What Happened to Paul’s Gospel? July 24, 2015.

It seems that a lot of writings of Paul are missing. In the book of Acts, Paul talks about his Gospel, but where is his Gospel? In the first century everybody was writing Gospels and most of them were not included in the Bible like the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary. Even the Gospel of Barnabas survives . Paul talks about his Gospel but it seems to be lost.

I watched a few YouTube movies about Paul and the movies don’t even match what is written in the book of Acts. The movies made about Paul shows Paul going around teaching, “Jesus is the Messiah”. However, nowhere in the new testament does Paul teach that Jesus was the Messiah. Paul was definitely sure Jesus was God manifest in the flesh. Paul taught that Jesus was the tabernacle of God, that was not made with human hands. Nowhere did Paul say Jesus was the Messiah. How is it these movies about Paul have Paul going around teaching, “Jesus is the Messiah” ? Paul was pretty clear that the people who claim God is a corruptible wounded man Messiah, are the most evil people on earth and probably will spend eternity in hell, Romans 1:23. It’s blasphemy to claim the incorruptible God, is a wounded Messiah. The Messiah was wounded to save the world and God cannot be wounded. That’s probably why the church put Paul in prison, to keep him from teaching the truth. The Romans would not have put Paul in prison for claiming Jesus was the Messiah. They would only put him in prison for teaching the truth that Jesus is God and no wounded corruptible Messiah. When Jesus returns he’s going to be God on earth and I really feel sorry for the people who claim he is a corruptible wounded Messiah.

In the last video I did about the atheist Paul, some guy posted the message, “so you think you’re Paul now?” Nowhere in my video did I say I was Paul or even give a suggestion that I was Paul and yet this person post a message, “so you think you’re Paul now? ” How do these people put things in the Bible that are not there? How is this guy putting things in my video that isn’t even there? I feel like I’m in some kind of bizarro world where you say one thing and the people here something different. It’s like people believe what they want to believe and they hear what they want to hear.

I think it might have something to do with their hatred of God. Something happened to them in their life and they feel a need to change what God says or change what the people of God say. Their mother sinned against God and nature by drinking heavily, that caused her child to have a fetal alcohol syndrome child and now the child has to fight back against God by changing the Bible or the words of the people of God.

Anyway, the movies about Paul are nothing like what it says about Paul in the New Testament. Paul never preached Jesus was the Messiah. What the movies do show is that Paul didn’t have any more followers than I do. When Paul was in prison only one person visited him. Even though he started many churches, many people didn’t believe what he said. It seems the church rejected most of what Paul said and only kept the things that brought people into the church, to make the church money. So much is missing from Paul’s story. He claims to have seen Jesus, but the details are missing. When I tell people I seen Jesus the first thing they ask is what did he look like, what was he wearing, was he wearing sandals? Paul says he’s seen Jesus and that’s it, there’s no details. Then Jesus says to Paul, “it will be told, what you should do”. When was it told, where was it told and what was told is missing or Jesus lied and never told him.

Even though Paul never claimed Jesus was the Messiah the church continues to teach that Paul taught that. The Antichrist teaches in the church and the Antichrist knows he can keep the Messiah from coming, by teaching he already came and left. The Antichrist knows he can take God’s power away by demoting God to a Messiah and making God into a corruptible wounded man. This is what Paul taught against. I believe most of Paul’s writings are missing and what we do have from Paul is probably greatly corrupted by the church just for the fact Paul was alone in prison. This is why I didn’t want to make any more videos, because the church is just going to corrupt my writings, lose my gospel and take what they want from it to get more members into the church for profit. They care less about God. They are only concerned about religion, power and how much money they can make.

I think with CDs and digital media, that it will be harder for them to corrupt what I say. But they certainly are trying aren’t they?


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