Obama Should Be Thanking The Impeachable Trump, November 18, 2016.

Trump had stole my quote that Obama would go down as the worst president in history. I said it because forcing poor people to pay for Obama care or pay a fine has got to be the stupidest idea that anyone has ever come up with. Poor people who canít afford healthcare are not going to be able to afford the finds so theyíre going to end up owing a lot of money or end up in prison at taxpayers expense. I believe Obama was tricked into signing Obama care by white supremacists. I know this because I am white and I know a lot of white racist. Their plan was to force black people who could not afford to pay for healthcare to pay fines, so they can put them all in prison and make them slaves again. When people are in prison they can force them to make license plates and to package Microsoft Windows for sixteen cents an hour, slave labor. They want to profit off of prison inmates by privatizing the prisons and passing laws so that all poor people go to prison to be enslaved. These are racist Nazis. Thereís probably nothing wrong with being a separatist, where you think the kangaroos should be in Australia and the Penguins in the North Pole. But these people are racist Nazis, that want to kill the Penguins, kill the blacks and kill the kangaroos. Donald Trump has selected a complete racist Nazi to rule with him in the White House. Donald Trumpís election is what caused Glenn Eiffel to either be murdered or to die of stress. I donít see a difference. Obama should be thanking Donald Trump because Obama will no longer go down in history as the worst president, Donald Trump will. Thatís if Donald Trump is not impeached before he ever gets to office.

We live in a system of checks and balances. Donald Trump has been elected, but he can be impeached, before he ever steps one foot in office. Some guy commented on my video that I endorsed Trump, because Bernie Sanders seems to think everybody should smoke weed while getting a free college education. Free college education was my idea. Many other countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia give their people free education and they will become more powerful than us because of it. Legalize marijuana was my idea for terminal cancer patients. But I was for decriminalizing it, not people making a profit off of it. When people profit off the marijuana, they tend to use those profits to pass laws to increase their profits and get more people addicted to the drug, so they can make more profits. They pass laws that you have to have a license to sell medical marijuana. Those licenses are outrageous priced and numbered. To the point were not everyone can get a license to sell marijuana. If everyone canít sell marijuana, nobody should be able to. All people are equal. It should be illegal to sell marijuana. Because everyone canít sell it. If you want to grow it for your own use, that should be fine. The minute you sell marijuana to make a profit off of what God had provided, you committed a sin punishable by death. Thatís not just my opinion, thatís what the Bible says and thatís what Iíll preach to the day I am murdered by the marijuana profiteers.

You canít take things that I say out of context. If your daughter needs a nice boy, who dresses nice, smells nice, speaks softly, seems kind and she goes out on a date with him after telling you what a nice guy he is and the guy rapes her, are you going to be delusional and claim that wasnít rape you just told us what a nice guy he was. After Trump was elected I thought, give him a chance. But when he selected a racist to be in power with him, when he put an idiot who doesnít believe in global warming into a position of power and when he tried to get security clearance for his brother-in-law, that could be a spy for Russia, then I knew he has to be impeached. There are ways of fighting back. To get Donald Trump impeached you need support of all Americans. To get their support you have to let businesses know youíre not going to do business with them if they support Trump. Now if these business owners voted for Trump but now decided they wanted to impeach Trump, then you can purchase products from that business. But as long as they support this racist, global warming denier, get security clearance for Russian spies idiot, donít support that business by buying drinks or dinner at their establishment.

Iíve been writing online for thirty years. All of these candidates have stolen my ideas and use them to run for president. It was my idea thirty years ago to create jobs by rebuilding all of our bridges and roads. But that was before I knew this was the Garden of Eden and that jobs were slavery and a crime against humanity. It was my idea to collect money off of other countries because we invented the airplane, automobile and nuclear energy. But that was before I knew that Russia invented the first airplane and Germany invented nuclear energy and who knows who invented the first automobile but it probably wasnít America. They simply steal other peopleís ideas and inventions. The only thing America did was made it profitable to sell products that injured and killed people. Russia invented the first steam engine airplane but they never mass-produced it because people were killed in it. They were not murderers like Americans are. They didnít enslave people to make it profitable to produce automobiles and airplanes. That doesnít mean that America is great. It means America is the great Satan.

Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura and David Icke have been stealing my ideas to promote their agendas for close to the last twenty years to achieve their agendas. All of them are against a carbon tax. The carbon tax is a tax on polluters. People donít have to pollute the air. Those who pollute the air should be taxed. These people should be lucky that Americans are not using their constitutional right to bear arms to protect their families from the people who are trying to kill them by polluting the air, water and land. In my opinion it is justifiable homicide to put a bullet threw the head of those people who are trying to kill your children by polluting the air. These people should be thanking God that all they have to do is pay a carbon tax. But now that they were so against a simple carbon tax, I think people who have a right to bear arms, to defend their families, should demand a billion dollars from every person who wants to pollute the air like David Icke, Alex Jones and Donald Trump. These people want to use the radio, Internet and speeches to go against a carbon tax that would cut down on the pollution your children would breathe. They are the scum of the earth and the reason why we have a right to bear arms. I am against guns because nobody is using guns to kill these people in self-defense, who are killing your children. Donald Trump, Alex Jones and David Icke are not stupid, they know a carbon tax is to prevent your children from being poisoned and they donít care about your children and furthermore they know you have a right to bear arms to protect your children and they know their children will be killed in a revolution, if they donít not only support a carbon tax, but support throwing anyone in prison who pollutes the air. I donít pollute the air. I donít drive a car. You want to drive a car and pollute my air, in a country where people have a constitutional right to bear arms to defend their children from those who are trying to kill them with air pollution? You are fucking crazy, not me.

Bernie Sanders will turn the United States into a drug addiction pot smoking country, but Donald Trump will cause a race war within six months and millions will die. Thank God we live in a country of checks and balances where we could throw this dumb ass hole out of office before that happens. Now keep calling businesses up and let them know if they donít throw Trump out of office, you will not be purchasing their cars, bicycles, Internet access, you will not buy their food, you will not drink their drinks, you will not be giving them any of your money.

God is your King. You vote in anyone else as your King youíre asking for trouble. Jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Everything belongs to God. Every business owner must pay for the people they enslave with jobs.

Obama doesnít believe he was tricked by racists whites into signing the Obama care act that would eventually throw blacks in prison to be slaves because they canít afford health care or the fines. Millions of people have not signed up for Obama care and owe fines for not signing up. They wonít be thrown in prison while Obama is in office, but Donald Trump will have no problem throwing these blacks in prison to be slaves because they canít afford Obama care or the fines. Obama still has time and the power to reverse the fines for not paying for Obama care. He still has the power to launch a nuclear war against the racist whites who want to enslave the blacks. Obama is ignorant. He really doesnít believe that the racist whites will enslave the blacks. But thatís their plan and he has been warned. Blacks still have their finger on the nuclear button and only a short time to save their race from insane people like Donald Trump.


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