Paul’s Teaching Same as the Scribes, July 24, 2015.

The scribes and Pharisees taught that Christ was the son of David.

Jesus said to the scribes, “if David called him Lord, how can Christ be David’s son?” Matthew 22:45, Luke 20:44, Mark 12:37. This is very important because it’s in red and it’s in three of the Gospels. Jesus wanted to make it very clear, that Christ was not David’s son. Where this teaching came from that Christ was David’s son, nobody knows. But most likely because David was King and had power over all the publishing, religious leaders and materials that David wanted the people to believe his sons would rule over the earth and this belief must of been handed down from generation to generation.

There’s a Muslim religious leader who was very powerful and he taught that the Mahdi would have the same name as his son. And even though this leader was not a prophet of God it became one of the predictions of the Muslim religion concerning the Mahdi. It looks like the Muslim Mahdi will never come because they will be looking for someone with the same name as this religious leader. This is where the custom of the children of Kings being the future leaders is handed down from generation to generation. I mean if your King of the Earth or the world’s dictator you’re going to have all the religious leaders and public education systems teaching that your children are going to continue to rule the world.

Paul taught what the scribes and Pharisees told him to preach. After Paul saw Jesus and Jesus said, “why persecute me”, Jesus never spoke to Paul again. At least it’s not recorded. Ananias who helped Paul get his site back, taught Paul what to teach. And this is why Paul says in his Gospel, and he says it’s “his Gospel”, that Christ was the seed of David, Romans 1:3. To Paul’s credit, he didn’t have the New Testament to read from at that time, the gospel was preached by the word-of-mouth. So even though Paul saw Jesus, he probably did not read the Scripture of Matthew 22:45, Luke 20:44 or Mark 12:37.


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