Doctor Oz Parachute Idea, Oregon Standoff, February 13, 2016.

I saw this on the doctorís OZ show last night. Vladimir Tatarenko claims he was working on this idea for the last three years of a parachute capsule on an airplane. A link below. Http:// .

Is he really a Russian that stole my idea from the White House? Or is George Soros, Hillary Clinton, stealing my ideas and inventions and creating made up names for companies, so that they canít be traced or sued? Like they showed on the 60 minutes news broadcast, of laundering money. This is how they launder money. They create a company and open it with a made-up name, preferably foreign, so no one knows who owns the company. Not only that, but they can steal peopleís inventions and patents and nobody can sue them, because they are foreigners. It could be a Russian name. But they steal peopleís ideas and inventions and open a company in a made-up name preferably a foreign name, so that you canít sue them because you donít know who they are and they are in a foreign country? I came up with this idea more than 15 years ago and sent it to the president of the United States. I have sent a lot of emails to the Clintons. I know many people will claim, why didnít I patent it and become rich. Because the idea is to save lives, not to become rich. Furthermore, I donít have the money or the power to implement such a device on a commercial jet. You need to be an airplane business and have access to a jumbo jet to invent one of these things. Thousands of people have died in the last 15 years because these thieves, wanted to steal the idea, until they could invent and patent it, so they could shove money up their fucken assholes. Furthermore theyíd never contacted me for a simpler design, that I had, that could have been implemented for only a few thousand dollars. That cost hundreds of people their lives in plane crashes in the last 15 years. So it is like the Flint water crisis. When do they know about this invention, that they could have saved the lives, but they didnít implement it, because they are waiting till they got the patents and the money. This is going to be the Revolutionary war. Not where a bunch of gun nuts, fight over some grazing rights to land that they donít even own. This is people who were killed in car crashes, because speeds were over 25 mph and people were killed in plane crashes, because these people wanted the money and the glory of other peopleís ideas.

It was also my idea to land a commercial jet on its belly, that saved hundreds of lives in the Hudson River. Before the Hudson River plane crash, these idiots would use the wing of the aircraft to slow the plane down when it landed in water. I explained that this caused the aircraft to cart wheel, killing everybody on the plane. I wrote the Clintons to tell them that planes should land on the belly, when they land on water so they donít cart wheel. This is why the commercial jet landed on the Hudson and nobody died. But did they give credit to me and my idea of saving lives, so that the world could know that I am the Messiah, no they tried to claim credit for the pilot.

The Oregon standoff was a false flag event to get patriotic Americans arrested. All they have to do to get someone to go fight in a war is call someone a commie, and thousands of people will go fight to kill the Commies. Nobody even knows what a commie is. While people are fighting the Commies, the rich and greedy mafia, are killing thousands of Americans with tobacco products, toxic copper and lead pipes, speed limits that are only fast, to get people to buy car insurance, and airplane crashes that killed hundreds, because they didnít have parachutes. Over half 1 million year are killed by tobacco products and the cop kills a homeless person, whoís trying to make a living, by selling cigarettes out of a pack, that might have cut into the mafias billions in profits.

It might cost a couple thousand dollars to put a parachute on an airplane. That was my idea to put parachutes on airplanes and it saved many lives. I didnít patent it, because you donít patent an idea, that saves lives and tell people, ďI had an invention that could have saved your life but you didnít want to buy itĒ. I donít care about the money, but you people taking credit for something I came up with, just because you wanted to make billions in profit, is pure evil. Well you could be charged with one account of premeditated murder, for every person who dies in a plane crash, because you didnít implement that idea of putting parachutes on airplanes when I came up with it years ago. Thatís what the revolution will be about, not some crazy grazing rights of a rich rancher who already owns 10,000 acres of land but wants his cattle to graze on public land by some delusional, ďgrazing rightĒ ideology.


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