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12-Year-Old Girl Steals Gun From Pussy Gun Owner, April 21, 2011.

In Oakland County Michigan, a 12-year-old girl steals a gun from a law-abiding gun owner, probably a lifetime member of the NRA National Retards Association and uses the gun in a robbery.

Why we just have to build more prisons, to keep all these little girls in, so that gun owners can keep their weapons.

Why blame the gun owner, when we can blame 12-year-old girls for all the crime in the world. Sure a 12-year-old girl is not old enough to consent to having sex, but we can charge her with a crime and let the law-abiding gun owner go free, so that a five-year-old girl can steal his weapon and use it to blow a babies head off. Wouldnít that be cool.

This is what happens when we let gunowners become policemen. The policemen are afraid of losing their jobs so they have to make sure there is plenty of crime. If they take the guns away from all the gunowners, there will be no more crime and all the police and FBI will lose their jobs. So they have to arrest 12-year-olds girls and let the people who cause crime go free, so that more crime can be committed and they can get overtime. The police love that overtime. Itís time and a half, doubletime on Sundays. Gotta pull a double shift, another 12-year-old girl stole a gun from a gun owner and the gunowners canít stop them. We need to call our boys home from Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to protect the gunowners from 12-year-old girls.

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