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Occupy God’s Kingdom, November 21, 2011.

The Wall Street protesters have been pepper sprayed, for sitting on God’s land. Soldiers, you cannot fight for your country, because God owns all the land. If you’re not fighting for God’s kingdom, you’re fighting for Mammon’s kingdom. The protesters should have chanted “if we were people of God, fire would come down from heaven and have these Roman soldiers destroyed”. The policeman would have got the message, that they are not serving God.

Are these protesters really people of God. Are they protesting to free the people from slavery called jobs, or are they serving Mammon, by claiming jobs are the answer. I didn’t see any fire come down from heaven. They must of thought jobs were the answer.

They should have chanted, “jobs are slavery, food Grows on trees.” They should’ve chanted, “eye for eye, tooth for tooth, trillion dollars for trillion dollars worth of suffering, no more free rides for workers compensation”. They should have chanted, “the penalty for claiming to own what belongs to God is death.” “The penalty for making a profit off of others’ suffering is death”. All the gold, all the silver cannot buy their way out of God’s judgments.

In a unjust world, there’s only one place for a righteous man, and that is in prison. The prisons should be overloaded. The kingdom of God is where people are free to walk around naked in the garden of Eden, without the fear of being arrested, for public nudity or trespassing. The only people who are trespassing, are the people who claim the land does not belong to God. When this gospel is spread to all nations, then it will be chanted, “the Kingdom is the Lord’s”.

A man of God does not force people to pay taxes on God’s land. A man of God does not force men into slavery called jobs. A man of God does not force people to purchase clothing, if he doesn’t want to see them naked, he gives them a $10,000 year clothing allowance out of his own paycheck. A man of God does not force men to pay to see women naked. A man of God does not sell God’s fruit from his fruit trees, vegetables from his garden or even the nuts that grow freely on trees. A man of God does not claim ownership to God’s land, God’s gold, God Silver, God’s oil, God’s diamonds, God’s water or God’s Forrest. Anyone who thinks Monsanto can put a patent on God’s seeds, is so insane that only his blood, can pay for his sins.

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