Obama Speech Flint Delusion, May 5, 2016.

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The point of mentioning the infrastructure is falling apart, is to make the point that this is not the way God intended us to live. Itís not about digging up the lead pipes and replacing them with copper. Itís about digging up all the pipes, streets and bridges and replacing it with Godís kingdom. The Antichrist builds cities of delusion out of menís blood. This system is not working. I canít believe there are 34 prisons in Michigan alone. You have created a system that systematically puts poor and disabled people in prison and causes women to murder their own children by abortion, because they canít afford to raise them. You cannot rebuild your cities because all the people have been made disabled from the jobs you have created. If the Lord has not built it, men labor in vain Psalms 127:1.

Replacing the toxic lead pipes with toxic copper pipes is not the solution. I like Bill Cosbyís quote, ďtodayís solutions, is tomorrowís problemsĒ. Copper pipes contain arsenic. They simply havenít been proven yet, to be more toxic than lead thatíll take another 20 to 50 years to figure that out, with all the propaganda the copper industry is spewing out to sell copper pipes.

Before we had city water, we had well water and septic tanks that was free. Now scientists are saying industry has polluted the earth so much, we cannot go back to well water, because the groundwater has been polluted by the automobile industry. I sure hope science is wrong, because if the Earth is destroyed, none of us will survive. I think you should sign an executive order to make all industry and jobs illegal. You can achieve nothing by working but destroying the gifts of God. Godís kingdom is a natural ecosystem. The Indians have been living by it for more than thirty-five thousand years.

When the white man discovered Yosemite national Park, they thought they were the first, because they see no evidence of humans being on the land. Thatís because the Indians didnít destroy the land like the white man did. Yosemite national Park was a good idea. It shows us what the earth was like the way God intended it. And if people lived on the land like the Indians, the entire United States would be like Yosemite national Park. The Indians were not perfect. They made some mistakes with tobacco and farming the land. Farming is the sin of Cain. When you farm the land, it turns into a desert. Trees are the answer. Fruit and nut trees. Trees donít destroy the earth, they keep the moisture from evaporating and they filter the water. You donít need city water, Wells or bottled water if you have plenty of apple trees. An Apple contains ninety-eight percent water. Eating one Apple is like drinking a 6 to 8 ounce glass of purified water. What the Indians needed was a Johnny Appleseed. When the Indians roamed the land, if they would have planted apple trees, pear trees, fruit and nut trees they would have fed thousands of generations into the future. We can still do this today. But people keep twisting my message and planting farms instead of gardens. They are taking vacant lots and farming them to destroy the earth. They should be taking those vacant lots and planting fruit and nut trees, which takes no watering, fertilizers, or much labor and provides filtered water. The fruit and nut trees will also provide food for smaller animals like rabbits, squirrels and deer which can be eaten by humans, if they donít like eating the fruit. Farming the land only destroys the earth and takes a lot of labor and resources with little food produced. People need to learn how the Indians lived so they can live off the land without farming it or destroying it. The lawyers have taken the keys to the kingdom of God and hidden them. Thatís why we donít know how to live in Godís kingdom. The lawyers serve the rich by enslaving people with jobs, until they become disabled and have to be put in prison. Or they have to start killing the stupid people. I canít even go to a bar without people thinking I am faking a job injury to get out of work. Either theyíre going to kill me or Iím going to end up killing them. People have been brainwashed into believing industry should still be able to make a profit after a man is injured on the job. Believe me, workers compensation does not have enough money to pay me for my job injury. And anyone who thinks it does, should be put in a mental hospital and tortured like I was with Stella ganglion blocks to the neck until they wake up to the truth.

Rebuilding Flint, the bridges, the roads, the city water system, is not the Eagle rising from the ashes. Rebuilding Flint is whatís going to cause God to bring fire down from heaven and have the United States destroyed for its ignorance. Last I heard Canada is going up in flames. You do remember the movie the ten Commandments? God destroyed the Egyptians for forcing the people to get jobs. The Hebrews left their slave jobs to serve God in the wilderness. People should be allowed to return to the national parks, Godís kingdom, without fear of being arrested, as long as they donít wear clothing, cut down trees, build fires, or use bottled water, as long as they learn how to live on the land without destroying the land. That means no farming, but eating the fruit that grows off of trees. Thereís only one job and that is serving God as sub planters. Planting fruit and nut trees. Tending the garden, not the farm.

Itís time for the lawyers to give us the keys to the kingdom of God. Jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. God is the provider, food grows on trees. You have to stop the logging industry from cutting down the fruit and nut trees that are necessary for life. You have to make it illegal for people to make a profit off of what God provides for free. You have to make it a crime for industry to pollute the air, water and land and make them pay for the damage they done to the earth. There shouldnít be any rich people after they get done paying for what they have destroyed. There shouldnít be any rich people after they get done paying for all those injured on the job. Industry should not make one penny of profit when someone is killed by their products, they should be put in prison. In two thousand ten, fifty-four people were killed by kayaks. That means not only should the kayak companies CEOís be in prison, but so should all the politicians who allow them to stay in business, after the first person was killed by their product. The women who were forced to have abortions, because the system forced people to get jobs, need to be paid for their losses and that money has to come out of the pockets of the rich, who created the system. Iím still waiting for my four hundred and fifty billion dollars for my job injury and since a woman got fifty million dollars for thirty seconds of embarrassment, I think I should be paid four hundred and fifty trillion dollars for my job injury and one hundred trillion for the torturous Stella ganglion block to the neck, the doctors gave me, because they didnít want to pay me for my job injury. Keywords. .

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