NSA CIA Recording of Phone, Text & Email Was My Idea, February 18, 2017.

It was my idea for the CIA to record all text, email and phone messages. Itís their job. They are an intelligence gathering agency. If they are not recording all text and email, they are not gathering intelligence. Theyíre not gathering information. Furthermore, theyíre not doing their job, if they donít record everything. The Bible says that everything is recorded. God is like Santa Claus, that records everything you do. The people who are against the CIA recording everything, are criminals. The CIA doesnít care about your phone call to your mother or your girlfriend. They are looking for criminals and criminal activity. They are looking for gang activity. If they recorded all phone messages they wouldíve known who killed Kennedy. They need to record all these corporate CEOs, to find out why millions are being killed in car crashes, while the automobile companies are still making a profit. They need to find out who is bribing who. They need to record all presidential phone calls and politician phone calls to see who is accepting the bribes. If youíre against the CIA or NSA recording everything, then either your bribing people or your accepting bribes. The CIA did their job when they recorded crime activity with General Flynn, talking to the enemy, given out state secrets probably. We donít know what was in those phone conversations. Was General Flynn telling Putin about our nuclear capabilities? Was he discussing the secret weapons we have or our war plans? Humans canít be trusted. So everyone must be recorded. Nobody should have any secrets. In fact, the Bible says that all secrets will be exposed. You better get use to cameras everywhere, because God is the eye in the sky, that watches everything. Itís only preparing us to meet our God, who are already knows everything weíve done. The only way to stop corruption, is to record every phone call and text message, from every politician, police officer, corporate CEO, religious leader, lawyer, doctor, and anyone who is in a position of power over other people. Even schoolteachers. You see people like Alex Jones and these alternative media complaining that the government is spying on us, youíre falling for the criminals propaganda. The government doesnít care what you said to your mother or your girlfriend over the phone or in a text message. They are looking for the criminals and they canít find them because people like Alex Jones is supporting the criminals by trying to stop the government from recording everything. I feel safer when thereís cameras everywhere. I donít do anything illegal so Iím not worried about them. I donít care after listening to my phone calls Iím not bribing anyone or doing anything illegal. If you are against the government recording every phone call, every email and every text message you are a criminal and should be on some kind of criminal database along with the pedophiles, sex offenders and child molesters. I sure hope the CIA is recording all the text messages, tweaks and YouTube videos of the people who are against the NSA recording all phone calls and text messages. Because we know those are the criminals who are against it.

The criminals are showing themselves. I will be gathering a list of names of people who are against the NSA & CIA from spying on everyone. These are the criminals. Alex Jones you made the list. Nowís your chance to repent and start supporting the CIA recording all phone calls, emails and text messages. They should also be recording everything said in chat rooms & on social media. They shouldnít be going over that information with a fine tooth comb and a lawyer to find petty criminals who admit to smoking weed, theyíre looking for the people selling nuclear secrets. Theyíre looking for the people who are bribing our politicians. They looking for the people who Rizzo trash collection agency bribed. The looking for the people, businesses and corporations that bribed the Mayor of Detroit.

I first thought Donald Trump was helping the military industrial complex, by saying he was going to spend more money on the military. But then I found out the military-industrial complex was against Donald Trump, because the same contractors that bribed politicians, will not be able to bribe Donald Trumpís administration, for the military contracts. Halliburton is probably not going to get very many contracts with Trump and their pissed. We will know when we watch their stock prices whether Trump is any different than Obama. So thatís why the military-industrial complex are against him. Not saying Trump is going to be much better, he is probably going to give all the contracts to his buddies. Weíll find out when we see how much those contracts are and what we get for the money. But I worked in California for companies who sold fourteen thousand dollar Allen wrenches to the military. They bought seven thousand dollar toilet seat covers from big corporations in California. It was all corruption before, only time will tell if itís going to be better with Trump.

I could really write ten books, if I have the time, of why itís necessary for the NSA to record all text messages, email, phone calls & webpages. Itís to make a better world. So come on criminals, tell me why youíre against the government listening and recording you. I wish I had a camera on me the other day at the bar. In the last few weeks I have been exercising the devil out of Christians at the bar. These people were threatening to kill me and they were Christians. I had to keep throwing Christian literature back at them, turn the other cheek, love your enemy and finally the devil came out of them. Where they were ready to kill me at one moment and offered me a hug as we departed. It should have been caught on video. Iím not threatening you with bee stings, Iím saying if you kick the bees nest, you will get stung. Iím not threatening you with Muslims, but if you keep bombing them, theyíre going to kill you. Christians are just lucky that Muslims donít believe in killing in self-defense or the Christians would have been wiped off the planet Earth a long time ago. Muslims donít need to kill, their religion is growing at twice the pace as Christianity. Furthermore, mentally ill Christians are killing themselves with their own guns & their support of abortion.


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In an email to the Clintons, it was my idea for NSA recording everything. Purpose of #NSA phone call email spying, is to catch criminals in government. #GeneralFlynn Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy I am the original conspiracy false flag theorist.

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