sex ring. But theyíre not telling you that itís David Russell Williams, theyíre claiming itís some other guy in the United States, that they canít test his DNA to compare it to the DNA found on JonBenetís underwear, because of a gag order. Many of the laws put on the books were put on it by criminals in power, to protect the criminals. This is why the Mafia use their power to get their people elected as judges, Senators, Congressmen, mayors and even presidents. So they can pass laws to benefit themselves.

The problem is that even if you know O.J. Simpson is guilty of murder, you have to prove it in a court of law. My just saying David Russell Williams killed JonBenet Ramsey, is not enough evidence for them to even investigate. I would have to go look up where David Russell Williams was living back in 1996. I would have to find proof he was in Colorado at that time. But I believe the DNA on JonBenetís Ramses underwear, will match David Russell Williams. If someone can go to the prison to get a fork or spoon that he used. If I can go to the prison in Canada, I could probably talk to David Russell Williams and get him to confess, just based on the MO of JonBenetís Ramses murder, compared to the murder of the last woman he killed. I could probably cut-and-paste police interrogation video from YouTube, but if I donít have millions of dollars to investigate the case and hundreds of hours of time, it would be a waste of time. Iíll post the link to the fifth estate and some David Russell Williams police interrogation videos. If I put clips in my videos they might get a copyright strike. But I will try. The elites are not ready to hear that the pilot that flew their children around, is the same pilot that murdered David Russell Williams. The travel company, the airport industry that hired David Russell Williams to fly the elites children around, would probably be sued for billions of dollars if the elites ever had absolute proof David Russell Williams was the guy who murdered JonBenet Ramsey. This is why theyíre not even trying to solve the case, it would cost the airline industry billions. One woman sued a hotel for $70 million because of a peeping Tom. Can you imagine how much you can sue for, if you paid United Airlines or Boeing to fly your children on one of the airplanes David Russell Williams, who murdered JonBenet Ramsey was the pilot of? Because this guy was the pilot of Queen Elizabeth, everything was hushed up and gag ordered.

My video got many thumbs down, because I believe the JonBenet Ramsey murder was also a false flag event. These false flag events are meant to take front pages of the newspaper. This was when my book was released, the Gospel of Timothy of my story about seeing God. My story shouldíve made headlines in every newspaper. But the only thing that was on the news, for the next year, was the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Not only is news fake and planted. But people are murdered, so that those stories can make the front pages of newspapers, to take peopleís minds off of other more important issues like abortion, taxes and war. Or a man seeing God. Iím still waiting for a newspaper or magazine, to do my story about seeing God and the gospel of Timothy. I only got one radio interview and immediately after that radio interview, was the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Itís not a coincidence. Now they got these idiots on my YouTube channel trying to discredit me. They donít want my story of seeing God and Christianity be in the most evil religion on earth, making headline news.

I got a lot of bad news for Christians. Some of them want proof that Iím the Messiah. But I will guarantee you, that when Jesus returns, heís not going to have a drivers license to prove who he is. Those who didnít believe I was the Messiah, will be thrown in the lake of fire. The proof that Iím the Messiah, is that I say jobs are slavery. I say everything belongs to God. I say anybody who thinks the automobile industry, has enough money to pay for even one job injury, will spend the rest of eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire. No other messiah is going to tell you the truth, that the lottery is a scam and the winners should give the money to those who lost money in the lottery. I told everybody the news was fake back in 1996, when they refused to report on the millions of people who lost money in the lottery and only reported the winners, so they can sell lottery tickets. Until they start reporting every person who lost money in the lottery, donít believe a thing thatís on the news. Until they start reporting on how people are injured on the job and tortured by the workers compensation system, because they donít want to pay them the $450 billion for their job injury, donít watch the news. Anyone who thinks industry should profit, off of the suffering of human beings, will spend eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire.

Anybody who doesnít believe jobs are slavery, is so insane, that thereís no mental hospital that can cure them. Thatís why God created a lake of fire. Thereís no one more evil than a Christian who claimed God died to pay for their sins. If there was a devil, thatís exactly what the devil would say, so that he can keep on sinning. The only thing worse than a Christian claiming God died to pay for their sins, is a Christian claiming God should heal some oneís job injury, so the automobile industry can make billions of dollars in profit. Thatís just common sense. You canít save people who donít have any common sense.

The proof that Iím the Messiah, is that money is the mark of the beast. Food grows on trees. God is the provider. Jobs are slavery. Everything belongs to God. Everything God provides is free. No man with a job is free. The lottery is a scam. Car insurance is a scam. Scientist told the automobile makers, if they made a car go faster than 10 mph, people would be injured and killed and they made them a go faster anyway. No one would need car insurance at 30 mph. No one would die in a car crash at 10 mph, even if every driver was drunk on their ass. Traffic fatalities are not caused by drunk drivers, they are caused by automobiles that go faster than 10 mph. The automobile companies get away with murder by blaming the drivers. Gun manufacturers get away with murder by blaming gun owners. Swimming pool manufacturers get away with murdering 1000 children a year, by blaming the parents. Swimming pool manufacturers knew children would drown in swimming pools before they even sold them but they wanted to make $6 billion year in profit. Not only is abortion murder but anyone who doesnít believe so had been indoctrinated in an ideology, far worse then any religious cult. The practice of medicine is a cult. You canít be a Doctor, until you are In-Doctor-Nated. Anybody not preaching this message, is the antichrist.


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