Email to Barack Obama February 8, 2016.

Islam extremist believe there is nothing wrong with poisoning the food or water of your enemies. The law of God demands one warned their enemies and not use these unethical tactics. Only Mafia thugs poison food and water.

Carl Levin had tried to pass a law that businesses use their real name to keep people from laundering money. Why do I have to use my real name and address for my website, letting criminals know where I live, but any business can be owned by a foreigner under a fake name? Businesses in the United States could be owned by Russians, Isis terrorist, Islam extremist, anybody could buy a food or water company in the United States and deliver poison food and water to the people. Like Detroit privatize water poisoned Flint or Chipotle Mexican restaurant.

The Rams Horn served me poison food because they didnít like me talking to the health department. Local Frazier cops did not want to arrest them, they wanted to arrest me, for harassing them about poisoning my food. This showed Isis extremist, how easy it is to poison food and water in the United States, that the cops not only donít investigate, but they blame the victims. They been so brainwashed by the Mafia thugs in power, who have been poisoning injured workers, because they donít want to pay them the $450 billion for their job injury.

A law has to be passed so that we know who owns every business in the United States. Who owns Detroit water department? How can they charge residents $100 a month for water, when they havenít spent a penny on replacing water pipes? Just 15 years ago the water bill was only $15 for three months. The water bill in my town houses is $50,000 for 500 residents and electric and gas bill put together is less than half of that.

Still waiting for someone to investigate the Rams Horn who poisoned me or Warfieldís bar and Grill that tampered with my beer. John at the health department said the tampered beer wouldnít harm me. I donít care, they tampered with it. They should be in prison. How are these Mafia run businesses, still in business? Is it because they bought you a $5 million mansion in Dubai? Shame shame shame now I purchased some butter and it made me sick. The food supply is being poisoned and Iím not just a schizophrenic. © Copyright ©1996-2016 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.