Oregon Shooting False Flag Conspiracy, October 2, 2015.

There are several ways to prove this is a false flag conspiracy, perpetrated by the Mafia police state and the gun lobby, to try to arm children. You will see post everywhere, by gun nuts who claim, if the schoolchildren are armed, they will be able to protect themselves. After every school shooting there was only more gun rights. After the Waco Texas biker shooting, new gun laws gave bikers a right to carry guns, instead of knives so that nobody would be stabbed, they would only be shot. This is the motive for the school shooting, to get laws passed giving students a legal right to carry guns in schools. Furthermore they will not stop school shootings, until even kindergarten students are allowed to carry guns. This is why it’s important to move out of the United States. The United States is run by a insane gun owners. Even the president is on the gun lobby side.

Next there will have shootings at day care centers and kindergarten schools, claiming if the babies are armed, they will be able to protect themselves and we can sell more guns and NRA memberships. But what about the senior citizen centers and mental institutions? I guess we’ll have to arm all the mental patients and the senile senior citizens, so they can protect themselves.

The speech that the president gave, was the same idiotic speech he gives every time. He doesn’t teach the truth about the second amendment, that only a well regulated militia is allowed to have guns and that well-regulated means gun-control. He doesn’t tell people that the words Hunter, gun collector or self-defense is nowhere in the second amendment. He doesn’t give people the facts, that this shooter was not a member of the militia. In fact he doesn’t give you the facts that 98% of gun owners are not in the militia. If they were, we would not have paid soldiers in the Army. If you want to keep your guns and claim your in the militia, then go fight in Syria, Afghanistan, the Ukraine and Iraq. Because if you’re not fighting for our country, you’re not militia.

If the president wanted to ban guns, he would have signed an executive order, to have all the mentally ill gun owners, who think the words Hunter, self-defense, and gun collector are in the Constitution, institutionalized. He would’ve ordered the gun lobby to recall all their guns that were sold to mentally ill people, who were so severely mentally ill, they could not comprehend the words “well-regulated” means gun-control. That’s right, if you are not mentally sane enough to know, “well-regulated” means gun-control, you should not only not have a gun, you should be institutionalized for the safety of society.

I’m going to write a speech for the president for the next time there’s a school shooting by the gun lobby to try to get laws passed so schoolchildren can carry guns. Will see if the president is a man of God or a man of the gun lobby.

Dear President Obama,

Who is writing your speeches. It seems like they are written by the gun lobby to get schoolchildren armed. Arming schoolchildren will only cause shootings at preschools, mental hospitals and senior citizen centers, where people cannot be armed. There is no truth in your speeches. If you wanted to have some common sense gun laws passed this is the speech you would give on national TV.

Fellow Americans, support your Second Amendment to the Constitution. There is no words, Hunter, gun collector or self-defense in the second amendment. The Second Amendment says only a well-regulated militia is allowed to be armed. And we all know well-regulated means gun-control. We also know that people who believe the words well-regulated means something other than gun-control are mentally ill and should be institutionalized for the safety of society. Therefore I’m going to pass legislation to institutionalize all those who think the words “well-regulated” means something other than gun-control. If any American believes the words Hunter, gun collector, or self-defense are in the second amendment, they are not only to mentally ill to own a weapon, they are to mentally ill to keep society safe and need to be institutionalized. We know the school shootings are happening too often to be a coincidence. The motive seems to be by gun owners and the gun lobby to arm schoolchildren. That’s just the insanity. We are not going to allow guns in schools. Anyone who thinks guns in schools is the answer is mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized. Therefore I’m going to set aside $10 billion in funding to house these mentally ill to keep society safe. Before any member of the militia can purchase a gun they will have to pass a test to see if they are mentally stable. The questions will be, does well-regulated means gun-control? If they say no, they will not be allowed to purchase a gun in their names will be put in a FBI database for the insane. Another question, is the word Hunter, self-defense or gun collector in the Second Amendment? If they say yes, they will not be allowed to purchase a gun and they will be put in a FBI database of mentally ill patients similar to the way we treat sex offenders. We don’t have to pass any new laws every psychiatrist knows that people who see the words Hunter, gun collector or self-defense in the Second Amendment is severely mentally ill. We simply have to connect psychiatrist with gun registration data.


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Motive of the Oregon shooting is to get laws passed so schoolchildren can carry guns. The Skype is messing up my sound on my videos. I’m going to have to uninstall it.

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