The Missing Piece of the Puzzle, September 12, 2015.

I Only have one piece of the puzzle missing. I know that there is a God, I know his spirit is everywhere but the thing that is such a mystery is the spirit of the antichrist. The Bible talks about the spirit of the antichrist that deceives people. The mystery is where does it come from? Did God create the spirit of antichrist? I like this song by Johnny Cash the devil’s right-hand about a gun owner who blames the devil for causing him to shoot somebody. He knows guns kill people, he purchased the gun to kill people, but when he actually kill someone, he tries to blame the devil. I didn’t do it I’m innocent, the devil made me do it. People try to blame this invisible devil for causing evil. The devil seems to be this evil deceiving spirit.

I tend to believe that evil is caused by ignorance. And there’s two kinds of ignorance, there is the innocent innocence of a child and then there is the person who should know better, but uses insane rationalization to justify things. When a person gets tried for murder, they usually check to see if the person is mentally competent to stand trial. Mentally competent means they know right from wrong. If they do not know right from wrong they are not mentally competent to stand trial. Most of the murder that goes on today is from people who are mentally incompetent. They didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. Unfortunately as soon as they do the crime, they realize what they did was wrong before they stand trial and they are counted as being mentally competent for the trial. This is not justice.

Justice demands that the person be mentally competent at the time of the crime. For instance the sledgehammer murderer that was on the Dr. Phil show. At the time of the murder he was not mentally competent, he was innocent, he didn’t know any better, so he should not have been found mentally competent to stand trial or guilty of murder. He only figured out what he did was wrong after the fact. It’s like this YouTube video I seen of a six-year-old girl who painted her three-year-old little brother with a jar of peanut butter. The complete innocence of children who do not know any better. Only after the children are covered with peanut butter did they learn it was wrong to play with peanut butter, by their parents.

There was a serial killer on 48 hours. Christians had taken this child from a third world country because they believe the parents were unfit. The child lived in a house with no running water or electricity in a Third World country. So they brought the child back to America and adopted the child out to strangers. The strangers raise the child until it was 18 and then kicked it out of the house because it wasn’t their child and they didn’t need to take care of it after it was of legal age. So the 18-year-old kid live like a homeless man, begging for food. Nobody cared if this 18-year-old died of starvation, everyone believed he was just a loser bum, because his family would not take care of him. The 18-year-old felt powerless in a country where he knew no one and had no family. To gain some power he murdered an 18-year-old woman. A year later he murdered another woman. When he was caught by police they asked him what happened to the women. Like an innocent child he said, “I stabbed them to death”. When the cops asked why he said, “I wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone”. The cop asked, “how did it make you feel?” And he answered, “it made me feel powerful”. Just like an innocent child, not knowing what he did was wrong. Furthermore, it’s almost as if you could not teach this man that being a serial killer was wrong because of what the state, the church and society had done to him and his family. How can you teach him it’s wrong to take someone from their friends and family, when he was taken from his friends and family? How can you teach someone it’s wrong to kill when nobody cares if you die of starvation?

The atheist asked me that want to do another radio interview, but the atheist will not let me into their heads to figure out the spirit of antichrist. It seems like atheism is coming from an extreme stupidity, rather than a innocent ignorance of a child. You can teach a child right from wrong but you can’t teach an atheist anything because they think they already know it all. The child is open to learning that painting your little brother with peanut butter is wrong. The atheist are not open to learning because they have already been taught that there is no God. You can’t teach someone how to make a delicious pizza, if they already think they know how to make a delicious pizza.

So I tried one more time at the bar to communicate with an atheist and nothing was getting through because he had already been taught that there is no God and this antichrist spirit prevents him from having an open mind. He believes in science in some instances and in other instances not. His son died in a car crash and he blames God for it. I had already explained to him on another occasion that science told the automobile companies that if they manufacture a car that goes over 10 miles an hour that people and children would be killed by them. But when his child died in a car accident, he wants to blame God rather than the automobile manufacturers. Don’t blame the automobile manufacturers, their atheist they don’t care of children die in car crashes there only concerned about much money they make. There’s no God to throw them in hell for manufacturing cars and killing innocent children. The only reason why the car manufacturers don’t manufacture a car that only goes 10 miles an hour is nobody would purchase it. So it’s all about money. Who cares how many people die the only things matters is the bottom line. And they don’t even care of their own children die in a car crash, they rationalize that only stupid people and stupid drivers will die in car crashes.

The spirit of antichrist does not seem to have the capacity to use reason. Atheist do not seem to have the ability to use reason. They believe in science, but not all science only the theoretical science that theoretically proves there isn’t a God. Any solid scientific evidence that there is a God they reject. They agree science says that if a car goes more than 10 miles an hour children could be injured and killed by them, but when their children get killed by a car, they want to blame God, rather than the carmaker. They might even rationalize why didn’t God strike the automobile maker dead with a bolt of lightning? He doesn’t have to, because the people who drive cars and believe in cars, will eventually be killed by the cars they believe in, just like the gun owners are generally killed by their own guns. If they are not killed by the cars they will be killed by the wars for oil to fuel the cars or even the pollution the cars put out.

Amazing how many atheist do not believe that evolution is a theory. They will even argue that a Supreme Court judge had ruled that evolution is a fact. That judges isn’t even a scientist, but he can make like he is God and declare what is theory and what is fact. So it’s as if atheist believe Supreme Court judges are God. Completely against any kind of logic or reason.

What science really has proven is that there is a organized intelligent design spirit creator. Science makes the invisible God visible. Everyone has already seen God. Everything that exist is God. But you have even seen the invisible God. You don’t have to find the God particle, all you have to do is take some iron dust, sprinkle it on a piece of paper and hold a magnet underneath the paper. Immediately you should start to see the particles of iron start to align themselves in a organized, intelligent, creative field. This is not iron particles landing in random positions. This is a invisible force that is intelligently lining up the particles in an organized manner. If you want and say the particles are lining themselves north to south or south to north, it’s the basic sign of invisible intelligent design. This intelligent design is everywhere not just in the magnetic field of a magnet, but even the earth itself. Scientists have shown that when the sperm enters the egg, the male DNA and the female DNA start to organize themselves by some invisible force, whether you want to call it a magnetic field or electricity or simply protons following their path, they are organizing themselves to build a human being, by this invisible force that I call spirit and you may call electricity or protons and neutrons. But if you think these protons and neutrons are firing at random coincidentally, building a human being in the womb, than you are an absolutely stupid atheist that has no possibility of being educated.

But this invisible intelligent force is also inside of every human being. It’s active in our brains. Our brains are not random protons and neutrons firing at random and coincidently we come up with an answer to somebody’s question. Those protons and neutrons are firing in your brain organizing and storing information in an intelligent design by an invisible force that I call your spirit or your soul. The atheist thinks there’s little men inside his head organizing and storing information. Jesus said the proof that God’s Spirit lives inside you is movement and life. If God spirit did not live inside you, you could not even lift your arm up or down. You have a thought to lift your arm up, and something tells your brain to fire electrons and neutrons through the nerves to cause a muscle to retract and that something knows exactly which nerve to send that signal. If it was simply random like Darwin’s evolution you would think to raise your right arm and you’re left foot might raise up.

It’s as if this spirit of antichrist does not allow a human being to think critically or rationally. Usually when you get an argument with an atheist they resort to personal attacks when they can’t prove you wrong or you prove them wrong. It was atheism that said the world was flat and they taught the world was flat at every school and university. Religion said the earth was round. It was atheism that told the Wright brothers that their heavier than air machine could not possibly fly. Even when witnesses seen the Wright brothers plane fly, witnesses was not evidence that it could fly because those witnesses could be lying. Only when the government man Selfridge died, his body splattered on the ground by the Wright brothers heavier than air machine, did the patent office grant the Wright brothers a patent. It was atheism that said a ship made of iron could not float and only when they seen an iron ship float did science try to come up with an explanation for it. Science had to come up with an explanation for why the Wright brothers airplane could fly and they came up with the theory of lift. Lift is the theory that one half of the airplane wing is curved and the other half flat. Air supposedly passes over the curved part causing lift. I prove this theory wrong when I said airplanes can fly upside down. Wind itself causes lift and that’s why houses fly in tornadoes like on the Wizard of Oz. It was religion that said everything was possible.

Until we can figure out the thinking process of atheist, who agree with science, that if you manufacture car that goes over 10 mph that children could be killed, but who don’t blame the manufacturer who made them, when a child dies, after they manufacturer a car that goes faster than 10 miles an hour, we will never rid the world of evil. Because they have no logic, no reasoning skills, no critical thinking. It may be possible that atheist are right, that there is no spirit of God in them, to cause the invisible neurons, in their brain to think in an organized intelligent way of critical thinking. The neurons in their brains are simply firing at random and only a complete coincidence, could cause the atheist brain to think critically or rationally in a intelligently designed way. If this is true we have to fill the atheist with the spirit so that their brains can think intelligently instead of Darwin’s random firing of neurons and coincidences.

Let’s go over it one more time. Scientists told the car makers, if they make a car go faster than 10 mph women and children would be killed by them. The car makers said, “if we only make cars that only go 10 mph, nobody is going to buy them”. So the carmaker’s knew people would be killed by their product, but they made them go faster anyway, because profit was more important than human lives. So who is responsible if a child dies in a car crash, God or the car manufacturer?

The people agreed that automakers profit is more important than human lives, otherwise they would not be purchasing automobiles that go faster than 10 miles an hour. And everyone agrees that if someone dies in a car crash, that it’s the stupid drivers fault or they wouldn’t be purchasing automobiles. But the only reason why they believe that, is because the automobile companies taught them that. Well everyone except me, I don’t drive a car and never will until they make them go slower than 10 miles an hour. In a way it is the stupid drivers fault. Because he was stupid enough to purchase an automobile from a company who didn’t care if they killed people or children. Did you know it’s impossible to make a child safety seat safe at speeds over 30 mph? If you have your baby in a car safety seat and get in a crash at 30 mph, your baby is dead. It’s neck will snap. It’s impossible to make a child safety seat safe, at speeds faster than 30 mph. Physics and science is against it. Like an innocent child, you only know that when your child dies in a car crash. The car manufacturers will not tell you that ahead of time before you purchase their automobile.


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