Affordable Healthcare Obamacare, October 6, 2013.

First Obama says people will not have to pay for it, then someone tells him poor black people will be forced to pay for medical insurance and he admits that it’s not free. But someone lied to him and told him that it would only cost them about $30 a month. When you’re poor, $30 a month is a lot of money. Furthermore, if you can’t afford to pay that $30 a month, they fine you 1% of your income or $95 for the first year, plus $47.50 for each child they have, about $280 per family for the first year. If you don’t get medical insurance the next year the rate goes up to 2.5% of your income and fines can be around $1000 for the second year, if you don’t purchase insurance. I said poor people would spend time in prison because they can’t afford medical insurance and people said they can't put you in prison if you don’t purchase the medical insurance. But they put you in prison for other reasons.

This fine is nothing to the rich, but the poor can’t afford it. The fine only hurts the poor people. The fine should be set to go up higher, the more money you make. So if Bill Gates doesn’t pay for his medical insurance, he should pay 50% of his income as a fine. He has no excuse for not paying it and a $95 fine, isn’t even a punishment to Bill Gates, it’s a tip he leaves the bartender.

A homeless man told me he was going to prison for sleeping on the sidewalk. I said, “they can’t put you in prison for sleeping on the sidewalk”. He got a five dollar loitering fine for sleeping on the sidewalk. When he didn’t pay the five dollar fine, he had to pay penalties and interest. When he couldn’t pay the penalties and interest, he had a court date. He didn’t have the five dollars for the fine and he didn’t have the bus fare to make it to court. So now he had court cost, fines and penalties and interest. After five years he owed over $1800 in fines and penalties for the five dollar sleeping on the sidewalk ticket. The judge didn’t even bother looking at the five years of paperwork, the way he looked at it, this guy owed $1800 and he was going to pay it and so he will send him to prison.

One guy did not pay child support. They can’t put you in prison for not paying child support, can they? When he didn’t pay his child support, they took his driver’s license. He had to drive to work, but got a ticket for driving with no license. Sooner or later not paying child support will send you to prison. Can they take away your drivers license, if you don’t pay for your medical insurance and the fines you accumulate, for not paying for it? What if you get a court date and you can’t make it to court, because they took your drivers license? There’s nothing more evil than a affordable healthcare plan, that forces people to pay fines, if they don’t purchase it.

This is what’s going to happen to the people who cannot afford to pay for their medical insurance. The whole purpose of medical reform was to give insurance to people who could not afford it. But the institutions that wrote the medical reform act or Obamacare, which was supposed to be affordable healthcare, turned out to be a law that would send people to prison who refused to pay for medical insurance. And quite possibly have their children taken away from them for child neglect, if they didn’t purchase for them health insurance. They want to make it look like you’re neglecting or starving your children, if you don’t purchase medical insurance for them.

The people who are going to be hurt the most by the so-called “affordable healthcare” are the people who could not afford insurance in the 1st place. But things are 10 times worse. Now employers are going to cut the poor peoples hours, so that they don’t have to pay half of the people’s medical insurance. This means poor people, will not only have their hours cut and paychecks cut, they will be forced to pay 100% of their medical coverage.

Oh but they say if you make less than $10,000 a year, your insurance will be free. But nobody who works, will be making less than $10,000 a year, just for the fact that minimum wage will prevent that. So people who make minimum wage will have their hours cut so that employers don’t have to pay half of their medical insurance. Let’s do the math.

Minimum wage in 2013 in Michigan is 7:40 an hour. Under the affordable healthcare act, employers will have to pay insurance on employees that work more than 30 hours a week. So most minimum wage workers hours will be cut to 29 - 35 hours a week at $7.40 an hour. That’s $214.60 to $259.60 a week or $11,159.20 to $13,468.00 a year.

Oh my God, that’s enough money for these poor people to be forced to pay 100% of their medical coverage or be fined 1% of their income for the first year. They’re making less than $14,000 and they’re going to be fined $300 the first year and about $1000 the second year? This is crazy. This is satanic.

The Supreme Court ruled that it was legal to force people to pay for medical coverage because they considered it a tax. Well it should be a tax on the rich not a tax on the poor. Health care should be free for anyone making less than what the politicians consider poor, $250,000 a year. I think healthcare should be free for anyone making less than $50,000 a year, especially if they have a family. You can’t raise a family on less than $50,000 a year.

Now the good thing about the healthcare act, is they did put something in it about religion. If it’s against your religion you should not be forced to pay for medical coverage, that you don’t believe in. This should be a great way to get people to join the Timothean religion because we don’t believe in the practice of medicine. The practice of medicine is not an exact science but simply uses people as guinea pigs, so that doctors can learn how to operate on the wealthy. People who purchase medical insurance are making a statement of faith, that they don’t believe God will heal them. That’s what medical insurance says. It says you have no faith in God.

Fire insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, all say you have no faith in God and that’s why you’re purchasing insurance. You don’t believe in God if you’re buying insurance.

I don’t care if my medical insurance is free. The fact that they’re only going to use me as a guinea pig to operate on, so they can learn how to operate on the rich, tells me I’d rather be dead, than go to a doctor. The doctors assure me they operated on many prison inmates and poor people much poorer than me so I can be confident the operation will be a success. Well no thank you, I don’t want to spend eternity being burned and tortured in hell by benefitting off the suffering of others. So now it’s official dogma that the Timothean religion does not believe in the practice of medicine and you cannot be a Timothean if you have medical insurance.

The way to end this government shutdown is to make it very clear that certain religious people will not have to purchase medical insurance.

The limit on how much a person can make before they are forced to purchase medical insurance has to be raised to at least $50,000 a year. Remember the Supreme Court approved forcing people to pay for medical insurance, because they considered it as a tax on the rich not oppression of the poor. The Supreme Court passed it, to benefit the poor, not punish them. Obama said the Supreme Court has already ruled that people can be forced to pay for medical coverage. But the Supreme Court did not rule that poor people making under $50,000 a year, could be forced to pay for medical coverage. Obamacare is a tax on the rich.

If you don’t want to be forced to pay for medical coverage, join the Timothean religion. If the Pope wanted to serve Jesus, he would excommunicate all those who purchase medical insurance.

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