Absolute Truth San Bernardino Planned Parenthood Hoax, December 18, 2015.

There seems to be dis-info agents all over YouTube trying to spread disinformation about these false flag hoax events. There’s people claiming that this is a hoax because of the hat someone is wearing or using numerology to try to prove this is a hoax. This disinformation to keep people from finding the truth and anybody who is making these videos, should immediately take them down before they are charged along with the war criminals for pulling off these hoaxes. That disinformation, that they are putting out, is proving that they are in on the hoax. Very important to get their names so that when we find out who is behind these false flag events, they can be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. When people are searching for the truth about Planned Parenthood and San Bernardino they watch these disinformation videos and it throws them off course.

Of the 9/11 false flag event we tried to stick to the facts of building seven. In the San Bernardino false flag, we should stick to the facts, that there was at least two witnesses who said three tall, muscular build, white men, wearing military style clothing, were seen getting in a black SUV and leaving the scene, immediately after the shooting. Were not claiming the government did it. We can’t get the government to investigate something, you’re claiming they did. It is very possible that these witnesses were Muslims, in on the terrorist attack and that’s why we need several independent investigators, from several different agencies, to go over this criminal terrorist attack, with a fine tooth comb. Because if the witnesses were not Muslim, that means some organization, within the United States, was behind these attacks that committed acts of treason against their own country. And they are still on the lose. That means thousands of FBI, police, ATF, SWAT, homeland security and law enforcement, will have to be arrested and tried for treason. Furthermore if they were Muslim, then we still have terrorist on the loose. If the witnesses were Muslim.

We have three branches of government. This is so we have checks and balances. To make sure one branch of government, doesn’t pull off any false flag events and if they do, they are tried for treason by the other two branches of government. There is a Bible prophecy, that says the three headed government will be divided and the two heads will attack the third head and destroy it. Maybe the executive branch and the judicial branch, will destroy the legislative branch. Because it seems to be the legislative branch, that is manufacturing these false flags events, to change laws and to start Wars. Either that or the legislative branch is being manipulated by the executive branch or the judicial branch. Were not sure who doing it, we think it might be the government, but were not sure which branch. Is it the legislative, the judicial or the executive? We know that the reason why abortion is made legal, is that the judicial branch, manipulated the legislative branch into legalizing it. With a court ruling Roe versus Wade. Making a court ruling to legalize baby murder. Country is ruled by the people and the absolute law of God, not court decisions. In my dream a few hours ago, I had a dream that the serpent was cut in two and it woke me up to make this video. Because it’s about 4 o’clock in the morning.

The Planned Parenthood shooting was a false flag because the shooter pled guilty. No gun owner ever pleads guilty. They always plead not guilty justifiable homicide, I was defending helpless infants. Or it was an accident, the gun just went off when I was cleaning it inside of Planned Parenthood. Every gun owner claims he shot to protect his family. Every cop who shoots someone claims he did it to protect society. Nobody shoots anyone and claims, “I’m guilty, lock me up”.

There are several anomalies that need investigation other than the fact that witnesses claim tall, muscular, white military men did it. In this picture (I will load up a picture) the victim or the suspect, is handcuffed on the ground and it looks like he’s been trying to get out of those handcuffs for several hours, not seven seconds. The wrist looks like they handcuffs put on several times and cut off the circulation, to leave a few rings around his wrist. This should show up in the autopsy that this event did not go down like the cops say it did. In this picture shows a neighborhood watch cam in the sky. I seen this camera in a TV program but I forget which one. You can see the tall pole and there’s like birds nest on top of it. This is a neighborhood watch cam and it may have been used to capture the whole event on video or it may have been use to spot any witnesses to shut them up. There’s just too many unanswered questions of why the suspect would stop the SUV perfectly in front of a vacant lot and then run out in the open to be shot dead. There was a fence and a line of bushes that would’ve made better cover to run to. If you’re in a SUV and people are shooting at it, you’re going to duck down not run outside in the open. We need to see the police dash cam to know exactly what happened. This staged event seems to have happened so that they can pass laws against free speech. People are now being arrested for posting stuff online, that has nothing to do with terrorism but everything to do with exposing the terrorist, who pulled off this staged false flag event.

If we don’t have free speech, we might as well spend the rest of our life in prison. At least you will have free speech in prison. God gives you free speech not the Constitution. If They try to shut you up tell them, “there is no law but the absolute law of God, therefore serve God’s laws only or yield up the ghost”. Don’t worry, they will eventually die in their sins. The purpose of the Bible is to overcome death and everyone on earth, is going to die. Do not fear them who can kill the body, but cannot destroy the soul.


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