News Conspiracy, Cop Shooting, October 28, 2015.

There has got to be some kind of news conspiracy. There’s just too many crazy stories on the news. A woman has a stillbirth at work and prosecutors try to charge her with premeditated first-degree murder and gets 20 years in prison. At the same time on the news, a woman shoots at a shoplifting suspect, at a mall, and only gets eight days in jail. Then a cop shoots and kills a unarmed guy who was on his first date and is not charged with any crime. Why did the cop even have his gun out? This was not a bank robbery suspect. This was not a armed gunmen suspect. Although I believe the cops probably didn’t pull out their gun when this woman was shooting at the mall, because she was a law-abiding gun owner shooting, at a shoplifting suspect. The only reason why the cop was there was someone purchased some medical marijuana without a license. And if you don’t have a license to sell medical marijuana cops have to come with their guns drawn and a blazon.

It’s all about money and corporate profits. If someone shop lifts at a multi-million-dollar mall they got to kill the person. If some woman has a stillbirth without calling a hospital so they can make their profits, they have to make taxpayers pay for her 20 year prison stay. And the medical marijuana business is so huge that anyone who doesn’t purchase a medical marijuana license, they have to send the cops to kill the people. This is what America has come to. This is capitalism. This is why gun owners don’t want to lose their right to bear arms because they are protecting capitalism. Capitalism kills or sends to prison anyone cutting into their profits.

These people need to be put in the hall of shame. This premeditated murderer cop, who drew his gun on a unarmed suspect and killed him, has to be put in the hall of shame. He has to go down in history as the lowest scum of the earth. His children and his grandchildren, need to know that he is a premeditated murder. His neighbors, his friends, women he meets need to know this guy is a psycho cop. This prosecutor that sends one women to prison for 20 years for having a stillbirth and another woman go free after she shoots her gun at a busy shopping mall, also has to go into the hall of shame. The prosecutors children and grandchildren need to learn that this guy is the lowest scum of the earth. Why are we even fighting Al Qaeda and Isis when we have these narcissistic psychopaths working in law enforcement?

When God looks down from heaven, he not only looks at the psychopaths in power, he looks at the people, to see what they are doing, about the psychopaths in power. This all might be a conspiracy to get us all to go out and join militias to overthrow the government. Or it might be just a conspiracy to get us all to go out and get drunk and eat ice cream to make us feel better.

Then they don’t even want to give out this piece of shit cop, scumbags name, and so every cop in the United States has to be put on the shit list. Because when they don’t want to give out this cops name, we have to assume every cop killed the unarmed boy on his first date and we have to assume every politician who did not want to out this scumbag cop as also being a piece of shit.

So if you are police officer and nobody is talking to you, it’s because you believe this cop should get away with premeditated first-degree murder. If you didn’t, you’d be writing letters to the prosecutors to make sure this cop is charged with premeditated first-degree murder. This is not second-degree murder accident. This cop pulled out his gun and shot an unarmed man. And it wasn’t even a black guy he shot. Maybe that’s the conspiracy. Maybe cost just want to shoot a few white guys to show the black people that they’re not prejudiced, they’ll commit premeditated first-degree murder with any unarmed kid, because they know they can get away with premeditated first-degree murder.

I used to tell my followers to keep secret. Because the world is run by the devil and psychopathic cops. But now it’s time to come out of the closet. If the world doesn’t change, God is going to destroy the earth and the 7 billion people on it and raised from the dead the Timothean’s. None of the Muslims are going to be saved because they believe Mohammed was the last prophet. Furthermore they don’t believe Mohammed saw God. And what’s worse is their plan is to kill anyone who’s not a Muslim. Their religion is the wrong religion. The Christians can’t be saved because they blasphemed God’s name by claiming Jesus is supposed to heal people’s injuries so capitalists can profit. Then they claim Jesus died to pay for the sins of the premeditated murdering cops. Believe me after this shooting, there is no cop that’s going to be raised from the dead. There’s no cop with a gun who’s going to get into heaven. You can’t be a cop and be a member of the Timothean religion. Even the Buddhist are killing Muslims, because they realize Muslims are trying to take over the earth. What are they fighting for, when they are all going to be destroyed?

The only thing you need to be saved, is believe I saw God and that everything belongs to God. Once you believe everything belongs to God, you realize jobs are slavery and you can’t work for anything. If you do, your are simply buying stolen property. You can’t collect taxes or rents on God’s land. You can’t cut down God’s trees to build houses. You can’t dig God’s gold, silver, coal or oil out of God’s earth. For the penalty for these sins is eternal punishment in the lake of fire.

It seems that no matter what video I make, the devil makes an opposite video. If I make a video that speed limits are too fast and should be lowered to 25 miles an hour to save 40,000 lives a year, some psychopath starts to promote 80 miles an hour speed limits in Michigan.

I wrote a email to Carl Levin about guns and made very good points about the Constitution. He sent a reply letter saying what he was doing about gun control. The only thing he mentioned in his letter was lowering the number of bullets in a clip. I can imagine the earth breaking into pieces and this idiot saying, “well I tried to lower the number of bullets in a clip” as the mountains are crumbling down on top of him and his children.

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cops have guns and they make us fear for our lives, I guess that gives us the right to kill them all and claim self-defense. Maybe that’s why he was trying to run the cop over, the cop had a gun drawn and pointed at him. If he would’ve killed the cop it would have been self-defense. cops have guns and they make us fear for our lives, I guess that gives us the right to kill them all and claim self-defense. Maybe that’s why he was trying to run the cop over, the cop had a gun drawn and pointed at him. If he would’ve killed the cop it would have been self-defense. unfortunately because they don't want to release this psychopath cops name, every cop has to be put on the shit list.

All cops are bad. They are serving the rich people in power. They don’t serve the homeless. They don’t serve the disabled who have been injured by industry. They are working for the Mafia that enslaves us all with jobs. The good cop helps the injured worker get his $450 billion he suffered for his job injury. Even the cops don’t seem to be able to sue the gun manufacturers that make them paralyzed showing the world how stupid they are. They’re too stupid to know they are serving the Mafia. © Copyright ©1996-2015 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.