Personal Concepts Racketeering Scam, May 4, 2017.

I got this letter in the mail from Personal Concepts. The letter looks like itís official coming from Social Security or the federal government, as some kind of tax form. They got my mailing address from my website, as the government has this ridiculous Law that everybody must post their postbox or mailing address on their domain main, so that they can be scammed by criminals. As Homeland security is run by idiots. And so that criminals can use peopleís personal information, to open credit cards and crash the economy of the United States. These laws were passed under the Patriot Act.

So you can see this letter looks like it came right from the taxman or Social Security. Inside it has this 2017 tax form looking letter that threatens people with a 32,000 dollar fine if they donít purchase a copyrighted labor law poster. As if they own the copyright for federal labor laws. It also asked for updated information like your phone number. My phone number is already up on my website, but there are laws that they canít call my number unless I give it to them. So this is a way they trick people into giving them their phone number, so they can call you and sell you shit, acting like they are some kind of federal government agency. So the top of the scam letter says, ďalert: you must post revised Michigan & federal labor law noticesĒ. Under the notices youíre supposed to post if youíre a business, is the threat of, ďfailure to comply with posting regulations can lead to fines up to 32,786 dollars (29 USC Sec. 666(I) & (29 USC Sec. 2006). Return this form in the enclosed envelope to bring your business into compliance.Ē Of course, donít forget your check or money order.

At the bottom. They have their web address .

How do these people get away with this crap? If anyone has sent them money, they should be reimbursed 100 fold plus penalties and interest. This kind of shit really passes me off because it gets you to open up the letter and read it to find out what the hell it is. As it looks like some kind of tax form. These kinds of letters cost businesses time and money. They need to be sued out of business.


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