Nightcrawler II, September 16, 2015.

The movie had a couple good ideas, but they didn’t go deep enough. The first movie tried to make the media into narcissistic psychopaths. What the movie really showed, was the narcissistic psychopaths, psychologist, psychiatrist, policeman and FBI agents, who made and directed the movie. Blamed the media, because they don’t want to look into the mirror.

There needs to be a Nightcrawler II, where they dig deeper into the truth. Not only do people who get released from prison have to get jobs as streamers for newspapers, they also have to get jobs as security guards, that protect winners at casinos, as they walked their way out to the car. Some of them have no other choice but to go back to school so they can get jobs as doctors, lawyers, judges and because America is the greatest country on earth even an ex-con can be president. So felons run for political office on the platform that they were wrongfully convicted and boy do they get the votes. This is the Judge Mathis story, he was a convicted felon, couldn’t get a job anywhere, he had no other choice but to go back to school and become a judge. Of course he’s still a criminal, but his second job is a judge.

How the convicted murderers get the job they love, becoming a Supreme Court judge to legalize murder, abortion, it’s now legal to kill people you don’t like, you just call it self defense. That person’s personality was killing you and it was self-defense to kill them first. Them convicted felons make the best CEOs of corporations, because they can make decisions without any conscience. They make great military leaders too. Someone needs to do a study of where convicted felons earn a living after they get out of prison. I’m not talking about their first job at the car wash when they get released, but at 10, 20, 30 years later. I think you would be surprised that there are probably some of the richest people on earth. Look at the people who were released 20 years ago and what are they doing today? If they did not go back to prison.

They need to go deeper to show how the media corporations get their money. So this media giant is paying hundred thousand dollars for good video footage of crimes and shootings, where are they getting the money? Who but the gun lobby, that sells guns for peoples protection, can give the media giants enough money to buy those kinds of videos? Maybe the NRA? And who would pay the media giants to air videos not only of of drunk drivers car crashes, but also pay them to do updates on the drunk driver court date, conviction, sentence, and even the story of the mothers against drunk drivers, protesting that the drunk driver didn’t get along enough conviction? Certainly not the alcohol companies or bars and restaurants. Perhaps the automobile companies? Yes they want to put the blame it on drunk drivers for all the traffic fatalities, to take away attention from the real reason of traffic fatalities, speed limits that are set too high, defective automobiles, terrible road conditions, distracted drivers. Believe me, alcohol was here thousands of years before the automobile, it’s not the cause of traffic fatalities.

They certainly don’t want to air the stories of the moms and babies who died in car crashes, because the pacifier fell out of the baby’s mouth, the baby was crying, and mom was just trying to put the pacifier back when her car veered off into oncoming traffic and hitting another car head-on, snapping the baby’s head off, so that it went flying through the window and rolling down the street. The automobile companies will pay big money for that video footage NOT to air on TV. They made $5 billion this quarter selling that make and model automobile as the safest automobile on the road, what would that story do to Mercedes sales? That video has to be worth more than $100,000 to the automobile companies. More like worth $15 billion a year. If the story airs, they may go into red for a few billion, rather than 15 billion in profit a year.

Media giants and automobile companies can’t be the only evil industries on earth. What would the gambling casinos pay for a streamer of one of their casino winners getting murdered for the $5000 she won? How many people would go to Vegas, if that video aired on national TV? It would probably be worth a few million to keep it OFF the air. And who would of thought that the convicted felon they hired as a security guard, to walk her out to her car for safety, would call his ex-con bodies, who just got released from prison and couldn’t find a job, that this lady driving a black Mercedes just won 5000 in cash and was exiting the MGM, South on Las Vegas Blvd.?

How much would the military-industrial complex who makes war machines pay and donate to special interest groups, raising money for just causes like to militias, to overthrow a dictator? Well the leader doesn’t even have to be a dictator does he, it’s all about profit for the military equipment maker. Of course they will fund the propaganda videos, to show on the news to support their cause, wink wink, eye roll. The media isn’t paying for these videos so they can make news, they’re being paid to air these videos, to make money for the military machine. Where did that $2 million come from to build that mega-church, certainly not from that dollar you put in the collection plate. It’s Not God that wants Christians to war against Muslims and vice versa it’s the people who manufactured tanks, bombs, guns and those expensive drones the government paid $2 million each for but people can buy for less than 1000 bucks. And what other kind of propaganda are they paying the preacher to preach? In the 50s there wasn’t a whole lot of preachers willing to speak against the tobacco companies. They’re still not willing to speak against the automobile companies where the military-industrial complex and how these industries use religion to spread their propaganda.

So in the next movie NightCrawlers II, a prison has to release a dozen ex-cons to avoid overcrowding on the same day. None of them can get jobs so they form a gang to support each other. The first one to get a job is the security guard at the casino who learns about streamers when he walks a $5000 winner to her car for her safety and she gets murdered by someone who followed her out of the casino. He hears rumors that the casino paid the streamer $1 million for the video footage of her being murdered as the streamer followed both the winner and the murderer to her home, videoing the whole thing. The casinos make $10 million a day could lose $20 million a day if this video goes mainstream and they have to pay all those electric bills, employees salaries and taxes when they have no customers willing to risk the chance of being murdered, if they happen to win a few thousand dollars.

So Satan’s kingdom gets exposed for what it is, the people realize jobs are slavery and the real crime against humanity, all the police and FBI quit their jobs protecting property, that belong to God in the first place and could not be sold or purchased, without stealing from God. The white man thought the Indian stupid for selling his land for a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bag of beans. But the Indians were geniuses who laughed when the white man thought they could own God’s land and they got a bottle of booze out of the deal. They get the last laugh. The real criminals who thought they could own what belongs to God were tied and bound and thrown in the lake of fire to be burned and tortured forever and forever by the people filled with the spirit of Elijah, who were oppressed by the authority of the medical institutions, religious institutions, police and FBI who served the Mafia in power. Everyone walks around naked eating fruit that grows on trees. The earth is restored back to the Garden of Eden, Jesus returns as Earth King and everyone becomes immortal.

The job of the police was never to serve and protect the people, it was to serve and protect the Mafia in power. It was to make sure streamers did not find the real reason for traffic fatalities, wars, religious views and crime.

I did promise my next video would be to show the reason why the Mafia in power wants you to believe Jesus died and I will also explain a few more missing pieces of the puzzle of why Jesus lets all this stuff happen. But I had to get this nightcrawler movie out of my head first.


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