No Longer Conspiracy.

GunLobby did Newtown, December 27, 2012.

It’s no longer conspiracy that the Newtown Connecticut school shooting, was not done by a lone wolf, mentally ill shooter. On the same day of the Newtown shooting, a supposed loan wolf crazed mentally ill person, went inside a school in China and stabbed 22 children, yelling “guns don’t kill people, knives do, I’m not brainwashed, the NRA stole my copyrighted slogan”. The same MKultra brainwashing techniques, that were used to convince Americans that the words Hunter, guncollector and self defense were in the Second Amendment, and that convinced Americans that Hitler banned guns to gain world power, has convinced both the Newtown shooter and the China stabber, to go on killing sprees to sell more guns and NRA memberships. There is more evidence that the gun lobby was behind the Newtown school shootings and the China school stabbings then there was evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

The head of the NRA Wayne LaPierre, wants to create a world wide police state. He met with the president and suggested armed guards in every school and on every street corner. He’s having little success in the United States, but he has achieved his goal in China. Because 22 children were stabbed in China on December 14, 2012, new laws in China dictate, that every school in China , will have armed guards by 2013. The school shootings and stabbings and armed guards in every school is not a coincidence. It is the agenda of the gun lobby.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution only gives a well regulated militia a right to bear arms and only for the purpose of securing a free state, from dictators like the head of the NRA who changed the Second Amendment, by removing the word “regulated” and inserting the words Hunter, guncollector, self defense and even protect property. When you argue with these gun nuts, that these words are not in the Constitution, they will say you have to look in the federal papers or read it in Playboy magazine. We don’t have right to bear arms to protect the federal papers or Playboy magazine. The president of the United States, every arms soldier, every member of the well regulated militia, took a vow to defend the Constitution, not the federal papers or Playboy magazine. If you are not using your gun, to put a bullet through the head of those trying to insert the words Hunter, guncollector, self defense and even “protect property” into the Second Amendment, you are not in the well regulated militia and you have no right to have a gun. Be a patriotic American and use your guns for their intended purpose. You will go down in history as a hero. If they are against gun control, they are not members of the well regulated militia and they are in fact traitors to the Constitution.

I don't care what the Supreme Court tyrants & dictators ruled. The second Amendment gives us the right to overthrow dictators. The Constitution is for the people and is to be interpreted by the people. The Constitution was not to be interpreted by tyrants and dictators. You are the one to interpret the Bible, not the devil. You are the people , you are the one to interpret the Constitution not some tyrant or dictator. I don’t know how anyone ever became a Supreme Court justice when they did not know the definition of the word “regulated”. I don’t know how anyone so mentally ill, that they hallucinated words like “self defense” “guncollector” “Hunter” “protect property” and could not see the words “Well Regulated” in the Second Amendment, could possibly hold any position of office. It’s like we are in bizarro world. When this Supreme Court justice ruled that the second amendment said “self-defense” the president of the United States should have sent in the Navy Seals to kill the anti-Constitution tyrant, like he did Bin Laden. Either you defend the Constitution of the United States or you’re not an American.

The United States is not run by the military industrial complex that is behind the Newtown shooting to create a police state, the killing of millions for oil, and the prevention of charging Halliburton for war crimes. It is run by the people, for the people. The devil knows he has a short time and is running rampant. God let the devil kill millions for oil and let the tragedies of the schools happen, so that those who orchestrated them, can seal their fate, in the lake of fire. No man-made weapon can prevail against you, but all those who have weapons, shall be destroyed. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. There is enough evidence to prove the gun lobby was behind the stabbing in China and the shooting in Newtown Connecticut to justify a nuclear war. Their flesh shall consume off their bones and their eyes shall Consume out of their sockets. I love the Bible quote predicts the end of the tyrants rule.

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