News Media Still Inciting Violence, September 27, 2016.

First they show this video footage of a woman saying, ďdonít shoot him, he doesnít have a gun, itís a bookĒ and then they showed the cop shooting a black man. A day later they run a new story of a white guy holding a unidentified object, maybe a knife, maybe a sword and in this video footage, they show cops sneaking up behind the white guy and tackling him. This is either to incite the black people to violence or to get black president Obama and his black nuclear powered sub generals to launch nuclear missiles against the white neighborhoods. Before Obama gets out of office and blacks lose their chance to be on top. There is even religious groups now, that believe Obama is a part of a religion that teaches blacks are the Israel, that will rule the world. This has been somewhat prophetic in the planet of the apes movies. Itís what Charles Manson was talking about, that someday blacks will rule the world and I think thatís what inspired the planet of the apes movies. Just like in the movie ďthey liveĒ that used space aliens to represent the reptiles, the movie the planet of the apes, used apes to represent black people. If they would have used black people, instead of apes in the movies, they would not have been allowed to air the movies, because it would be considered racist.

I watched a video of Dave Mustaine and Alex Jones. Dave Mustaine was angry at someone charged him ten thousand dollars for the correct spelling of Megadeth. Then he must know how angry I am that he stole the incorrect spelling of Megadeath from my copyrighted writings. Iím sure they mustíve of stole their band title from my writings, because Iím the only one who would misspell megadeath because I got cheated out of a high school education. The night school in my area was getting government grants to graduate people, not to educate people. So if they can give me a diploma, they would get more money from the federal government. So they gave me a diploma, because I had job training and common sense and I knew how to cook and clean house. Most of what Iíve learned on how to read write and spell, is what I learned on the Internet and from writing for the last twenty years. And I still donít know how to spell. Anyway they must name was also going on about his carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage from overuse syndrome of playing the guitar. At first I liked his music because I heard his song holy wars, but after I heard his politics and getting people to vote, I knew he wasnít the man of God I thought he was. Then he was too ignorant to figure out jobs were slavery, that every time he got another job injury, from playing his guitar he would simply go to the doctor to get another surgery, so he can return to his slave job. He reminds me of the organist from Emerson Lake and Palmer that was deceived into playing the organ until the pain in his hands from arthritis was so bad that he committed suicide. Thatís what will happen to Dave if he keeps on playing guitar. Why is he playing the guitar anyway? Heís a singer and he doesnít have to. He could simply play an audio tape of his guitar playing and sing. As long as he lets people know, that itís no longer him playing the guitar, itís just a pre-recording.

I guess Iím no different, because I should really give up the Internet and computers. Nineteen ninety-three I had an old Packard Bell computer that was hard to click the mouse. I wore out my right index finger from clicking the mouse millions of times. Then I got a thumb clicker and wore out my thumb from clicking the mouse millions of times. Then I moved on to my right hand middle finger until I wore that out from clicking the mouse millions of times. Now Iím using the finger next to my baby finger to click the mouse and still my whole hand hurts like hell every night that I canít sleep.

I donít own the copyright to the video footage of the black man with a book being shot or the white man with a knife or sword being tackled, but if I could find the videos on YouTube I will leave the link below. Iím sure all of you have already watched mass media and have seen the inciting violence in black people propaganda videos. But if I find a video link I will leave it.


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