News Media Libel for Every Person Injured & Killed in Crashes, July 21, 2017.

Car manufacturers are responsible and they should be charged with one account of premeditated first-degree murder for every person killed in a car crash. However, news media is 100% liable, for every person injured and killed in a crash. It is the job of the news media, to inform the public, to prevent injury and death. When the news media made a conscious decision, not to report on the facts, not opinions, that automakers are 100% responsible, for every person injured and killed, the news media made themselves liable for lawsuits. There are of only been about four major news media outlets, that were in bed with the automakers and the insurance companies. However, today we have alternative media. Even alternative news media like 108Morris108, can be held liable for negligence, of reporting the facts, that the automobile industry and insurance companies are manipulating speed limits for profit, causing deaths and injury to drivers. 108Morris108 even claims on his news channel, that thereís nothing to report today. When in fact there is news to report every day.

Every day 3500 babies are murdered by abortion. Every day people are killed in car crashes, because speed limits are set too high. Every day people are brainwashed and manipulated into purchasing car insurance, by higher speed limits. Every day gun manufacturers who are responsible for every person killed by a gun, are making a profit, as people are being killed. Every day another child drowns in a swimming pool, while the manufacturers make 6 billion in profit and use those profit to blame the victims. This is the news that is not being reported and makes news media 100% liable, for all the people killed, because they were not reporting the facts.

Itís not just the news media that can be sued. News reporters had an obligation to report the truth. When they didnít report the truth, for fear of losing their job, that made them liable. They should have quit their jobs, rather than let children drown in swimming pools, let people be murdered from abortion, killed by gun manufacturers guns, automobile makers cars and brainwashed into purchasing car insurance. Because of high speed limits. Many of these reporters donít make enough money to be sued, for the billions and billions of dollars worth of pain and suffering they caused by their negligence to report the truth. Thatís why under Godís law, you can sue their children and their grandchildren, for 10,000 generations, until their debt to society is paid.

Their excuse of labeling those who have the truth as being insane, is not good enough to prevent them from being sued. The court system in the United States is run by mafia thugs. This is why we need a new world order justice system, to bring all these mafia thugs to trial. Countries need to sue countries, for the thousands of injured and killed in car crashes. China needs to sue the United States for $1 trillion, for every person that died in a crash. It wasnít China who invented the automobile, remember it was Henry Ford. China needs to sue the United States for $1 trillion for every person who died in a plane crash. It wasnít China who invented the airplane, remember it was the Wright brothers. I donít believe it was China who invented the gun, but they certainly deserve to be paid $1 trillion for every person that was killed by a gun, by the country who did invent guns. I donít know whose name is on the patent for swimming pools, but they certainly deserve to be sued for $1 trillion for every child who drowned in one, or they should have their children drowned in a swimming pool. Thatís just justice.

Iíve sent copies of these videos to the president Donald Trump, because now he and his children, for 10,000 generations, is liable for every person killed by a gun, automobile, swimming pool or abortion doctor. He can no longer claim, ďforgive me God, I didnít know any betterĒ. The mere fact that people would try to label someone like me as being crazy or insane, makes them liable to pay 100 fold, the amount they are being sued for. So if you sue a swimming pool, gun or automobile manufacturer, for $1 trillion, for the loss of your loved one and they label you as crazy or insane to try to get out of paying, you qualify for 100 trillion in damage.


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