Now Is the Time of the Resurrection, March 27, 2016.

Many people besides the Jews, believe in the resurrection from the dead. Most of them however, believe it will not happen until the end of the world. However, Jesus said, ďnow is the time for the resurrectionĒ and he said it more than two thousand years ago. This is Easter Sunday where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It amazes me how many people believe their relatives go to heaven when they die. Or that their dead relatives are in heaven with seventy-two virgins, but they donít believe in the resurrection from the dead.

Dolly the sheep was cloned off my idea that the DNA contains all of the information to clone a new body. Even if you die, all the information to make an exact replica of your body is contained inside every cell of your DNA. The soul never dies. So when a person dies it is their body that is dying, not their soul. To God, all people are living. To resurrect someone from the dead, all one needs to do is to clone a new body and reunite it with the soul. Or simply ask God to call a new body into existence, by the power of his word.

In my last video I shed a little light on how evil some people are in this world. Itís unbelievable, not only that there are killers, but there are people who will kill the witnesses of the resurrection. But evil gets even worse. God is not the author of death. The Bible says death is the last enemy to overcome. Not only are there people who will kill sixty million babies by abortion, they kill five hundred thousand a year with tobacco. Untold millions of people are killed by birth control and toxic chemicals and radiation are keeping women from becoming pregnant in the first place.

There still people who do not believe the tobacco companies are responsible for the people they kill. A guy in the bar told me his story on how the police killed his schizophrenic son and I told him how the tobacco companies killed my parents. Then he went on to say my parents committed suicide by smoking. Then I went to another bar where a woman was smoking. Should I have called the cops on her, because she was committing suicide by smoking a cigarette? According to this guy at the bar she was committing suicide by choosing to smoke. Cops should have arrested her to prevent her from committing suicide with a cigarette. They should make a Saturday night lifeís comedy skit, where cops are called out with sniper weapons to get the smokers to drop their cigarettes before they harm themselves or kill someone else with their secondhand smoke. With the smoker crying, ďI donít want to live, I donít want to live, give me a cigarette and let me kill myselfĒ. Then put them in a prison cell with no belts or shoelaces to hang themselves or cigarette machines to smoke themselves to death.

Believe it or not, the reason why the Egyptians embalm people, is not to give them immortality, but is to prevent God from raising them from the dead. When people started having the faith to resurrect embalmed people, they started burying people six feet under. When they started digging up these graves from people who were embalmed, they found scratch marks where the people tried to get out of the coffin, after they were dead and resurrected. The world leaders are the devil. If you witness someone being raised from the dead they would kill you, embalm you, and bury you, to make sure God doesnít bring you back to life.

Science is not proving that God does not exist and that people who believe in the resurrection are crazy. Sciences proving biblical truths. Einstein said E=MC2 which means energy equals matter. It means there is no matter, there is only energy. In fact there is no energy, all there is, is spirit. What do you think energy is? The universe doesnít exist, it is a grand illusion. Matter doesnít exist. Itís like the movie the matrix. The holistic universe. The entire universe was called into existence by Godís word alone. The newest theory is string theory. Everything is just made up of waves. Sound waves, microwaves etc. The only difference between Lead and Gold is the frequency of the waves. Itís like a radio or TV station. Turn to one frequency and you get rap and another station and you get rock Ďn roll. Tune into one TV station and you get comedy and turn to it different TV station and you get graphic violence.

All people in this world are evil. Even people like Doctor Phil would rather have his granddaughter stayed dead, if she died in a car accident, then believe somebody could resurrect her from the dead. He would rather label that person is a paranoid schizophrenic, then have his granddaughter come back from the dead. The guy at the bar said his schizophrenic son was killed by police and his wife wanted the answers, but there was none. First of all I said there was no such thing as schizophrenia. Secondly, I said you would think I was a schizophrenic if I told you I could raise your son from the dead. And sure enough he would rather have his son remain dead then believe me. His son wasnít a paranoid schizophrenic, he was simply well-educated and read a lot of books. He probably read most of my stuff.

I had a dream a few nights ago where I went to a funeral home and raised a person from the dead. At first it was like singing karaoke, where your kind of nervous from standing in front of people to sing. But in the dream God showed me he was going to raise the person from the dead before I actually did the resurrection. So it was kind of given me confidence. The only problem is, there are so many evil people who deserve to die in the first place, who is worthy to be raised from the dead? Iím definitely not going to raised from the dead any gun owners, any pot smokers, any atheist, any Christians, any Muslims. Anybody who doesnít believe the automobile companies should be charged with one account of premeditated murder for every person who dies in a car accident or that the tobacco companies should also be charged for every person they kill with their product. When you look at it, thereís nobody even worthy to be raised from the dead. But if anybody actually died in the Brussels bombing and surviving relatives would like me to raise them from the dead, let me know. Gun owners need not apply.


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