What Makes U Believe U Deserve a Bigger Piece of Pie? December 21, 2012.

What makes a person believe they should have more than someone else? Jesus said, “he who has two pair of shoes, let him give one pair, to one who has no shoes”. This goes back to the theme of the police officer given a homeless man shoes. None of the church preachers are preaching the message of Jesus, at least even though was a conspiracy, they want to project an image that at least one person is doing what Jesus said to do. I can see Abraham asking, “God are you going to destroy the city, if there is at least one man, faking giving a way a pair of shoes?” And Jesus replying, “I don’t know, faking giving away a pair of shoes is not going to be good enough I said, “he wears two pairs of shoes, let him give to one who has none.” He who has $2 million let him give $1 million a way. The way to end poverty is to abolish wealth. The United States is 15 trillion in debt but that’s far lower than its total value. If the value of the United States was 30 trillion and wealth was divided up equally, each man and woman or child would have $80,000 in cash. If you have more than $80,000 worth of assets, you got someone else’s share. And that’s if the United States is only worth 30 trillion. Abolishing wealth will end all crime and wars. There will be no need to have guns. The Constitution of the United States says all men are created equal. Those who think they should have more than another, are not Americans and they should move out of the country so we can war against them. The time will come when patriotic Americans will do their patriotic duty to defend the Constitution against those who not believe all men are equal.

I’m sick of watching all the propaganda on the news and the TV shows brainwashing Americans. It’s getting so bad it’s almost better to watch the TV evangelists who are spewing out 98% garbage. At least 2% of what they say might have some truth in it. Every one of these TV evangelists are preaching prosperity. This is what gives people the idea that they should have more than someone else. It is the complete opposite message of Jesus. It is the devil preaching through the TV set that you can be rich by taking from others. Jesus message was changed from “if you have two pairs of shoes give one pair of shoes away to someone who doesn’t have pairs shoes” to the message that “if you have a dozen pair of shoes, you can foreclose on all the people who have one pairs shoes and then you will have to dozen pairs of shoes and if those people walk around barefoot and homeless, their curse from God and your blessed for watching my evil program.

Having a bigger piece of pie than someone else, do you think that’s what love is? If these rich people think having more than someone else is love, then no wonder they’re so miserable. When God created the world, there was so much resources for each person. When you have more than another person, you are stealing from another person. When you are rich, you are literally causing thousands of young women to be forced into killing their own children by way of abortion. I was shocked to see Judge Judy, who is a multimillionaire, telling some young people that they should not have child, because they don’t have jobs. God said, “be fruitful and multiply”. A woman’s job is to have children. Even people believe that until 50 years ago, until the rich decided they could make money by having women work also and if they had to kill their children via abortion , to keep their job or save their career, it was okay with them. Do you realize, when Jesus returns, every person that has two pairs of shoes, is going to be killed. Every person that has more than somebody else, is going to die in the war between good and evil. Judge Judy already sealed her fate. When she told the young people they should not have children because they did not have jobs, she killed children. She is no different than Adam Lanza. I would say she killed 1000 times more children than Adam Lanza, because she did not know God’s law. There is no way her children get to live, after she told young people, that their children should not be born because they had no money. The only parts of the Bible that talk about prosperity is the dictators of the time told people God bless them, and that’s why they’re rich. They practice Satanism. Everything and I mean absolutely everything, belongs to God and the penalty for stealing from God is death. All manners of sins committed against other people can be forgiven, but sins against God cannot possibly be forgiven. It’s not even negotiable. God will do nothing until he declares it to his prophets first and I believe all the rich are about to be killed. What I want you to do is to start calling up these TV evangelists and tell them what Jesus taught. If you have two pairs of shoes you better give one away. If you have $2 million, I feel sorry for you I don’t think there’s any way you can be saved even if you give away your already caused the deaths of thousands by having more than your share.

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