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Fake Zimmerman Photos II, May 28, 2012.

Just like I said in my first video, if you point out the anomalies in the photos, they will create new photos with the anomalies edited out. When I pointed out the bald head, news agencies were cropping out the bald head. When I pointed out the blood dripped East and West, news agencies turned the photo so blood drips down and cropped out blood dripping West. When I pointed out the white ear, hairy neck and cell phone, those were cropped out also. There were so many anomalies they had to produce new photos as they could not crop out and changed so many anomalies. They did this with the moon photo also. Every time someone pointed out a anomaly, they simply edited the photo, release that photo, and claim the first one was a fake. It’s almost laughable they think they can get away with it, but they are experts in mind control and hypnotism and furthermore they belong to a Christian cult, with millions of members to back them up on their lies.

When I pointed out the first photo released was far different than the new photos, a lawyer asked me which two photos? Not so the lawyer could bring this to court and prove the photos were fake, but the lawyer wanted to know so they could change the photos and make them appear the same. The conspiracy is that all the lawyers are in on the conspiracy against the people. This is why tobacco companies can sue you if you say their product is harmful, but if you get cancer from the tobacco, you can’t sue the tobacco companies. Gun owners have guns to protect him from someone who might harm their family, but their families more likely to be killed by the tobacco or automobile companies, which it’s illegal to kill them. It’s a joke.

I called a dozen lawyers about toxic mold in my house. When they heard the evidence many wanted to sue, until they found out I didn’t buy a house from a little old lady from Pasadena, I bought it from Hud. Lawyers are more than willing to sue innocent people than they are institutions that knowingly harm.

These people are willing to stop at nothing to deceive. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill, whatever it takes to stay in power and keep control. They are serving the devil system. If they don’t play the game right they will lose their lawyer’s license. That’s why that all the lawsuits are one-sided supporting big business and oppressing the people. But all this is being recorded for the day of judgment.

The cuts on the back of George Zimmerman said are consistent with razor cuts from trying to shave one’s own head. Zimmerman looks like a skinhead. His psychological profile is consistent of a gang member from Hammerskin Nation, more about this in my next video.

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