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Fake Zimmerman Injury Photo, April 21, 2012.

The same people who pulled off 911, must be the people covering up for Zimmerman. This fake photo is more fake than the fake Nicholas Berg beheading video, that the military tried to tell us was real. Iím almost afraid to say why itís fake, because I know they will come out with another photo to touch up the anomalies on the photo. But since itís been over 40 days I doubt they can come up with some more photos now.

First thing you have to realize is these gun nuts are crazy. They will do anything to keep guns from being banned. This is all the more reason why guns should be banned. Guns are owned by criminals, Mafia members, gang members and these are the people who donít want guns banned. Not all Mafia or gang members have prison records. In fact most of the known Mafia people are the so-called ďlaw abiding citizensĒ who have licenses to carry weapons. The Mafia boss that killed 54 people had a license to carry his weapon. These gang members have licenses to carry weapons. The NRA has made sure that all people can carry a weapon, even ex-cons because they believe they did their time and now they can carry a weapon. They have already stated that there is no law you can pass to take away their weapon and the only way to get their gun, is to pry it out of their ďcold dead handsĒ. So faking some photos to keep their weapons, is nothing to them. Who would fake a photo to keep their gun? At least 4 million NRA members would fake a photo to keep their guns. At least 100 million gun owners would fake a photo to keep their gun. At this point, anyone who doesnít voluntarily give up their weapon, just for the fact that this photo proves all gun owners are for premeditated first-degree murderers, because everyone can see this photo is a fake. But I donít see anyone denouncing it as a fake, not even the experts at the FBI.

The FBI has blood spatter experts. But you donít have to be a blood spatter expert to see that this photo is fake. All you have to do to see that itís fake, is to know about gravity. Gravity makes blood drip down. It doesnít make it drip East and West. The blood dripping down towards his left ear and down towards his right ear, at the same time, shows that the person in this photo, had his face towards the ground, when someone was pouring the blood over his head. If this injury was caused by Zimmerman, having his head banged on the concrete, the blood would drip down towards his back, not his ears. Even if Zimmerman rolled over to one side, the blood would drip to that side. It would not drip to both sides. The drip pattern, shows Zimmermanís face is pointed towards the ground while the blood drips, until itís dry. So the blood dripping does not even changed directions when he stands up.

There is no real evidence that it is Zimmerman in the photo. Some say itís the same jacket, but I see blue in the inside collar and Zimmerman was free for 40 days, he could give that jacket to anyone.

This photo was not taken by police evidence gatherers. It was taken by one of Zimmermanís friends, who just happened to be there after the shooting. No one was there to see this man take the picture. So this was the only guy there heard the gunshots and ran out to see Zimmerman and the dead body. Was it in the police report that this man was there when police showed up? Did police question him and was it in the police report that he snapped the picture? Did the man take any other pictures or just one? This is how the people figured out the moon landing was faked. They went to NASA to get copies of the high-quality photographs of the men walking on the moon and NASA only had the one photo, that they showed on TV to prove they walked on the moon. As if we went to the moon, but we only took one picture. This guy goes to a murder scene and only takes one picture of the back of some guys head, doesnít take a picture of his broken bloody nose, his face or even the dead man laying on the ground.

The person that took the photograph was a friend of Zimmermanís. Because Zimmerman told this guy to call his wife, because he just shot a man and he might be going to prison. You donít tell a stranger to call your wife, because you might be going away for a long time. You know youíre going to be allowed a phone call when you get to jail. Maybe not everyone knows it, but certainly someone whoís been arrested before like Zimmerman, knows they are allowed a phone call when they get to jail. Zimmerman was free for 40 days and he knew from day one that he needed a photo or proof of his injuries or he would be arrested for murder. This photo is the back of his head.

It might not even be Zimmerman. Zimmerman almost looked like a black man in court, in this photo it looks like an old white man. The person looks balder than Zimmerman. It might be Zimmermanís father.

Who shows up to take a picture of the back of someoneís head, and doesnít take a picture of their broken bloody nose? Who takes a picture of the back of someoneís head, and doesnít take a picture of a dead body laying on the ground? If he had taken a picture of Trayvonís dead body on the ground, he could have sold that to tabloid newspapers for millions of dollars. Why would he just take a picture of the back of someoneís head? Itís pretty convenient that, that was the kind of pitcher they needed, to get Zimmerman out of jail. They did not need a picture of Trayvon lying dead on the ground. In fact a picture of Trayvon laying dead on the ground would have proved Zimmerman guilty. What kind of crime investigators, donít take a picture of Trayvon when he is laying on the ground dead? Arenít they supposed to draw chalk around the body for investigators, or does that only happen in movies? There was no investigation, because this was a hit on a black man, to keep blacks out of white neighborhoods.

People are missing the whole point of the race issue. Itís not that Trayvon was black and the shooter was not white, itís the fact that Trayvon was black and all the policemen were white and therefore they did no investigation and tried to make murder look like self-defense. You can charge Zimmerman with second-degree murder, there are millions of gun owners just like him, but the person who fake this photo and the police officers, along with the judge must be charged with premeditated first-degree murder. They are more guilty of murder then Zimmerman. When they participate in the crime, by producing fake evidence, they did the crime. Until that happens, there will be no justice and there will be revolution.

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